Transmuting Traumas Into Love During The 5/5 Gateway: Message With My Pleiadian Aspect Leeza

By Jelelle Awen

The Pleiadians,  our brothers and sisters from the stars, are helping us to access the 5/5 Ascension gateway that allows easier flow and feeling sense of fifth dimensional consciousness into our BEings. This gateway opened with the recent full moon energies. The moon energies provide Divine Feminine support to feel our emotional bodies in a deeper way that brings them into a higher vibrational frequency.

I have been offered that undigested emotional trauma from this life and other timelines – MORE than anything else – is what anchors consciousness to 3D reality and 3D collective consciousness. This 3D anchoring is what draws you to repeat patterns of suffering, remain in dissonant relationships, continue self abuse and ‘deathstyles’, experience intense emotional states, etc. Illumination of how this previously undigested trauma lives inside you is being revealed now to see, to feel, to heal, to BE loved. It is being revealed for you to now draw the support you MOST need to digest it… whatever form of outer and inner, etheric and/or in the physical teacher/healer/space holder and methods/ways/paths that may manifest.

Leeza, my Pleiadian Metasoul aspect, is connecting with me Now, wanting to communicate to you the possibilities that this 5/5 gateway offers us and a new way to relate to our emotional traumas.

She says now, “So many more of you are becoming ready to take in this frequency of higher consciousness that is being offered by this 5/5 gateway and ongoingly. You become ready to receive this frequency by remembering who you really ARE as love again. By allowing joy and magic into your life. By asking for support to heal traumas when you need to. By opening your heart to others. By transforming what has felt true about your suffering into something new.”

” I am noticing in sessions lately that trauma has a strong vibrational frequency,” I say. “I notice this more because my frequency is higher than it has ever been, moving into a higher timeline of health and vibrancy after many years of digestive healing of traumas with parts of myself from this life and other timelines. This trauma frequency is a dissonant one to what you are offering here of love and joy, Leeza. Suffering is a dissonant tone to the natural Divine frequency of our soul essence. I am feeling more and more how we can love this dissonance into resonance through the frequency of self love. This is an aspect of what I am holding space for and bringing through with SoulFullHeart, the experience of a NEW frequency of resonance that comes from healing suffering and trauma that is grounded into the body and emotional body. This frequency of resonance is created by going IN with love, that doesn’t bypass or transcend, yet rather transmutes and transforms.”

“Yes,” she says, smiling at me with her smile that feels like a whole pod of happy dolphins leaping in the ocean (and it IS the same frequency actually.) “It is good to relate to suffering and trauma as a frequency. Trauma is not bad or wrong or anything to feel shameful of. It just IS. 3D bandwidth has a dissonant broadcast to it. The 3D consciousness choice has been about the exploration of dissonance through experiencing polarizing tones ‘against’ each other. Moving UP and out of the 3D bandwidth is to feel and ‘hear’ with your Higher Heart where these places of dissonance still exist inside of you.”

“Yes!” I reply, liking this new way to relate with trauma that seems to offer both deep compassion and objectivity. “Trauma is like a dissonant piece of music. We may not like listening to it, but it brings us somewhere just being exposed to it. And, we have to acknowledge it. It gets our attention! Traumatic vibrational frequencies are trying to get our attention and draw our love to them. Rather than resist the dissonance, we can bring resonance to it. This is what we do when we love the part of us that holds these trauma tones. We bring the music of love from our Higher Heart to create a beautiful new symphony! We become the conductor AND the audience AND the musicians too in these moments of self love! ”

“There is where your power is, which you have necessarily forgotten during the 3D experiment,” Leeza replies. “Your power is in the creation. Your power is found in remembering that you create it ALL. Both the suffering and the cure.”

She lets that sink in and continues, “When you move into this kind of self empowered creative energy, you are connecting to, bringing in, and channeling your fifth dimensional self and aspect. You are bringing this consciousness into your physical body. You are communing with your Higher Self and activating your Higher Heart. From this place, you CAN change the tone of ANY trauma from both this current lifetime and other lifetimes in your Metasoul, as you are discovering yourself and offering now to and with others.”

“I have felt this creative empowerment engage many times, when the loving space and intention is made for it, and the soul consciousness is then able to transmute and digest their own trauma into love. It is magical! And, it frees UP even more magic!”

“Yes, this is a beautiful working,” she says. “And, there are infinite possibilities of this transmutation available to every soul in whatever ways and means they find and draw them in. The opportunities for this kind of transmutation are easier to access for your species then they have ever been since your deeper ‘fall’ into 3D. Ask to draw them in and they will show up….especially during gateways such as are being offered now.”

I thank her in this moment for offering us this bridge to remember that we are creators of ALL that we have experienced and experience. I thank her for the reminder of our magical abilities to transform ANYTHING into love and the invitation to CLAIM more of it as bravely transmute all of our dissonances into resonances again!


