Practical Ascension: 7 Key Areas Of Life– Mental Area- Personal Process

In this second video on the mental area of life, SoulFullHeart Teachers, Facilitators and Sacred Union mates, Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Colibri, offer their unique perspective that is based on their own personal processes in this area. The mental area can play out differently for men and women, yet similar in many ways too. Gabriel and Kalayna’s sharings help to illuminate what it can look and feel like on both sides of the coin of gender expression, including the process of working with the Inner Masculine in women, which can typically be quite mental and intellectual and at times very controlling and/or punishing, yet becomes so beloved (and eventually, ascended) just the same!

Parts of us all have different attachments to different areas of life. This area, in particular, is one that tends to have a lot of charge as there is so much emphasis placed on it in our schools and general upbringings. Parts of us have responded to this conditioning, often with a fierce attachment to intelligence, kNOwingness, kNOwledge, and tend to be uncomfortable with unknowns, trusting intuition, trusting their arising emotional reality and that of other parts, etc. Ascending from this 3D-conditioned focus on mental capacity and training into 4D and higher, can through parts of you into a tailspin, where they may actually start grabbing for knowledge of spiritual topics to help “explain” what they are going through in this phase of Ascension. So much begins to happen, especially as you awaken into lower 4D consciousness, that cannot be tracked by the mind and therefore, much emotional reaction can come up in response to it all.

Ascending into 5D consciousness, as Gabriel and Kalayna share, means entering into more “loose mind” or Kundalini-based experiences, where the mind’s conditioning is loosened, allowing your experience of life to arise into each moment. This is what is possible as the parts who are overly-attached to the mind are felt in their reasons for that and they begin to rest.

This video is a digestion of Gabriel and Kalayna’s personal experiences of Ascension in this area through feeling and being with parts of them and Metasoul Aspects too. May it be a beacon and a bridge for you and your own inner process, offering some journey markers and a way to feel something beyond the mind – which really is a key part of the Ascension process, anyways!

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