The Tired Soul

Soul tired…

When the fire of my soul was lit up a couple of days ago what happened was an illumination of shadow and darkness. How could it not? Think of what happens when you are walking in a cave and you light your torch. You see all the nooks and crannies of the cave walls, the ground you have been walking on, and the unseeable places ahead. You find yourself in the catacombs of your soul, of the Self.

Like the proverbial ‘moths to a flame’ come the very things that are in need of healing and that Light of Love you just sparked up. The wounds, the memories, the buried ‘treasures’ of your soul’s story. You have become the explorer as well as the ambassador to that very LoveLight you are carrying in your heart.

When the wave of wounding came up I could feel the Soul Tire. The weariness of the suffering and pain that aspects of me have been in. This suffering can be held by parts of us until it becomes too much for them to bear. We need to go into the Soul to get a broader and deeper vision of what is holding this Soul tiredness.

This has been an ongoing part of my journey as it has felt like a spiral staircase many times. “Haven’t I been here before?” Yes, I have. But each time the density of the ‘air’ I am walking through is thinner and thinner. Less time is being spent there. I would come upon a judgement of myself that I am here again. That as a healer, space-holder, and a desired mate I need to be ‘over’ this already.

Yet, I just keep hearing from my guides that this is all part of being a human ascending. It is a process and it takes the route it takes. The judgement just makes it take longer. Maybe that is needed until it isn’t anymore. It is how we respond to the spiral that moves it further along.

The Soul Tire needs our attention and a safe place to land. It is a place within where the Soul Fire is less of a raging inferno but rather a crackling warmth from the hearth of the Divine. It is an etheric ICU or less-dramatically an Inn in the middle of a long journey that provides the comforts of Home. A place to recover and to fill up on Love.

The quest of the soul can be seen and felt as a Trail of Tears and Fears, or it can become the beginning of something profoundly beautiful that we have convinced ourselves is a distant or fairy-tale land. That choice is ultimately up to us. As above, so below.

So this day, maybe this week, I rest. I feel. I love all the aspects of me that need to come into my hearth. It has been a long road for them and it is time to shorten the distance by bringing them into Presence. To let the Soul Tire become a thing of the past as it is held by the SoulFire.


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