Why Ask Bliss For Anything More?

By Raphael Awen

We embraced experience.

We embraced the experience of limitation to contrast our infinity; of time and space to contrast with our timelessness; of preference to contrast with our complete and total ambivalence; of awakening to contrast with our very deep and restful sleep.

Why would anyone or thing wish to awaken from the best sleep imaginable? Why ask bliss for something more?

Bliss realized that it was in motion, that it wasn’t static, that it was on a mission, with a purpose of expansion. It wanted to know and experience what it couldn’t know and experience unless it tried through you.

You are this bliss out having a field experiment, with some control limitations and observations going on; all the things that go on in a scientist’s laboratory. What can we come to know that we don’t already know?

We know there is something more, we just don’t know what it is!

You are this more. You are this riddle. You embraced this world of conditioning and ‘limitationing’ to exercise and exorcise your Godhood out into a fuller light of brighter day.

Now that you’ve done all of this; gone to all this trouble, will you follow through to take notes of what you are experiencing? That was the whole point of the experiment; to give yourself to the ‘solving’ of the riddle. If in the process of solving the riddle, you expand the riddle, then you have solved the riddle.

The riddle is that love and life wanted to be seen and noticed, rather than solved. It wanted to be pursued without ever being fully caught.

You get to be in never ending awe and wonder. You get to be in love, ever falling, ever in longing, ever wet with desire and appetite.


Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Check out our programs: FREE, PREP and DEEP, for a new and profound going-on place in your spiritual and emotional journey at www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com/sessions.

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