From Warrior To Ambassador: The Illusion Of Good vs. Evil

By  Raphael Awen

As more and more of us become aware and convinced that the world is not as we thought it was, we’re collectively left in a vacuum of cognitive dissonance, confusion and chaos.

Personally, I’ve been convinced for many years of the horror realities of human trafficking and the depopulation agenda, and all the surrounding phenomena, but I’m finding a new layer of emotive dissonance arising inside of me in coming to terms with what’s at hand now, energized by the tsunami of collective awakening happening underway, along with the collective’s sorrow and the v. injuries and sudden deaths coming to light.

What might the scope of all this end up looking like? How long will the darkness seem to prevail?

If you also find yourself in this restlessness, whether in moments or in largely complete endless overwhelm, know that your being has a range of expressions and parts that span 3D, 4D and 5D realities. Parts of us have totally familiarized and adapted ourselves to everyday consensus reality of linearity, lack, etc that we find in 3D. But we also have parts of us that see beyond what once felt like 3D was all that there was into the realms of the chaos and transformations of 4D. Then we also have parts of us that remember the joy and harmony of union with the All, where both sorrow and joy weave in a deep aliveness expressing as the divine beings that we are in our true heart home of 5D. No need to get hung up on the definitions and labels of these dimensions or the numbering of them, but just a way to offer a sketch of a map that your heart and soul knows.

You already are and always were a multidimensional being, even as you are becoming more conscious of and in flow with this truth that always was.

There’s one piece I’d really like to share with you today in all this that I feel lays the groundwork for some real digestion of the craziness at hand. I invite you to come with me into an exploration for a few moments.

I’ll just spit it out and then take a longer look at it:

Love is the one and only source of all that is, including the darkest horrors we can imagine or witness.

We are not in a battle of good vs. evil where we must cheer on and support the good to overcome and destroy the evil.

The battle of good vs. evil is an all too real illusory reality of 3D, but one we must come to a higher vantage point to relate with if we want to navigate the horrors we are witnessing now unfolding.

Allow me to toss in a few more points here to land in your intuition where they will…

What we are at war with externally evidences an internal war happening inside of us. If the evildoers must be punished forever, then that dynamic is alive inside of us, between our Inner Punisher and other parts of us, albeit just off our radar.

What if the whole all too real reality of good vs. evil was part of the divine’s experiment and expression into duality from an original state of oneness? Very beautiful, yes, but without duality, it couldn’t be known, felt and appreciated…

What if the ratcheting up of the tension in this good vs. evil dimension is part of the divine plan for a full circle reconciliation of this experiment where the heightening of the duality creates and is necessary for our divine awakening into the love that all of us are and always were, including the ‘evildoers’?

Consciousness itself is sponsoring the entire show we are seeing unfold right now. Love is holding it all. Many souls chose on a soul level to be a part of the suffering in the 3D and 4D expression of their being as part of the contribution to this experiment that love undertook. Love knew that duality would entail suffering, but it knew that suffering would take us somewhere beyond where it was in oneness bliss. Love wanted to journey. Your and my suffering is part of the fuel of this journey.

Deep in our psyche is the awareness that sacrifice is necessary for movement into fullness. In the Christian faith, we have the teaching that ‘without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin’. Something has to die so that same something might come alive. In our limited 3D vision, we made that about a sin filled and separated-from-God humanity needing a personal savior from the results of a ‘fall’ into sin and God’s wrath. But what if all we actually ‘fell’ into was this chosen experiment of duality along with the attendant and necessary forgetfulness?

If that’s accurate, then those participating in the darkness are the divine’s agents as much as are the lightworkers; then the darkest deeds in your own this-life and soul history are also all part of this divine expression from oneness into duality.

And if that’s accurate, then the trajectory we are on is into remembrance, reconciliation, restoration of the All that was ‘lost’, and MORE.

This more is mysteriously unfolding in you and I, in this collective darkest night we’ve seen to date. Love is inviting us to hang around for the more, as an infinite unfolding of all that we can handle.

What can ease the intense discomfort of the moment is making for personal reconciliations within, with the parts of us who feel the deepest despair or shame, for harm caused, feeling how a divine amnesty and forgiveness extends over all of it.

Then from there, a natural and effortless expression of ‘as inside, so outside’ begins to extend from us to others. The darkest darkness is also wanting reconciliation and is spring loaded by the heightened tension and the tug of war of good vs. evil drama and trauma to return fully and suddenly to the love that it is sourced in.

Both the warrior within and without are now being invited, if and when they are ready, to lay down their weapons, reconcile the harm they’ve participated in, all the while believing they were fighting for the good, and then to accept the mantle of Ambassador, with a heart broken open and vulnerable to the great sadness, sorrow and loss that is still unfolding. All self righteousness extinguished under the infinite love and forgiveness and reconciliation with the divine experiment and journey we are all a part of. Sorrows felt, rather than medicated down or avoided. Tears wept.

Now your life, exactly as it is right now, takes on the most exquisite poignancy and meaning as a place from which to transact and make real this reconciliation within and then without. Every anxiety and depression in ‘circumstance’ a standing stone circle portal entry into this All That Is, that awaits your sovereign choice of ongoing continued awakening, at a rate and pace that allows for feeling and healing all that wants and needs to be felt and healed. Savoured, not savioured.

Jelelle’s book and audio book ‘Free To Be 5D’ are a great exploration and attunement to this more that wants to arise in you. You can find it here:

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May you arise daily into more and more of all that you are meant to be, even amidst the moments that feel like falling.

~ R ~

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