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Conscious Duality And Merging With Our Star Being Aspects: Conversation With Leeza- My Pleiadian Aspect And Guide

By Jelelle Awen



She travelled with me today during meditation to one of the ‘sister’ planets in the Pleiades constellation; sharing the name in star or light language so it is difficult to translate into English. She is telling me now to just call it, “Moora May” as that is close enough. Moora May is a lush world with bountiful waterfalls, deep jungle landscapes, exotic animals and birds….so many animals! Animals are never eaten here, treated as equal in consciousness (in fact felt to be higher dimensional guides often from other planets), communicated with telepathically and in light language. I am ‘visiting’ this amazing place to reconnect with one of my many ‘home’ frequencies, connecting with one of my galactic roots in order to integrate it into my experience here with Gaia.

Leeza offers that our paradigm around star seeds is a bit limiting. “You as a soul exist in many dimensions all at ONCE,” she explains as we sit on shore of a pool formed from the spill over from a particularly stunning waterfall. “You are not seeded or originated from just ONE planet or galaxy or dimension as your ‘star seed paradigm’ has offered. You are split off from Divine Source, then your Metasoul represented by what you call as ‘Archangels’. From this Metasoul expression, you then prism off into many fractals of you-ness expression. All of these versions of you exist in many timelines, dimensions….”

I feel my soul remembering this, it is soaking it in like the water pooled at my feet. Yet, my mind is struggling, so much 3D conditioning in linear time and in ‘past lives’ and even in the ‘only one star seed origin’ paradigm are shifting around and letting go.

“I am just one aspect of you that you are experiencing as ‘separate’ from you, although I am not,” she says, her smile so genuine, her teeth so white, her hair bright as sunlight. Her ‘beauty’ is physical, yes, yet goes so much deeper as it is the peace and integration of her soul frequencies which most radiates out and is perceived then as beauty.

“In my experience with you, we are merging consciousnesses more and more,” I respond, smiling back. “You are coming into mine, such as when I am cooking or at the beach or, really profoundly, when I am making love with Raphael! You are coming into all my bodies – emotional, spiritual, mental, physical – and are bringing your consciousness in with you.”

“Yes! It is such a joy too. I so enjoy to experience your duality, even though some humans have made it so bad and wrong. Yes, unconscious duality has led to many wars, violence, greed, hate, separation. We experienced this too as Pleiadians. BUT, conscious duality offers such possibilities! It is the merging of our Oneness experience of life with the beautiful edges of your human experience. Your capacity to feel emotional states, your experience of feminine and masculine….for example.”

I feel my heart and soul and mind lit up with the possibilities of conscious duality as her enthusiasm infuses mine. “This message is so important, isn’t it, Leeza? We can frame our star being aspects or star beings that we ‘channel’ such as the galactic councils as being so much higher than us, as being better, as feeling that we are so ‘fallen’ and ‘dualistic’ and ‘young’ and ‘dense vibrationally’ that the end goal MUST be to become more like or just like you higher dimensional star beings and angels. I’ve heard this framed as ‘leaving the human behind.’”

“Aspects of the human, yes. You are invited to ascend beyond the lower consciousness aspects of human expression. Evolve into the sacred human…..beyond the third dimensional aspects and eventually even the fourth dimensional, in order to experience fifth and much, much higher. Yet, the grand Divine experiment is to take the best of the human with you, Jelelle. Your capacity to feel, for example, when healed as you have done of so many woundings, is so wonderful. As I have experienced with you, your tears of joy, your tears of reunion, your tears of love, your smiles of joy, your smiles of gratitude….oh, I could go on and on! As I have experienced with you this range of higher emotion, it has gifted me with an expanded consciousness and appreciation!”

I take this in, even though she has offered this to me before and is what we have been experiencing together. My Archturian aspect and guide, Binkh, has also offered this message and energy to me….one time ‘coming in’ to my body and lovingly touching and appreciating with awe the tears that were flowing down my cheeks and the emotions in my heart. I feel how her and I (and Leeza and I) have much more to explore and learn and teach about this together in the future to help bridge this merging for others as well.

We smile at each other, holding hands, feeling the energies of peace and goodness in this ‘place’ on the outside and feeling the possibilities of increasing this feeling on the inside.

I am brought out of my meditative space by Raphael, who wants me to take in the two beautiful whales who are splashing together in the bay. I come out onto our balcony to watch them with him….it feels like a male and a female. And in their play and splash, I can feel Leeza’s energy and also Leviathan, who is Raphael’s Pleaidian aspect, guide, and male ‘counterpart’ to Leeza. They are entering our dimensional reality to greet us, to play in our waters, and to invite us to explore the goodness possibilities of our merging our consciousness together. They are offering love in a physical form and I am deeply touched by their efforts to bridge their consciousness with ours on Gaia. And I feel how there is so many awe-some experiences TOGETHER to come!

Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, soul scribe, wayshower, multidimensional bridge, lover of love and co-creator and facilitator of SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about space holding sessions with her, group calls, videos, community, etc