Returning To Stillness

By Raphael Awen

Just spent an hour and a half sitting in a creek that flows into the ocean – never felt so relaxed this life! Jelelle, thank god, found the energy to break out the phone for a pic….. haaaaaa…..

All activity and motion is sourced in and returns to stillness.

The ‘trick’ for us is to be able to feel and resonate with this stillness in the midst of any of our activities. What better way to do THAT, than by feeling and holding the part of you who feels anything but still,…who feels stressed or anxious. We all have access to our Higher Self’s frequencies of stillness, infinite love and clarity, but we need to bridge this access to the parts of us who feel anything but.

Both are true.

One doesn’t negate or cancel the other. One cannot be accessed actually without the polarity and presence of the other. So stop waiting to become ‘spiritual’ and ‘attained’ as some condition from knowing the bliss you already are. Ascension is a come-as-you-are party, people! The universe doesn’t want your polished got-it-together self, as the universe would feel quite out of place with you showing up like that, looking all out of place. The universe is finding its way through you, through your struggle, through your desire and through your trial and what you’ve called ‘error’!

There aren’t any errors, not any more!

There’s YOU doing a sacred journey!

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