Subtle Energy for Beginners Series ~ Day Three ~ Spirit And Matter Are One

By Raphael Awen

Are you starting to see how we’ve made energy experiences into something they are not; how we’ve elevated them to some false definition, a false separation of ourselves from the world of energy that then excludes us from seeing and feeling ourselves as energy? We created our own reality where we only experience the third dimension and mainstream reality perception as real.

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My more literal conditioned mind doesn’t quite grok the ‘fish in denial of water’ analogy. I don’t deny the air around me. It’s right here. I can feel it in my lungs and in the breeze. However, when I ‘feel’ air on a far more subtle and energetic level, I feel how this vital source of energy is energizing every cell in my body, every moment of every day – most of which, I don’t usually give a second thought. I ‘take it for granted.’ I minimize it, or I’d be walking around awestruck and quite dysfunctional to any task at hand.

This points to the whole challenge of ‘reverence’ vs. ‘taking for granted’ and this challenge is at root of our ability to embrace the reality of ourselves as energy. Taking something for granted is just that, owning it as yours by right of having been granted it, rather than receiving it with gratitude. One is entitled and shut down. The other is reverential and in awe and wonder.

We have nothing that didn’t come to us by way of a gift. It wasn’t ours to begin with, so it is reverence and gratitude that acknowledges and possesses the ability to truly receive and enjoy the gift. I enter or exit the world of energy by my willingness to enter the world of gratitude and reverence. Gratitude and reverence are the keys to the portal of the world of subtle energy.

This again so puts willingness above ability as the portal to experiencing energy. We’ve made it about some kind of exotic ability as part of our resistance to change, choosing to perceive some people as unusually gifted, and ourselves, not so much.

There are credible reasons about what would incline us to exclude ourselves from the world of energy in this way, as well as to segregate ourselves into a perception of our materialistic expression being different from our spiritual expression.

We are on a deep soul level, from our original birth as souls, predisposed to an understandable ingratitude and irreverence and that has to do with a soul-birth-trauma reticence of not wanting to re-experience the pain of deep change and loss with another shape-shift into seemingly entire new worlds of being. We’re like the screaming child not wanting to leave its parent’s side to enter school or to be left in the church nursery.

Gratitude and reverence are keys that unlock more change and we’re far from sure that’s any good thing. Parts of us hold a reticence to expand while other parts of us ache to grow.

Our birth as souls out from the Divine was a huge alteration of the reality (energy) that we once were into a new one, and this required a forgetting and a veil for it to be true enough for us to receive the benefits we intended. This is the same veil we wrestle with when we try to come to terms with our reality as energy. It is a homesickness so deep in our souls that we are not ready to feel for fear that to feel it would surely cease our existence in our more familiar domain. We are caught between these two worlds, one known subconsciously in our essence, the other known experientially in physical form. We want to remember and we don’t. Both are true, and both need to be felt and honored if we are to make any real entrance into the deeper world of the subtle energy that we are.

We perceive energy as malleable and shifting, whereas the physical we perceive as solid and unchanging. So we desire to deny any other reality as an alien one, to protect the domain we have now. We know all too well, on a soul level, the pain of the deep loss of our original estate. We say we’ll believe in energy when we ‘see’ it, denying the deeper sense of vision we all innately possess as the energy beings we are. Even stranger, we say we’ll believe in energy when we see it, denying that physical sight IS energy!

If you are willing to admit that you are energy, then every experience you are having is an experience of energy and its flow or current. This sets you on the edge of new and infinite frontiers of experience. This also makes you your own authority on what’s real and what isn’t.

It’s your world and you are making it all up as you go. Accepting this, you can begin to really love the parts of you both hungry and hesitant to enter this new and unknown definition of being. You embrace and feel each part of you and the energy they hold and you introduce them to the energy of one another and the energy of your awakening heart to all that is.

Now you are forming your very own anti-gravity device that isn’t bound by time and space constraints like the world we’ve created here in the third dimension. You are opening yourself to all that is.

You are a true beginner, beginning new worlds that are way ahead of everything else! Welcome to your real world where spirit and matter have no dividing line. Spirit and matter are one. When you accept this as what is, you deconstruct a huge wall that was previously constructed between you and the world of subtle energy. Your natural capacities for clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience arise like an infant learning to walk adapting to the physical world, first toddling, then walking, then running.

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One thought on “Subtle Energy for Beginners Series ~ Day Three ~ Spirit And Matter Are One

  1. Raphael,
    I just wanted to say thanks for this series of blogs. I feel like I am learning to drive and these blogs are helping me navigate the changes. So thanks for sharing.

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