Two Worlds Lie Before You

By  Raphael Awen

Two worlds lie before you.

The one you know, all too well quite possibly…., AND the world you don’t know.

What you do know about this unfamiliar world leaves many questions unanswered, at least for now.

If you refuse to embrace the new world, you’re pretty much guaranteed of being locked out of the new world, at least for the long haul time being. But if you choose to explore the new world, with a curious and open heart, you are promised to be met with guidance, grace and support.

But make no mistake, both worlds are equally real, in the deepest sense of the word. Your present world may feel more ‘realized’ to you, and that’s accurate, because it is the world that has been made up, made real, realized. The new world is also awaiting realization through your participation with it.

This was required in the realization of your present world. It couldn’t have arisen without your participation, consent and resources.

Are you beginning to feel the power of your creatorship, even in the disempowered world you presently know?

It’s actually very empowering to begin to take responsibility for the creation of your present world. No need for any heavy handed self flagellation, here. You had many subconscious reasons and soul lifetime reasons for the present creation. There’s the conditioning too of the shared reality of those you’ve known and loved. All of it and more played a part in the present creation.

But that’s it, it’s only the present creation, a point in the story. You begin to realize now that all of us are creating as we speak. We can’t escape it. Maybe this is where our deepest despair lingers, in the moment by moment re-creation of the present reality? How will any good kind of change come forward if I’m my worst enemy?

Just how it changes, and what changes is difficult to put words around, but when you are ready to embrace the new world that lies before you, something unexplainable pops inside of you. You scare people around you that preferred the stuck version of you to comfort the stuck version of them. It’s completely unknown how many, if any, will take your lead and embrace their own new world, at least for now. It appears this is pretty much an initiation you are being asked to take alone, as far as friends and family are concerned.

But remaining the same is strangely, just no longer an option inside of you, even though technically, it still is an option.

You are choosing the new. What you are choosing and where it will take you remains mostly unknown, except for the light, the grace and the comfort of every next step before you.

You begin to get accustomed to this way of ‘not knowing your way to knowing’; pretty insane for the not so distant past version of you, and surely, anxiety producing also for the ones closest to you witnessing your choices and changes.

But the magnetism of this new world calls and calls and calls. The need for external assurances gives way to the unfolding present, a new present being presented to you, a presence of being you lost sight of.

The call now of this reunion and remembrance now with this new world, emanating from within, in sacred cocreation with all divinity, within and without grows louder and louder and louder, in a clear and beautiful harmony that you can dial in whenever you need to.

Strange thing, you find that you actually feel more needy in many ways as you surrender to being an alive and vulnerable being, with real needs, real desires, real wants.

You don’t feel invincible or powerful in the ways that you once thought you would, when you ‘made it’ somehow. No, here, you feel surrounded by an ocean of love, that feels matched in size to the sometimes frightening hunger within you to know and experience that love.

You are learning the ways of the new world. The new world is learning the ways of you.

Wow, you’ve made a choice! How DID that happen? Wasn’t there supposed to be more ceremony or a marker of some kind to denote the beginning? Lots of questions remain in this unmistakeable quest, all of which can only be surrendered as more fuel for the path ahead, where each step is a both a journey and a destination.

The love and magic you will one day come to experience is strangely all here now, somehow. There’s more to come, and it’s all here now. You feel this, you surrender to this. Your first step took you to your new world. AND before you lies a path of infinite growth. Both are true.

~ R ~


The photo above was taken last night, just a point and shoot at the sunset off the balcony. Doing one thing in one moment and then, ‘oh, shit, where’s the camera?’ in the next moment.

This really shows us the lurking magic all around us, offering portals to the new world, the new earth, amidst life as we currently know it, in the present self created version of it we find ourselves in. There’s always a portal calling for our awareness and choice. Life wants to dance with you.

Here’s the music I found to accompany this writing today: I’m curious where this all takes you.

Much love,


Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life.  Visit for more information about sessions, events, videos, etc. 

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