SoulFullHeart Patreon Money UPdate – May & June, 2018

By Raphael Awen

My goodness, we have been enjoying a new and rising money tideline and timeline these past two months and I wanted to tell you about it.

In the past few months, we have been able to purchase a whole list of goodies, over and above our regular living expenses. It took me a while to remember them all.

  • 1 new iPad
  • 3 new to us, Macbook Pros
  • A new set of sorely needed 4 tires for Vida – our Van
  • A new battery for Vida
  • Dentist cleanings and checkups for all five of us
  • Passport renewals for Gabriel and Jelelle
  • And, Gabriel and Kalayna have been able to rent a much nicer place!

It has felt like an ongoing and magical journey to have left all known regular money sources behind as well as our geography back in 2014, land on an off grid ranch for 19 months where we depleted our nest egg, and then to begin again!

Gabriel and Kalayna have been teaching english part time for the past two years and recently, Raianna and myself (Raphael) are also teaching english online in the mornings to children in China through an app called Palfish. Here’s a link if you might be interested:

We really wanted to be transparent about it all as an inspiration to others feeling a similar call to launch out into new ground where money and livelihood is concerned.

May’s numbers (in USD) for the 5 of us and SoulFullHeart looked like this:

$3,341 – English Teaching Revenues

$2,038 – Income for SoulFullHeart Sessions

$     46 – General Donations

$5,442 – Total Revenue for May

And June’s looked like this:

$5,007 – English Teaching Revenues

$1,887 – Income for SoulFullHeart Sessions

$   127 – General Donations

$7,021 – Total Revenue for June

I know these numbers still seem small for 5 people (even though they are steadily growing)  compared to what we used to live on in Vancouver, but what is so meaningful and magical to us is how alive it feels to be living in our passion purpose where livelihood and money is concerned. None of us have any feelings of being in dead end jobs, or old timeline careers that we need to ‘pay the bills’. All of it is sacred service and meaningful as each of us arises into new personal and group alchemy – manifesting on the outside what’s becoming more and more real on the inside.

The English teaching has provided us with an integrity bridge where we don’t feel pressure to serve people in SoulFullHeart session space who aren’t a fit for the work, but whom we need to make ends meet. In other words, we don’t have to ‘monetize’ SoulFullHeart.

This ground feels like it is ripening for so many people. Intuitively, we can get that the most secure financial plan would be to tie our financial needs to offering our deepest gifts in the world, but how do we embrace and walk out the steps to live that way? We can also get that offering something less than our deepest gifts in the world – ie. staying at a job that pays the bills, but suppresses our gifts, is not wise choice in the long run, but again, where and how does one begin to live their way into that?

Our approach to this that we live in every day and that we serve others to live their way into, is to get to know the parts of themselves in a deep and personal and nourishing and life changing way. It’s all in the relationship our parts of ourselves have to money that forms our patterns around money and livelihood. As we do this, previously unimaginable new possibilities open up as the stuck places shift and securities realign into new realities.

The word ‘career’ is a hint at this. The word means ‘to call’. Heeding the call is sacred journey. Entering one thing and leaving another is the journey that never ends. Money is probably the most grounded area to relive our way into new ways of life. If it can work in the money area, it can probably work in a whole lot of other areas, right. Someone once said that ‘money doesn’t lie’, and after all – it’s only energy, and all energy is sourced in love. Love doesn’t lie. It invites us into new realities.

We all want to say a big thank you to our supporters and the individuals who send us money! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

It feels important to acknowledge with gratitude the people and circumstances that have opened us out to this point, as we reach for our next places of wish list to inhabit:

  • We will be hosting regular monthly group circles here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for people who are working with us to attend.
  • We are beginning to hold regular retreats here in Vallarta beginning this November as well as other locations in 2019 – Glastonbury, England; Vancouver, Canada and more.
  • Raphael and Jelelle hope to leave behind their current apartment here in Vallarta in favor of a nicer place soon.
  • Dentist work totaling 4,200 USD

Any and all love received in the form of money is treasured and so welcome!

Thank you deeply and dearly,



Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Check out our programs: FREE, PREP and DEEP, for a new and profound going-on place in your spiritual and emotional journey at

Return LOVE in money form: or visit our Patreon page to become a monthly supporter:

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