From Heaven to Hell: The Sacred Ground Of Being Popped Into And Out Of 5D


There has been an interesting dynamic occurring lately, where a few souls have been asking for assistance with a particular spiritual situation.  The scenario generally goes like this: A person has a huge awakening experience that comes to them seemingly out of the blue.  They have been “popped” into a conscious 5D awareness.  The visceral experiences vary, but the feeling is one of elation and bliss.  A whole new way of being in life.  And then, something happens to clunk them back into a denser frequency that feels like a hell in comparison to where they were at.  Intense reactions and thoughts get pushed up that make life almost unbearable to live after that.  I feel like this may be happening more and more, and those that are dealing with it feeling like they are alone in this “nightmare” that a part of them is experiencing. Perhaps you can relate with this too.

What is happening here? How could you be so high one minute and be so low the next without a sense of how or why? There could be a multitude of different individual reasons, but one general one that feels true is that there are woundings that are needing to be addressed that have not been resolved/healed in your emotional body.  The stay in 5D has a shelf life equivalent to what has been repressed and unfelt as traumas in your shadow.  There is a big soul drama being played out in the court of your human heart and it is asking for attention.

Now, how it got to be this way can be easily, and understandably, taken as it being done to you by someone else. You could ‘blame’ a negative entity or a teacher/healer’s etheric malpractice happening to you.  Once you have rescinded to the status of victim, you have lost your power.  So, first thing, you must take power back.  Realize that this is all being conducted by the Higher Self, not as a punishment, for love doesn’t punish, but as an opportunity to reclaim the buried and lost parts of yourself before taking off into deeper conscious territories of experience.  This is a big one to let in and be with for it grants the courage and conditions to make the next steps.

The next step is to feel how this feeling of hell is being held by a PART of you and not all of you.  It is a very scared 3D protector part that so much needs to feel someone bigger than the hell itself.  In fact, this part created the hell in order to be felt in all the traumas that still exist.  It says, “Hey, yo! You can’t just leave me here all alone! I have some things to say!” It is banking on the fact that you will give up the awakening path because it is too much for it to bear.  By feeling it as a separate part, a dialogue and relationship can form that can offer some relief.  There could be many “this life” 3D traumas that are also triggering Metasoul woundings at the same time.  It can be a spaghetti pretzel of a mess emotionally without the help of a mirror to help assist someone in untangling the knots, such as what we offer in the SoulFullHeart process.

It is important to understand that the “hell” you find yourself in is a sacred birthing ground.  It is not to be saved from or given temporary relief.  It is for a very important process.  It may even need to continue if your soul has signed up to experience something that it needs and wants to experience. In SoulFullHeart, there are no promises or guarantees that you can, or should, exit this very difficult place.  It is all an unfolding that takes much dedication and yet may still not yield the desired results if that is not what is meant to occur.

BUT, there is a process that can be had that can help to create the space from it so you can take the next steps.  I have had many “hell” experiences myself and can understand the intense emotions that are swirling inside.  However, there has to be just enough of a solid self and self-love there to create the space necessary to feel the parts inside you that are needing attention.  This is where the SoulFullHeart Process can be of service.  My heart goes out to those that are living in this intensity and hold it as a very sacred time, even though it feels scary as hell.

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