From The Void To Our Deepest Growth

By  Raphael Awen

Many of us personally, and all of us collectively, are moving through a kind of heightened void space.

What once held and secured us no longer does. Something, and often many interrelated things, are passing away.

Nature, consciousness and evolution can be quite unsentimental in this way of relentless flow in and out of the void space, death and rebirth. Life! It changes, evolves, and seeks new ways of learning and growth. It suddenly abandons old ways of being, returning to the void and then expressing itself in favour of new ways of being.

Even in what we call God, we tend to create and attribute a human kind of persona of caring and a human sort of kindness to this source/Allness/(first consciousness from which arises all other consciousness) – there’s a big word for that kind of God shaping – it’s called ‘Anthropomorphize’, where we essentially shape God in our own image, or more specifically project human traits onto our picture of God. From this tendency we get the word Idol, meaning a ‘graven image’ or carved image. False Gods have always been part of the problem/challenge haven’t they?

All of this raises the question: Does God/Source really care in the way we do, from the perspective that we do?

Did God/Source, do anything to stop the horrors we are witnessing unfold around us these past few years in the mass medical intervention with the pokey thing in the arm that is now ravaging so many lives? No, he/she or it did not. We tend to reason, ‘but I’d have stopped that in a heartbeat if I had the power to!’ What about the long list of suffering of the wars, hunger, human trafficking that seemingly go on unanswered over millennia?

Do we just chalk all of it up to the age-old ‘good against evil’ picture, and one fine day, the evil will be vanquished by the good if we remain faithful, and help our tired God out of its hairy predicament? Here again, we projected our own internal conflicts onto God. More idolatry.

And herein, we confront a big piece of our suffering and conditioning when we feel a world and even possibly a God behind it that doesn’t care, at least not in the ways we’ve been conditioned to feel and think about care.

What if (and this is a big WHAT IF) all of it, the evil, the good, the care, and the lack of care are all expressions and creations of this source consciousness’s evolution and learning? And WE, AS THAT, are created in that image, of also learning, growing, evolving, and finding a higher frequency of truly caring?

What if God is also learning at your feet how to care? What if you ARE a God fractal learning lessons in true feeling and caring?

I believe this speaks to the HUGE underlying void space that we are all sensing shift and rumble underneath the 3D world as we’ve known it. It is rumbling into a void space. It is collapsing. And with that collapse is the collapse of the presumption that God is the ultimate carer in the ways that we think he, she or it should care.

Every culture is based upon certain assumptions and perceptions of what reality is. The culture of 3D is based upon the childish assumption that ‘God cares’ while placing our own spin on what caring even is, and then suffering over the entitlement/disappointment that we’re left with.

I’m coming to realize more and more that God/Source doesn’t care in the ways we came to believe and think that he, she or it SHOULD.

That’s a HUGE cognitive dissonance, I know.

Having spent many a lifetime and a good part of this life in Christianity, I’m still reeling from this mind and heart bender.

What God cares about, in a non false caring kind of way, is its own growth into more and more love. God does this through your and my evolution of learning love and growth, and interestingly, actually learning about how to truly care!

I’m speaking about care on a much higher dimensional level than the kind of infantilizing, belittling care-taking that we tend to engage in, in 3D.

All of this should probably be a book, and not an attempt at a post on social media, but I’ll bet I’m striking a chord of both resonance and dissonance in hearts here…

We’re being asked to grow up.

We’re being asked to honour the necessary time we spent in our false God pictures as all part of our sacred evolution.

We’re being asked to truly care about what truly matters, about what truly shapes and creates matter, why matter itself is even here.

We’re being asked to become responsible for our own evolution in alignment with God’s own evolution.

All of that is a big void to cross, a TON of grief to grieve, but the other side of this void is where we come to actually and truly CARE AS DIVINE EXPRESSION, where the care for ourselves is synonymous and symbiotic with the care we have for all of life, in all of its expressions.

THIS actually answers all the lesser things we all care and have anxiety about. There’s a bigger care container here where care gets really real.

The darkness is waiting for you and I to grasp this, so it can see in living demonstration the path of its own homecoming evolution from darkness to light, from fear to love.

The evil is waiting for this demonstration of maturation and homecoming in YOU.

Our beloved guides, like for me personally, in Yeshua, Divine Mother, Divine Father, and a host of other personal guides and Metasouls are those who I see and feel as a more palatable/‘stepped down’ if you will, versions of God, who feel and relate to more of what I’m feeling on a daily basis, as compared to source consciousness who is more focused on simple unsentimental growth and evolution.

All of it, Source Consciousness, You, Me, Our Guides, are all in this learning together. We get to create what we most deeply want. We are in fact TASKED WITH creating what we most deeply want, as is the Divine!

That is the primordial void we are moving through – Re-creation at such profound levels where nothing is a loss compared to the gain being realized in us.

Jelelle and I did a live stream yesterday about our personal relationship with the void with a lot of how to’s about cultivating the self care to move with this void movement. You may want to take that in to feel how to more personally be with what I shared here today. You can find it here:

Much love and CARE,

~ Raphael ~


The pic was of last night’s sunset, just off the patio, just after the live stream – one of the many manifestations from the primordial void. Sunsets are speaking to me more and more of death and rebirth, heralding and mourning with us the deep changes we are being asked to feel.

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