Scarcity Is Just One Part Of The Play

By  Raphael Awen

Scarcity was needed to see and feel the underlying fullness and abundance that underlies everything.

Fear was needed to elucidate deep abiding trust.

As the fullness and the trust comes into your being more and more, as you awaken to the fullness that IS and that you ARE, you have less and less need for the scarcity and fear to lead your discovery.

As I tuned into Golden Earth this morning, I was greeted by the words, ‘There’s nothing to make happen here. Everything that needs to happen is already happening.’

Then I felt into the impulse to deepen this understanding inside of me, to open it out, which in itself, is another impulse to make something happen, isn’t it?! Then I felt this impulse to write about it, which I’m doing now! Dang it!

I know I’m not out of the woods on this one. I’ve lived a long time in the land of doing, achieving, of effort and reward.

But the invitation I feel, if I’m not quite ready to fully shake this impulse to do something, or to achieve something, is to let in this awareness, that there’s nothing that actually needs doing, or achieving.

If that’s true, then I’m left in the land of play. Play by definition is doing things for the fun of it, which is about as close as I can imagine as to why the divine does anything.

It’s all a play. And the parts of us who made it anything more than that, in terms of labour and scarcity, are all ultimately also at play. They’re just playing out necessary illusions that contribute back to the homecoming and reconciliation that you and I ARE.

Until,…. the characters in our play, (and what characters they are!), tire of the play.

May they each find waiting for them a deeply curious and open heart to land in, when their world has become so much less than the fun it once was. May they find an abundance of love and rest inside of your heart home.

Love, ~ R ~


The photo above was taken playing with shooting pics of the roadside weeds at sunset here in Folques, Portugal.

The term ‘weed’ denotes something so abundant that it has no value, so it’s not noticed or wanted. In Golden Earth, the streets are rumored to be paved with Gold, and strangely, the pavement doesn’t go missing. It’s everywhere. You can take it or leave it. But people would wonder about you having piles of pavement stored in your basement, wouldn’t they?

Weeds become Gold, and Gold becomes weed. Wasn’t their some weed we all smoked back in the day called ‘Acapulco Gold’ as I recall? 💚😊

Much love,


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