You Can’t Schedule A Funeral And A Wedding In A Chapel On The Same Day!

By  Raphael Awen

Having fun and working at having fun are two different things.

One is play, and the other isn’t.

What if we stopped working at having fun and instead just admitted to ourselves and our world that we weren’t having fun.

Well, that would be tantamount to suicide, to letting go, to giving up.

And God forbid we should give up, because there’s always hope right?


What if the situation at hand is beyond hope, at least in the dimension that that situation exists?

That’s called death.

And no one wants to talk about that.

And that has a lot to do with our working at having fun, which by its very nature, excludes fun, though it is hung onto for its value of distraction, and staying engaged, lest we give up.

What is life and love is wanting to give up?

That’s called surrender.

But surrender feels so powerless to us, so ending and so final, so we hang onto remnants of lookalike hope and pretend fun, even as those remnants evaporate in front of us.

I do believe however that the universe is wired for fun, and it goes through phases of fun and not fun, letting in and letting out, and in this way comes to know itself in ever expanding discovery, reverence, magic, play, joy and wonder.

We are collectively and personally smack dab in a big shedding phase, a dying phase. If you’re wondering why you’re less than joyful, if not depressed, it’s because you are, but can’t admit it. Admission is that surrender.

All the good stuff hasn’t gone anywhere, but it is kind of waiting in the wings, mostly out of sight, while the death moves through. You can’t schedule a funeral and a wedding in the same chapel on the same day.

When I feel the horrors of the COVID situation and the agenda and narrative, and feel out beyond the distracting drum beats of pro-vax vs. anti-vax, there is something much more reverential going on.

Something is dying. It’s beyond any shadow of a doubt. Life is ending – a form of life; life as we’ve known it. This involves suffering and pain. Love always wants to minimize that suffering and pain, even as it accepts it as a necessary part of the journey.

It’s time to feel the loss, to grieve what’s dying all around us. I believe there will be much physical loss of life and deep losses to the quality of life for so many.

Even if you live outside of the 3D medical world reality and have a healthy immune system, which makes you a bright shining light, this light that you are is about to be called upon to shine in deeper depths of unfolding darkness.

If you actually feel, rather than just fight, or conversely play dead, this means deep sadness, mourning, grieving. Tears.

If you are willing to grieve, then you are both a death doula and a birth doula, aiding in this epic shift in consciousness that we as souls chose to be a part of in this time.

How did we get convinced that we would or could return to truly having fun without admitting that what we are in now isn’t fun?

God, please spare yourself from the horrors of the jab if you’re wavering in any way around being a part of that, but spare yourself from adding to the death at hand, and adding to the avoidance of feeling that death by beating drumbeats of war. Save yourself for the mourning and the morning after.

Love has got this all in hand, but it’s up to you to decide and choose your role to play. There’s that word again. It’s all play.

Love has put on a play. You’re invited onto the stage as an actor and into the audience as one receiving the wave form, auditing the reality into your being.

The light or the darkness you bear on this stage are equally necessary and needful to the story and its plot.

The plotters will surely need our forgiveness if they are ever to find their self forgiveness and complete their return to love journey that we are all on as one of us.

That’s the bigger deal, there’s only one of us. Regardless of how awoke you are, how much light you bear, you are part of The One and this One includes darkness and light.

That One is entering a hell portal to get to the heaven it also is, and in the process to expand it out to more than it ever was.

If you are ready to feel this, you are creating for yourself and for love, a sustainable sanctuary where you can return to love and play, come what may.

Much Love,


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