The Depth Of Our Soul Cry

Soul cry….

Tender tears. Feeling loss. Feeling change. Feeling what could have been… if only. Feeling the suffering and pain of so many timelines and other souls in the Now.

It is personal. It is global. It is collective. It is the longing and the ache of harmony. The longing for communication between hearts and souls that may be unresolved for fear of seeing and feeling our hidden pain and shadow.

Soul Cry runs deep. This time last year I was alone for my upcoming birthday. It was a grueling experience to feel that complete alone-ness from a part of me. Yet all I could do is create space for it. Call out to the Divine for holding and Grace. It was a loss of family to my parts that led me to my Inner Orphan. The separated God-baby within. The connection through the flood of pain was a life-line over the days and weeks that followed. I tapped into the separation wound that helped me begin my way back Home by bringing my Orphan back into my Heart.

This year I will not be alone, but it will be different. Family/community is sorting and shifting. There is sadness, yet there is a trust and a grace that will never go away from that experience last year. There is Grand Sorting out underway for us all. Between the masculine and the feminine, good and evil, us and them. It is duality seeking harmony, but that is a messy business.

I feel SoulCry leads us to our most profound experience of Life. It is the rain that clears the sky so that we can see the depth of our true nature as Love Itself. We are not Alone because we are All-one. So the experience I had last year was a personal yet collective aching and calling out to Love. To feel loved. To be loved. To become Love.

When we hear about men, women, and children being abused and treated like commodities in a most Unholy way, underneath the Rage is SoulCry. It is the realization that there is a deep rift in Love’s ocean floor. A place where we dare not tread for it encapsulates our deepest ache and fear of separation from the Holy. To go into the cry is to not get lost in it or to suffer in it, but to feel the textures of it when it does come. It can be lost or tortured soul aspects that are seeking the light of your Essence and the warmth of your heart.

It is usually after the resting of the SoulTire that SoulCry may come into the space. Your soul may have been busy in fighting and searching for so long that it has glossed over the deeper pain. That is understandable and even self-loving. Yet there are times we are brought to SoulCry when it just runs out of steam for anything else. It is like letting a tap open on a reservoir, it doesn’t have to be knocked down completely. Though sometimes it just happens that way. Your life preserver is the feeling and the crying.

On the other side of the SoulCry is a new land. There is clarity. There is a new relationship to Life. There is a new awareness of the Power of Love and how we can be an ambassador of it to the Dark, for the Darkness is what gives Love its purpose. Your SoulCry is a part of your SoulFire. How we relate to it, permit it, and hold it changes us and the world profoundly.


Gabriel Heartman is a SoulFullHeart Facilitator and Collaborator.  Visit for more information about sessions, group calls/events, videos, community, etc.

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