Our Inevitable Growth

By Raphael Awen

Growth occurs naturally. It’s built in. You have to go against nature and really work at it to slow it down or stop growth.

And even then, there really isn’t any such thing as stopping growth, because ultimately all steps backwards become steps forward, as we digest them and they become composted into our next growth trajectories.

However, parts of us can sure suffer in this illusion of efforting trying to hold back our growth. You are a growth Superman, a growth Wonderwoman. You came here to grow, even if by nothing else, than learning how to relate with your own power to attempt to resist growth.

So how could we self lovingly become more aligned with our built in native growth wiring? How could we spend less on efforting resistance and instead allow ourselves to be in more natural easy flow?

For those of us who consciously ache to grow, how could we settle into more native trust and rest around our growth?

We know it would look like more trust and rest, less anxiety, more childlike Joy and stuff like that…., but how do we ‘get’ there?

You get there by wanting it. You get there by holding the QUESTions. ‘But, how do you ‘do’ THAT’, you might well ask?

My truth is that the only real way to do that is to feel the part of you who doesn’t want to grow, who wants to stay stuck for its own reasons. Open your heart with curiosity to the parts of you who have their own valid reasons for resisting growth. What you learn and discover in getting to know these parts and their motives is that they are coming from love as they know it and feel it.

This is a strange feeling to go into feeling the part of you who doesn’t want to grow as this exercise becomes a supercharged entry into your deepest growth.

The solution isn’t overcoming your resistances to growth, but rather embracing them. Now, we find and feel how the resistance was necessary to growth and even part of the natural cycle.

Even a seed has a necessary hard and impenetrable shell for the time that it is needed to take it to the next place.


Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Check out our programs: FREE, PREP and DEEP, for a new and profound going-on place in your spiritual and emotional journey at www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com/sessions.

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