Meet Your Inner Protector – Day 15: 33 Days Metamorphosis W/Jelelle Awen (Video)

By Jelelle Awen

In today’s video, Day 15 of this 33 Day Metamorphosis series, I talk more about the Inner Protector, the part of people that we connect with first in our SoulFullHeart process. Related to parts work, I mention Hal and Sidra Stone, two psychotherapists who have done extensive subpersonality work including recognizing a “Protector/Controller’ part in people, plus Carl Jung, who recognized subpersonalities as well in his own way and method.
I describe the common characteristics and energies of Protectors, based on people we’ve worked with in session space, especially during the last year. Starting your connection with your Protector gives you access to other parts of yourself, such as the Inner Teenager, Inner Child, Inner Punisher, etc. It is the part that is ‘standing at the door’ to protect these more vulnerable or shadow-based parts.
The Protector energy seems to come in right away, usually at birth, to shield you from the harsh, third dimensional frequencies here. They are a very necessary ‘suit’ to guard you in 3D life, yet get overly protective over time and ‘fused’ to your 3D reality consciousness, forgetting that their more porous and angelic nature. They can return more to this energy as a guide and channel through connection with you.
I recommend doing the guided meditation in Day Six of this series to meet your Protector, then do a letter exchange with them back and forth where you offer that you would like to connect with them and get to know them. Then, write down their response back. You can then do these sentence completions as well with the Protector answering as many times as they want:
Mom always/never; Dad always/never; the good/bad things about mom are; the good/bad things about dad are; current/recent romantic partner never/always; The good things about the 3D world are….;The bad things about the 3D world are….; I feel protective of you whenever….; Love always/never; Feelings are….;The 3D God picture is…;Money is….;The good/bad things about birth family are…
This beginning connection with your Protector can be hugely supported and bridged by engaging in SoulFullHeart sessions with a facilitator, as you can then differentiate further your energy from theirs, plus others parts as well. More about sessions here:
Day Six Guided meditation to meet your Inner Protector that I mentioned in this video:
Go here to read more about the Protector and other parts of you that we connect with in our process:
Thank you for joining me on this fifteenth day of 33….as we move into Metamorphosis energies together… beloved part of us at a time!
Go here to view the playlist listing all of the videos:
You are invited to share comments on your experiences connected to this series and questions too on facebook, the blog at, and on the SFH Experience Youtube channel for which I will respond and offer reflections/guidance.
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Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of three books about Ascension, Divine Feminine and Masculine, emotional body integration through parts work, quantum healing through Metasoul Aspect connection, sacred union, light body transformation, and much more!

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