The Illumination Of SoulFire


It is coming into me and causing all sorts of rumblings, intentions, and reactions. It is a flame that is always with us. It cannot be extinguished at its core. It is Eternal and Internal. It is what keeps us going and can also keep parts of us suffering due to its inextinguishable nature.

In its leading edge, SoulFire is passion with purpose and deep meaning. It is unstoppable in its quest for service, in creativity, in expression, in construction, and deconstruction. It burns away what is not alignment and illuminates what is.

HOW this is done comes from the Heart. SoulFire can burn and hurt. It can have consequences that were unintended but necessary for it to flourish. We can own the fallout of those consequences with our compassion and vulnerability. In that process, Love is not lost, it is just reconfigured and transformed.

There can be an inner struggle for many of us to access and maintain this SoulFire. There are many layers of protection and doubt that may come in to dull or put out this fire, for very good reason. Our SoulFire may have a history of collateral damage. Maybe even a graveyard. The Shadow of SoulFire may be a grim one. But it is also a powerful change agent. A servant of Love in many forms.As we live through a most unprecedented time in our modern history, we are facing circumstances and information that can throw a wet blanket on this fire. It can make it REALLY hard to see and feel. You may see others who have it and may compare and judge yourself for the lack or inaccessiblity. This may put parts of you into a despair or suffering loop. This has been my pattern for a big portion of my life. It found its way into my field just last night.

Then I felt the voice of my SoulFire come into the space this morning. WOOOSH! “Fuck no! Time out. This is NOT who you are or are meant to be. You have wounding, yes. You have more to transmute into Love. BUT you are not this loop, this suffering, this voice. You are a man on a mission for Love. For Liberation. For Heaven on Earth. You are bigger than what you can imagine and that scares the shit out of parts of you. So let’s be with that WHILE you set yourself ablaze with SoulFire. That holds the space for the reactions rather than becoming them. It transmutes them back to Love and into Purpose, just in time to get back to work!”

Well. Okay then! That voice has helped me move to my next phases of growth and service. I feel how so many are afflicted with this same dynamic and I really want to serve that going forward. I know it so damn intimately. Almost too intimately in the past, but that is what qualifies me to serve it. SoulFire is what I came here on this planet to embody and to serve.

I look forward to the next leg of this journey into my SoulFire expression and how and what it manifests. This has been born from all that has been going on in the world so there is gratitude for that. The Light many times can only be seen in the Dark. Here’s to you finding your SoulFire in the eye of the storm. And, as always, I am here to support you on that quest should you feel the need for that holding, healing, and witnessing.


Gabriel Heartman is a SoulFullHeart Facilitator and Collaborator.  Visit for more information about sessions, group calls/events, videos, community, etc.

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