Your Dreamer App Is Requesting Permission To Access Your Desires Folder…

By Raphael Awen

We’ve all heard that for most people who win a big lottery, it ends up being a major negative effect in their life.

I heard there is actually a class action lawsuit in California of big lottery winners suing the state for the damages and havoc that the big money ‘did’ to them.

But why then does the idea of winning the lottery feel so appealing? I can dream quite easily about what I’d do with the first million, and the second, and keep going from there.

I feel it has to do with how we are meant to dream, but lack the permission to dream.

For many, they find the permission to dream in a lottery ticket. ‘I have a chance, even if a very small chance, but a very real chance nonetheless of really changing my circumstances.’

What we are missing in this is feeling how the lives we are living right now have been dreamt up by us previously. Everything that is created, is created twice, first in concept or picture, then in ‘reality’. We ‘real’ize things in the personal ‘fact’ories of our creative essence. Even someone who is reputed to be the most uncreative person has created that reality.

We are the creator, and we can’t escape that.

Life is asking us to dream. But to do that, your dreamer app needs permission to access your desires folder. This is why dreaming is a no go area for many people. Accessing the desire body and all that lives there, feels like opening Pandora’s box.

And it is.

Possibly there is nothing quite as life changing as the willingness to feel what you really want. This is how life itself is wired up, and this is how it lives in every cell of your body, in every dimension that your life exists in.


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