Collapsing The Internal Tug Of War: SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter (Sept 10, 2018)

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“Is it at all a possibility that an anxious feeling or thought about the future is actually more to do with a fear of letting go of something familiar in the present, a kind of projection onto the future?” ~ Raphael Awen, ‘Collapsing The Internal Tug Of War’

Launching this week’s Museletter is a piece by Raphael Awen, inviting you to feel any fears, anxiety, or push-pull you may have coming up around changes happening in your life, as parts of you whose realities are valuable and important to feel. He poignantly offers:

“When we go in to simply feel each part’s reality, without trying to fix anything, we feel the part that wants to stay in one place forever and we feel the part who has already long left the building. When these parts of us feel the feelings of what it feels like to be felt by us, their reality and energy simply shifts. The internal tug of war collapses, and life and love are free to flow again.”

Raphael and Jelelle Awen offered another Ascension live stream and Q&A this week, for which the recording is available for you to take in. They offered their perspectives on the Ascension process, emotional body/soul healing through parts work, and working with Metasoul aspects from other timelines. They also co-led a guided meditation to connect with high vibe energies and your Inner Protector at around 40 minutes in.

There are many new writings and recordings offered this week by Raphael and Jelelle along with Gabriel Heartman and Kalayna Colibri. Feel their perspectives on different energies coming in now and ongoingly and ways to feel the new possibilities for your personal healing and Ascension process.

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