My Heart Ache For the V Injured

By  Raphael Awen

My heart has been holding so much for the V injured these past year as well as the increasing loss of life that we are seeing, that may actually be only a small precursor to what is coming this year and next.

I wanted to share with you a couple resources that show what I believe this virus and it’s antidote, the jab, really is.

If you go down this path, I believe you’ll find everything you need to not only reverse the alterations that you’ve subjected your body to, if you’ve taken the needles (including changes at the DNA level), but also protect yourself from the transmissions of close proximity to those who are, as well as be prepared for the next stages of this rollout.

More on these resources in a moment, but first allow me to speak to a bigger context to carry all of this in, a shopping bag for your trip to the market if you will, as we all know how clumsy shopping can be without a container.

This epic event that all of us are witnessing being played out these past 3 years, with each of us witnessing it from our different perspectives is I believe a culmination of the ‘good vs. evil’ polarity that our consciousness is presently learning and living through. There is a higher consciousness holding all of this which is love, as both good and evil are sourced in love, and proposed and purposed by love.

Many need to be actors on this ‘vs.’ stage in their battling energies, their warrior calling. Many are also called to act out the evildoer role. The drama takes us ‘eventually’ (and what greater ‘event’ can you think of beyond a mass loss of life and quality of life like we are now witnessing) to the reconciliation of the polarities in the birthing of a entirely new phases of consciousness. I do see and feel this as very much part of a heaven on earth manifestation, albeit a journey through many a hell on our way there.

The shopping trip into the market place now reveals many a truth, an undeniable truth, as to what these so called V’s actually are and in that revelation, one can see very potent means to reversing their effects.

I do see that in the shadows of so many is an unacknowledged desire to die, even as their inborn instinct survival is also at play creating quite a dissonance for them. I don’t say this in any finger pointing kind of way, but rather from my own inward journey of what’s been true about parts of me. Until you come to some degree of acknowledging that, no amount of help or information will be of any value to you. You’ll probably find yourself discrediting the very answers you pretend to be seeking to keep up playing the victim.

You’re not a victim. You choose this. We all did really! We chose to be alive and part of this drama at this time, sorting through the polarity.

So here’s the resource I’d like to share with you that I came across. Jonathan Otto, a documentarian has put together a host of interviews with some very interesting people and researchers, and is offering all of it for a price, but a free previewing is also available without providing payment info. I’ll share the link to connect below.

I personally found the free screening of the videos to be more than I needed and bordered on way too much information, but I can see others, maybe given their need, may well want and need to buy access to this material and take a deeper dive.

I really just wanted to send out this post to point to a resource that offers profound insight and practical steps to reclaim your health and sovereignty.

It will however take some deep desire to really want to not just live, but also to thrive and feel your deeper reasons for being here.

This is a huge soul turn for each of us personally and also collectively and also for the divine itself, is my sense of it.

A couple notes on the resources:

Jonothan Otto comes from a Christian background, and many of the voices in this movement are also quite Christian in their worldview. Yet, they are the ones that are quite instrumental in this movement that lacks a name. Which is interesting of course, because many Christian voices were and are also deeply embedded in the other side of this whole Plandemic. I was deep into Christianity earlier in my life so I find all of this very interesting, as it raises the even bigger questions around all of our big questions.

But again, I see the bigger ‘planner’ in this ‘Plandemic’ as the divine itself, (which includes both you and I) involving all the polarities of good and evil, now orchestrating love’s return trip into the reconciliation of both good and evil now returning home.

The great reset, faces off with the great awakening and what is beheld is the great reconciliation – that’s the bigger picture that we may be busy grokking for many a millennia to come.

Wow, I find it so hard to speak to the resources I want to share without getting contextual. I so feel we need a way to digest this more than we need new information.

Yet, there are those who desperately need some very practical answers, and information.

We’re going to need both going forward, new information as well as a new container to hold it all. The old information and the old containers are falling away more and more every day.

This is a mix of the old and the new and I trust you can sort your way through to find what you need.

