Remembering The Soft Feminine

by Kasha Rokshana

As soon as my feet are bare, my dancer comes out.

And they were bare on this day, in this place, because of stepping into a healing pool of precious waters. The sensations of which returned to me even more soul memories to integrate into my heart. And so the dancer energy coming forward reminded me of a gentle femininity that lives deep inside, that invites instead of tugs. That dances for herself in self-love first of all and can pull others in to join her when it’s time, when they’re ready, when she feels ready to embrace that sort of partnership, mateship, friendship that requires vulnerability in exchange with another.

Avalon’s legacies are sometimes used to bypass… to exit instead of enter. These feminine energies are misread, misused, taken over.

When you choose to enter Her sacred womb, Her healing waters, the embrace of Her sacred trees, you find yourself feeling more than ever before as your own femininity arises into deeper healing possibilities. This can feel scary and unknown in moments. Yet held in Her embrace you are, always…

Incredible journey. 🦋

This sense of the deep feminine is one that all are invited to feel into inside of themselves… all that it powerfully pushes up to feel and be with is important. When the need for ferocity alone is complete, you’ll feel the balm arise from within. To me, this is what makes the shadows worth visiting and getting to know, even when the edges are sharp and the cost seems great.

Much love to you and your own (re)discovery of your inner feminine, whether man or woman… ❤️


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Avalon Activations: Visit To The Red Spring & Chalice Well

By Jelelle Awen

Visiting these sacred places in Glastonbury is not like taking a tour of something unknown and foreign for me. It is more like unfolding reunions that reunite me with the memories of my soul and other lifetime experiences that are available to be accessed in the Now.

The veil of amnesia lifts as we reconnect with these places and that feeling of recognition is worth following to see where it leads us. Because I’ve been connecting with my Metasoul Aspects/soul fragments who have lived in Avalon in various ways and forms for a few years (as High Priestesses, as an Essene Priestess of the Magdalene Order, as one of the founders from Atlantis, as a Celtic Medicine Woman), there is an easier digestion of the memories that these places stimulate from these lifetimes. There is the capacity to BE with these energies and associate which soul aspect is feeling what in response to them. I am grateful to the SoulFullHeart process and my own soul and to the Divine for allowing this integration to occur.

Yesterday, it was a reunion with the Chalice Well and the iron-rich waters of the Red Spring. The Red Spring flows year-round from an unknown source, producing over 25,000 gallons of water a day, and always at a constant temperature of 52 degree F. The high iron content of the water has stained all the waterways and pools a deep red. These waters are also known as the Blood Spring with connection to Essene/early Christian Joseph of Arimathea burying the two cups containing the blood and water of Christ’s wounds below the Chalice Hill.

We played in the waters yesterday, soaking our feet and hand chakras in the pools and fountains. We prayed by the Vesica Pool and the Well Head that hints at the deeper chambers below where the Grail may be hidden. We reunited with the ancient Yew trees and the Holy Thorn bushes from the Essene legacy that have both a playful and a reverential energy.

Connecting to the Holy Thorn behind me and the Lion’s Head fountain
Dipping our feet in the chilly waters of the Red Spring at The Healing Pool and King Arthur’s Court
A moment of reverence at the The Well Head
Reuniting with a 700 year old Yew tree

I had the sense of practicality in relationship to these waters for my soul. They were recognized for their healing properties and for their uses for women during their menstrual cycles, more medicinal than for everyday use as the taste is quite metallic. From the sips of the water I took yesterday, I could feel them ‘working on’ my energy body with flushes and flashes of warmth moving through. I could ‘see’ the simple mud huts and more elaborate meeting hall of Avalon in the rolling hills and apple orchards beyond the public access area of the Well’s gardens.

It was wonderful to get an increasingly clear picture of how life was lived in Avalon, even in the necessary practical ways that still acknowledges and makes room for the sacred. There was a balance in this way of living of heart and soul with the Earth that I feel we are seeking in our modern age and aching to ‘get back to’ as well. Avalon offers us a template of New Earth communities that are and will continue to arise around the world where the spirit and matter split is healing.

Love from Avalon!
Jelelle Awen

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