The Desire For What Really Matters In The Ascending Masculine

By  Raphael Awen

I know some things about the ascending masculine, if I could call it that.

Men who feel a conscious desire to excel and grow and matter in life, in love, in their relationships.

I know these things about you, because I’ve come to know them in myself.

There’s always much more to come to know, and one of the growth points for this ascending masculine is the challenge and willingness to feel like a beginner over and over again, to admit that there’s so much that can’t be delineated, measured or accurately described with the mental body.

It can only be felt with the heart.

My heart wants to grow beyond what feels like present limitations. I want to grow in being transparent with my world, to hide my real self less and less and less. I want to radiate that presence in the physical world around me and into all the soul connections and timelines I’m a part of.

Nothing else ‘matters’, for all that matters comes from the divine ‘Ma-ter’, from where we derive our word ‘Mother’. She Ma-ter-ializes all things that matter to me. In union with divine father, we have a template for reparenting all the parts of us who long for reunion.

What is it that is calling for your heart attention and choice? Do you have a sense of what wants to be next for you? Are you willing to be transparent with yourself and your world about what’s not working, what hurts like hell and what you do know about your calling and being?

I’d love to serve you in that. I offer a free intro call as a way for you and I to connect to feel if the work I offer, along with my heart, feel like a fit for you. More info about that here:

It is so interesting to feel how the feminine has been willing to lead in this domain of really feeling and really healing. I personally know of several women who’s eyes are on the horizon for a man who’s ready to choose himself, his calling and purpose. Mateship offers a huge growth ground, especially when it’s mutually chosen for one’s deepest growth and learning. Maybe that’s a big one for you as it has been for me.

I very much welcome hearing from you and would love to host my free intro with you to help you feel if working together ongoingly feels like a fit for you. If not, no questions asked or anything further expected.

~ Raphael

I just got back today from a few days at the ocean with my beloved, Jelelle Awen.

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