Peace At The Cost Of Passion

When peace is achieved at the cost of passion, you get neither in return.

There is a bubbling, gurgling cauldron of desire that lies at the root of our Being. It is untamed and wild. It seeks to explore, experience, and express. It has curiosity and clarity both. It rages like a fire that fuels are primordial and ancient hearts. This passion has many layers of consequence in our souls infinite timeline ranging from the greatest love stories to the depths of our most difficult tragedies. This passion has created worlds majestic and inspiring, as well as destroyed them in the same turn of the page.

In your souls memory, held by what we call the Gatekeeper, there can be a bittersweet relationship to passion. It possess tremendous power and wealth of possibility. How that passion has played out in your emotional body throughout your soul’s story can have a huge impact on how your protector chooses to respond to it. This passion may have come at a cost to an inner peace. Your Protector/Gatekeeper may have experienced very traumatic experiences as a result of such passion ranging from war to intense romantic heartbreak.

It may have chosen over the course of time to seek Peace as a replacement to Passion. Due to its experiences, this was all a self-loving choice. The pain that it witnessed and felt through your heart was far too much to bear and chose a less offensive relationship to life in its defense. It may have lost its faith in something greater than itself and felt to take matters into his or her own hands by seeking emotional safety.

But as humans we are never that far removed from the fire of passion within. It is an attribute of our divine nature. It is the spark of life, love, and creativity. We can only seek to keep it at bay and find ways to cap or mute it. The peace that a part of us seeks is never truly found for the very nature of our passion is to seek expression. It knocks on our doors in ways that can be nothing short of haunting when left unchecked. Depression, anxiety, and rage may all show themselves as reactions to this suppression and distillation.

The only peace we can truly have is in the divine trust that our passion leads us to more of our authentic Self. It is in the feeling and healing of the wounded expressions of our passion, in relationship to our Inner Protector and Gatekeeper, that we can open up again to that which has been so needing to be connected with again. It is the healing of what this passion is here to offer us that can bring us to new arenas of our emotional and spiritual lives. It has the capacity to change it all on a dime when we heal the fear of what that change looks like on the other side.

The growth of your consciousness and felt reality is fueled by this passion. It is the uniqueness of You that gets to birth into the world that has been so fiercely protected in the name of Love. Beginning a relationship with this part of you is the beginning to reclaiming the gifts and joys you have always longed to embody and have just been too busy making peace to truly remember.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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