March Energies Update: EQUInox Offering Unity Consciousness, Sacred Union Within

By Jelelle Awen

Unity Consciousness…so many infuses and downloads, activations, of THIS frequency in the last months and in the last WEEK especially. So much offering of this during this EQUInox passage too, providing the template/picture of balanced masculine and feminine within as expressed on the emotional body level, the physical body level, the chakra level. The experience of sacred union within can be the most embodied form of Unity Consciousness and is so critical to experiencing Unity Consciousness with others.

We have as a Metasoul more experience of Unity Consciousness than separation consciousness. Separation is the experiment; it has been the ‘new’ thing we’ve been trying on. There are gifts to separation that emerge as the polarized frequencies of duality heal inside of us. ‘Conscious duality’ is how I have come to feel it and describe it. I’ve felt many Star BEing/Higher Dimensional Metasoul aspects intrigued and drawn to the ‘separate minds’ reality, as they call it.

Yet, where the pain and suffering comes in is from the separation INside….from one part of you to another with polarized, fear-based, self punishing energies going on. These inner battles are all about being separate as the ONLY reality and the complete fusion to it for parts of you that have HAD to buy that to survive in 3D reality. The wounded masculine Protector and Punisher parts have been so guarded at times, so critical at times, so lacking in trust at times, so unable to breathe and just let GO. The wounded feminine is mostly a mystery, hidden away and protected by the masculine….smothered by ‘ideas’ and ‘conditions’ around what it means to be feminine that are actually MORE masculine in frequency. More about parts and Metasoul Aspects here:

Bringing Unity consciousness into your inner world is the healing of these rifts inside. To calm and provide love balm to the heightened polarities and extremes. To become your own Love Ambassador. Your own inner marriage counselor. To support the transformation with love of your inner masculine into its healthy expressions of activation, leadership, guidance, and penetration. To allow for the arising with love of your healthy feminine expressions of stillness, intuitive wisdom, collaboration, and responsivity. These energies can then come into dance with each other, falling in love with each other, and merging together too in a naturally arising way when needed.

This inner balance then flows to ALL relationships in your life and especially in your romantic ones. It brings the mirror of this balanced, Unity Consciousness frequency that you have cultivated within to then experience it and see it during a sacred union bond. Unbalanced and polarized relationships are always a reflection of YOUR inner reality, even as it can be so tempting to just focus on the other, the outside, and the partner rather than on the self.

These EQUInox energies are offering a mirror to FEEL where the divides and chasms are from within and where they are sourced from, rooted in, and anchored to. This so often connects back to the templating and conditioning experienced with your parents and other caregivers. To go there again with open heart to discover what parts of you are feeling and holding around these traumatic scenes (that are not in past, yet still vibrate strongly in the Now) brings so many riches! You transform these energies that are stuck in fear…..with love into love.

New Earth Now is the experience of Unity Consciousness from within and increasingly with others too. New Earth allows for the celebration of unique individuality while inviting us to unify in resonant frequencies of love with each other too!


This inner exploration process to experience Unity Consciousness within and with others is what we support through our SoulFullHeart process offered through a bridging session with me, facilitation programs offering group sessions and individual sessions, events such as our Unity Meditation on March 22nd that you can read more here:
Please go here to read ALL of my energy updates about the March energies that I’ve shared in the last week, plus two videos offering an energy update and a guided meditation to integrate and activate these amazing energies!

This inner exploration process to experience Unity Consciousness within and with others is what we support through our SoulFullHeart process offered through a bridging session with me, facilitation programs offering group sessions and individual sessions, events such as our Unity Meditation on March 22nd that you can read more here:
Please go here to read ALL of my energy updates about the March energies that I’ve shared in the last week, plus two videos offering an energy update and a guided meditation to integrate and activate these amazing energies!
Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of three books about Ascension, awakening, and emotional body healing. Jelelle offers a 90 minute one on one bridging session with her over zoom for $55 USD min. donation…more information here. Visit for more information about our NEW SoulFullHeart process programs, group calls, videos, etc. Visit our donations page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings.

