Your 3D Self: The Gateway To Your Runway



3D has been related to in such a varied way.  What comes up inside can range from a prison cell to a school or playground.  Such a wide spectrum of ideas and emotions.  It is also seen and felt as energetic frequency.  We are ultimately energy and the vibration of that energy is contained in waveform. Not a very sexy definition but it can be translated emotively.  When you feel particular emotions in comparison to others you can feel the difference in energy.  The difference in your emotive density.  When you are in a more joyous and blissful state you feel a lightness of being and a connectivity that is beyond mental expression.  When you are in depression and/or rage, the felt energy is clearly different than that.  This energy creates more of the same as like attracts like.  Joy wants more joy.  Misery loves company.

Okay…still not feeling sexy or alive.  This frequency of mental explanation may compel some part of you, but another part may be looking for a refund.  Let’s go into our 3D lives and feel what is going on.  We have bills to pay, places to go, deadlines to meet, children to educate, and relationships to show up for.  You may have it all dialed-in to a science and all areas are humming on all cylinders.  My guess is if that is the case you may not be reading this.  But for the rest of us 99%ers there is an ache whether it is completely felt or not.  You don’t have that dream job or vocation, you are not in the relationship of your dreams having all sorts of incredible sex and romantical moments, you may not have all the money you want to buy the things and experiences you desire, and you are struggling to feel your passion, purpose, and power that light you up like a Christmas tree during Chinese New Year.

But what the hell does any of this have to do with ascension?  Well, to your 3D self it means everything! It is the one that has invested so much time and energy in creating a world that is trying to do the best it can to survive and be loved, and hope like hell things just get better with some focused spiritual practice.  That really doesn’t do anything for them but to kick the can down the road.  No matter where you go there you are.

When we start to awaken to energies and ideas outside our 3D conditioning, there is a rumble that begins from opposing energy frequencies.  If I am feeling this inside me, and my outside life feels quite a bit different, then how do I reconcile the two?  The only way to do that is to get honest with yourself.  Both frequencies can’t exist simultaneously without creating rumble.  This rumbling is being reflected from within.  It is the contrast between your 5D/4D self and your 3D self. The higher the frequencies experienced, the larger the gap.  This creates a suffering loop that must be addressed by being real with what is happening.  You are changing.  Your soul is coming in and knocking on the door and it is looking to change everything your 3D self has held so dear.  This is can be a really difficult time to negotiate.

It really isn’t about ignoring it, because it is there.  This part of you needs to be felt with all the heart open compassion possible while feeling the epic changes that are so evident to your Higher Self, but not so evident to your 3D self.  Seeing, feeling, and healing this aspect of you is a crucial part of the ascension journey. It is feeling all the anchors that keep us tethered to 3D by negotiating with this beloved aspect.

When one begins with the SoulFullHeart process this is the self that we begin to feel and connect with as it holds the keys to the doorways of our growth and healing.  While a part of you may be ready to soar among the stars, the runway may need some clearing on the ground.  Writing a letter to your 3D self may provide some illuminating truths about what it really feels in relationship to all that is occurring in your life.  From there you have a doorway to walk through should you feel compelled to go deeper.  It is a journey that promises to change your life, but only by negotiation and choice.  This is the beginning of a whole new experience your 3D self has actually been waiting for.

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