Energy Update: Expanded And Altered Realities As New Earth Arises From Within

By Jelelle Awen
It can be challenging to be ‘here’ and ‘here’ is expanding out in every moment, especially amped up by these December energies. My feet in the sand was soothing yesterday and yet, also, I let my consciousness take flight when it needed to. I had just gotten out of a powerful session with a facilitant/client who had been sharing from a higher frequency aspect of herself that we call the Gatekeeper. This need to hold higher frequency space for that unfolding, plus galactic sex with Raphael, plus a Metasoul aspect timeline of mine coming through strongly were all in my consciousness. In these moments, it is difficult to remain ‘in the body’ as I am in multiple ‘places’ at once.
Raphael and I were walking around the beach area here and it felt so much like a postcard. It LOOKS like a postcard already, yet the feeling of the reality outside of us being projected FROM inside us onto a screen was very strong…..along with a sense that none of it was actually real. All the activity of the merchants and buyers. The booming music and flashing tv screens. The children playing in the waves and the people too. The sand offered more realness, along with the crash of the ocean waves, and the squawk of the birds. The people mostly felt not real, in their own worlds and consciousnesses, in their own mostly 3D filtering of life that I honor, yet cannot resonate with or vibrate at any more.
I had the interesting experience of all sound of people being blocked out while I was lying with my eyes closed on the beach. There was only the sound of the ocean and the sensation of Raphael’s hand in mine. For that moment, I had a visceral sense of what it would feel like to open my eyes with the New Earth consciousness in place. What it would be like if my outer reality of higher vibrational consciousness matched the outer and the timelines truly split into two realities, one of denser frequency and one of higher. I saw and felt then Raphael and I walking down the empty streets of Puerto Vallarta, with very few souls still around to meet and greet us. I don’t know if this is where Ascension will lead us, but it was very interesting to feel this possibility.
The Ascension energies in this December corridor of 12:12 through the 12:21 solstice are inviting us to expand and open up to altered realities. Really to claim what OUR reality is and embrace it, even as if it has been judged as strange and different by 3D. And to see and feel how the 3D reality that parts of us have been conditioned to has also been an altered reality. A reality made flatter and safer by the five-sense limited settings and visible light spectrum. So little to feel when emotions are discredited! So little to see when the third eye/intuitive sensing is left out of the picture!
These December energies are potent in activating the third eye and yet, too, are inviting you into your higher heart. To breathe in and out from your sight ‘beyond sight’ and to compassionately take in what you see about yourself and others through your heart rather than Punisher-based judgements and filterings. To be OPEN in your heart with curiosity about whatever comes through, even those things and energies that scare parts of you.
Timelines are continuing to merge and overlap in big ways. You are invited to go beyond seeing and feeling anything as ‘in the past’, yet, rather that it is alive and vibrating with energy in the Now. If it is coming up for you, it is not a ‘memory’ or a ‘past life’, yet rather something that wants your attention because it is probably stuck or in trauma and needing love. Seeing things as ‘past’ or ‘ancient’ is a 3D filtering of 4D and higher realities to make them seem safer and more distant from us. You also begin to realize that you can change and alter these timelines that have seemed to be ‘from the past’, leading to exponential healing of karma. This is the process we engage with in SoulFullHeart sessions with people, quite amazing and transformative stuff!
THIS is a very alive and interesting phase to BE in. We are invited to accept it as it is and trust that every step is necessary to acclimate and calibrate to the transition and transformation that is coming and is happening in this Now!!
The photos were taken yesterday here on the beach… we were quite captivated by the stretchy clouds like cobwebs across the sky….unusual for here. This mermaid with wings ‘stuck around’ for almost an hour, hovering right over us. I felt she represented our star BEing self, a merging of the waters and of the angelic.

Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of three books about Ascension, Divine Feminine and Masculine, emotional body integration through parts work, quantum healing through Metasoul Aspect connection, sacred union, light body transformation, and much more! 

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