Collapsing Of The Old, Emerging Of The New Is Happening In The Same Moments

By Jelelle Awen


Things are sorting out faster now. More rapidly with more clarity, sometimes fueled by heart and soul vision. Sometimes fueled by frustration and wanting to end the pain and suffering. What to commit to more deeply and what to let go is becoming clearer in all areas of your life. What to go into as it serves what you most want and your service of love VISION…..and what to release as it doesn’t reflect that envisioning.

With the activation of your highest timeline during this intense energy month of August and especially during the recent eclipse, the download so freely available and gifted to you… are then given the choice in every moment to live it out or to retract away from it. To move it forward or to pause. ALL of this is your sacred choice, although the highest timeline choices are the ones that most serve the manifestation of New Earth reality for yourself inside and for the collective.

More overlap seems to be happening between these processes of collapsing timelines and arising timelines with less gap and pause. Meaning, you are feeling increasing desire and clarity WHILE the old is falling away. The new is coming in WHILE the old is moving out. The energies of mourning and celebration coming together, weaving, and operating in the same moment sometimes. Bittersweetness.

Parts of you may be feeling the sweetness while other parts of you are feeling the bitter. Being with the different energies AS parts can help with the overwhelm that can grow inside over these divergent frequencies. Checking in with your higher self and higher guides/aspects can be hugely helpful in this process too. Asking to reconnect with and feel your highest timeline can infuse it into your body and flush up in your emotional body the parts of you that may have fear, resistance, and doubt. Feeling and holding space for the fear and doubts too that come up as you let in the higher timeline.

Continually claiming the higher timeline and not falling back into 3D anchoring is not easy at times, as I offered yesterday. Yet, in another way, it IS what you will do eventually as the higher timeline you and your higher timeline life are ALREADY happening. And choosing the higher timeline is what love wants you to do and BE, so the more love you can feel with yourself and with your parts, the more support you will feel to live it out in the Now and NOT delay it. Bridging the gap between THIS now and THAT now is where the challenge is and feeling all that comes up in this walking out.

The higher timeline is waiting for you AND it is available in this very moment to be claimed, tasted, moved toward, lived and, most of all, loved!

Jelelle Awen
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Photo taken by Raianna Shai here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

August Lunar Eclipse Energies: A Pause With An Edge

By Jelelle Awen


Opportunity beacons in the possibilities of serving love to yourself, with others, and for the Divine in every moment even the ‘down’ moments of emotional upheaval and purging out and UP. You are being invited to open to the possibilities that come from what has previously been unknown becoming known, seen, and felt as it emerges out from darkness and into the light of your heart.

Like the eclipse happening in the now/today, the brightness of the FULL moon temporarily/partially obscured by Gaia’s shadow and then becoming visible again, so a you to you unveiling occurs when the dark appears to partially block your light. In this blocking, you feel where you still have to go and want to go and are being invited to go inside of yourself.

A pause with an edge, that’s how these energies seem to feel. The edge is an invitation to feel the edges within and what gives them fuel and where they are sourced from…which parts of you feel them and why, which Metasoul aspects feel them and why. The pause is a taking the space, holding the space for this process lead by a deep curiosity about You by You.

The edges and instability of this now seem to also be about all this cosmic activity happening to accelerate the collective process and then integrating into that collective. Those of us on the leading edge of this all (some of us BORN awakened even) are so sensitive to these energies, although the full dose of them is ‘not meant for us’ in some ways. The full dose of these energies is for those tipping over point souls, who are about to awaken and have signed up to in now. These souls need these extra doses to give them a boost and extra motivation to wake up and begin the process of coming home to their souls again.

Tempering the energy dose may be self loving right now for you if you are long awakened. Tempering by BEing in nature, connecting to animal guides and animal pet friends, grounding the ‘extra’ energies out a grounding cord and into Gaia, maintaining boundaries around dramas that other souls just need to play out right now. Feeling intuitively what is calling for your attention and passion and what can ‘wait’ until the energies have settled down a bit (when they do.) Maybe not a time to make major life decisions and changes, even as clarities may illuminate for you during this temporarily down and dark time.

Magic can be downloaded from these energies, yet filtered through your higher chakras and higher heart and higher self coming into the body, so it lands in a frequency that works for you. My guides/aspects are offering that this tempering and filtering can be helped and supported by your guides/aspects if you just ask them. If you have quite a bit of backed up emotional body energies to feel, then it may be unavoidable to go through the life circumstances that will push this up for you to trigger, digest and heal it. As I recommend to those who are drawn, our parts work process and community can support you through this too if you feel ready to let that in:

I already feel writings coming about the Lion/Lioness gateway tomorrow on August 8th (and already happening for those in the Southern Hemisphere) and have been digesting with Metatron what this portal offers related to the emotional body and Metasoul healing process. There is a sense of writing often during this intense energy month of August as I have been and connecting what is happening in the cosmos to the inner cosmos….as I have been sharing my personal process around this and also digesting with many of you what you are going through in the comments section on my FB page. You can read all my writings in August so far here.

Eclipses seem to offer a shift in the ordinary and, if that is needed, a reboot of the energy system connected to the lunar frequencies and especially if your metasoul has a legacy of moon worship. As always, these cosmic happenings illuminate the extraordinary in this process of ascension, claiming, BEcoming our higher self in sacred human form!


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