We Are All Deeply Enculturated

By Raphael Awen

Every last one of us has been deeply enculturated.

We’re left with taking responsibility for the cults we find ourselves in.

The first cult we were subjected to, seemingly by our own choice, was the cult of ‘the individuated out from divine source’. This cult left us with a kind of bi-polar disorder of on one hand fearing being returned to source against our will and having our individuality taken from us, and on the other hand, fearing not being able to ever find our way back to oneness source, left in a hell of separation and individuation forever.

Talk about having all the bells and whistles of having been in what feels like a harmful cult! Our hangups, anger, hatred and dysfunctions suddenly make a lot of sense. Could anything be more painful than losing your awareness of your true identity, leaving you and I out begging life for any kind of substitute scraps of survival forms of love that can be had?

Eventually, as we come to take responsibility for this first cult and the many other cults that we’ve wandered into and find ourselves in, we come to discover that while it most deeply feels like we are separate and separated, we never actually were. We come to see that we are in fact as close as we ever can and will be, and all that is awakening is only a realization of what IS, and not any kind of attainment of anything that isn’t already.

We are left with the task of attaining what already is.

We need all the dramas of life and relationship as the story and culture setting to get us to the moral of the story which is LOVE, not as an injunction to dutifully ‘be more loving’, but as a dawning awareness of the essence of what you and I already are and always were, leading to just simply and truly being the love that we are. The only injunction we’re really left with is ‘just be yourself’.

The deeper awareness in all of this that WE CHOSE this as the soul beings we are, calls us to feel all there is to feel in reaction to our present awakening. Only now can we begin to feel these roots of all of our dysfunctions and querks both related to being human, as well as related to being birthed into being a soul. Only now can we begin to feel and take responsibility for our true awesome power.

It’s like we’ve travelled to a far country, with strange language, weird food, and customs. We don’t know how to be here and we don’t know where to find what we desire as familiar love. When we do find something that feels familiar, that feels like family, we often find that the comfort it once gave no longer does. Our deep inborn hunger for love calls us on to seek new forms and experiences of the love that we are. We find ourselves again invited into new forms of cult and culture, given our bents for attachment and our needs for love. Now, we can take conscious responsibility for what we choose and for what we most deeply want; a new culture of love.

We didn’t come here for any kind of instant fix. You were never broken in fact. If anything, you were fixed in love and wanted to unfix yourself being the explorer of the infinite love that you are. You and I came here having it all and we couldn’t help ourselves but to want more. We came here for a process. We came here for relationships. We came here to feel and heal all there is to feel.


Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life.  Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about sessions, events, videos, etc. Visit our donations page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings.

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