Join Us For A Free March Equinox NEW Earth Activations Unity Meditation Call

By Jelelle Awen

March Equinox Space (2) (1)

I keep getting over the last year this sense of a column, like a tree’s trunk, that feels like the framing of the 5D Sacred Human. It’s been called our ‘violetprint’…higher frequency than a blueprint. It runs along our spinal column…..with roots extending down deep into Mother Gaia….a primordial connection, a grounded foundation, an anchoring of comforting solidity. And then with branches extending, reaching out, into the stars, into the cosmos, into the Infinite possibilities of galaxies, wormholes, stargates, so many Star BEings….up into the angelic realms. In this reaching out we feel the VASTness of our BEing AND how we are part of this vast network of liveforms in so many interesting forms. In the going down, we ground into our home with Gaia, who offers ascension frequencies to us in a frequency we can most let in.

The torso or main ‘trunk’ of our sacred human tree is the bridge between these two and where we are living out day to day life, moving through this invitation to expand and stretch from roots to wings in every moment, moment by moment. The torso is our chakras vibrating higher and higher, merging together now into vortexes that eventually won’t be differentiated from each other. The root, the sacral, the naval, the heart, the throat, and the crown blending together in a swirl of crystalline frequencies of love and light.

Anchoring it ALL is the cosmic heart, Higher Heart, the Christ/Mary Consciousness heart, the beating pulse of connection to ONE and ALL with pulsing compassion for self and others. The Higher Heart forms the pulsing center for which our Merkabahs launch and vibrate. We are sitting in the ‘driver’s seat’ as our 5D Self and our Star Seed/Healed Inner Child is in our laps, powering our Merkabahs with frequencies of wonder, magic, innocence, and JOY.

During our group calls over the last year, as I have been co-leading the guided meditations, I can feel this circle forming between all of us in the ‘room’….linking us within the circle is the activation of our sacred human column in which we all ‘look’ like pure white shining, glistening trees with our cosmic hearts pulsing pink and green energies. Rays of light are coming from this pulsing energy and they join together between us, creating a ring moving in a clockwise direction. It is beautiful!! Each of us an individual soul spark of consciousness while connecting in a ring of Oneness through the Higher Heart center. A sense experience of sacred humanity!

It is this UNITY feeling, yet recognition of our individual soul uniqueness that is created during Unity Meditations where intentions align. The recent ascension energies seem to greatly support this kind of coming together. I am honored to co-host this experience of YOUR sacred humanity within community during the March Equinox corridor on March 21st. Please join us for a FREE unity meditation to experience these frequencies within AND with others. Description is below:

The March Equinox occurring March 19th through 21st, 2018 celebrates the balancing of masculine and feminine, spirit and matter, Earth and Higher Dimensions, the previously polarized coming together, and the NEW birthing into the Now. Ascension energies offering both masculine and feminine activations have been coming in steadily and more strongly since the first of the year. This equinox passage allows for both activation AND integration as we continue on into 2018, a ‘2’ year offering strong transitionary energies into experience of New Earth Now.

SoulFullHeart Teachers and Facilitators Raphael and Jelelle Awen felt guided to offer an Activations Unity Meditation call on the March 21st at 2:22pm MST (Mexico City- we don’t change our clocks here in Mexico until April 1st, so currently we are MST) celebrating the Equinox. This call is FREE to the public and will last about an hour (or may go longer depending on what arises) and offered over Zoom virtual service. They will offer some teachings about the current Ascension process, how it connects to your emotional body healing, and the overall purpose of embracing your humanity while embodying your Divinity. Raphael and Jelelle will also co-lead a Unity Meditation with Divine Feminine guides (such as Mother Gaia and/or Divine Sophia) and Divine Masculine guides (such as Metatron and others) to calibrate, activate, and help you integrate the codes/energies/messages that are available during this Equinox passage.

Raphael and Jelelle offer a grounded, wonderful blend of sacred union frequencies from a decade of being in life and deep love bond together……a template of masculine-feminine balance between them and inside of them from years of integrative parts work process, plus experience in offering guided meditations together to groups. Their SoulFullHeart process allows for both integration of 3D parts of self, along with unification of higher frequency aspects, which you can receive a sense of during this call.

You may fall asleep during the meditation; you may feel emotions arise to be felt; you may sense strong energies coming in; you may feel very peaceful and serene; you may have a strong altered sense of your usual reality filtering. What you experience is UP to you and where you are in your Ascension process and connected to Divine timing.

To attend:
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