You can spend a fortune (if you have it), or nothing at all in terms of money (if you don’t have it), either way, both ways will get you what you need, with this info.

Particularly striking to me has been the role of poisonous synthetic animal venoms, and then the role of free and what may be thee single most potent treatments in fasting as well as in the ancient practice of ‘urotherapy’, the use of your own urine. Sound crazy? It very much is AND is thee most solid insights you can find at the moment. There’s also a ton of good info on effective supplements, but personally, I like to find and help others find what’s the right fit for them, without getting overwhelmed and being with any and all fear reactions too.

There undoubtedly is a way through.

Here’s that link to the free info:

Much love,



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The Sacred Choices Before You Now.

By  Raphael Awen

Part of me is feeling glad and excited for the meltdown of life as we’ve known it playing out every day now.

Something in my heart and soul told me something was way off decades ago when I felt pushed reluctantly into adult life. The adults were sweeping shit under the rug on every hand like there was no tomorrow way back then. I tried at times to participate, but felt repeatedly called to something different, as well as just plain shit at participating or succeeding in the shitshow.

This has been one big anticipated meltdown, for such a long time. As a young man, I recall the verses from the book of Revelation about ’no man being able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast in their foreheads or wrist, with the added injunction of ‘let him who has wisdom count the number of the beast, which is 666’.

Eventually, I came to find that my beloved Christianity, that helped me awaken in many ways, was just about as in the ditch and co-opted as anything else.

‘They’ have been wanting to get this show on the road for a long time and now it is truly showtime. The acts are lined up, it’s all or nothing. There is no turning back. We are in a birth canal.

It’s not the only show however on the stage. Great darkness is always contrasted with great light while we are in this phase of contrast. Love is actually funding both sides of this apparent war between good and evil, with a grand agenda at hand.

The agenda is you and I, and everyone around us waking up to more of what we are. There isn’t actually and ultimately a ‘they’ and an ‘us’. Even the sleepwalkers and zombies surrendering to the altering of their DNA in a kind of Stockholm Syndrome response of welcoming and helping their oppressors are all part of this great staging, and are a part of love’s unfolding story.

You can however choose what polarity you’d like to be a part of and cheer on, from wherever you find yourself now, but you can’t actually separate yourself from the other side. There’s only one container, and there’s no compartments or sides.

I’d actually be quite scared right now as events reach fever pitch if I believed that good was raging a do or die battle against evil, where everything good could be lost forever. Love hasn’t actually won or lost. It never entered the battle. It only staged the battle for its own expansion of itself into the infinite awareness and abundance that it is.

It can’t stop itself. It wants more and won’t stop at anything to have this more, not at the expense of anyone or anything, but only at the aggrandizement of itself, to itself, of the ALL of which you and I ARE.

That’s the bigger picture, and It breeds a ton of relief in me. I feel sorry for those posted out on the edges of darkness or the light who believe that life and love are actually at stake. Coming to this realization is where our unity and our forgiveness can come into play. Love is willing to pick up the tab for it all.

But the shitshow is ramping up now every day, and parts of you are forced to make choices. Expecting life to remain the same might be the most debilitating influence upon your wellbeing.

You have sacred and very grounded choices to make that your soul knows well what they are. You don’t need my prescription or anyone else’s, whether you should do this or that. You know. You’ve always known.

It’s time to let go of following others’ prescriptions, unless you are part of the show that’s staging that necessary part of the contrast. You can prescribe your own medicine.

The vaxxed are fast becoming the vexed, realizing the lies they were fed and subjected to, as they come to terms with what is being proven to be lifelong alterations to their well-being. We’ve been vaxxed with so many things and realities for so long, long before the vax at hand. All of those games were necessary to precede the plot the plotters have prepared for this hour.

How much interference do you need to choose your own power? How much playing by others rules do you need to make up your own game? If you’re going to create your own game, what would you want it to be about? How much do you need to lose to take up the sacred power of your own choice, the one thing that no oppressor anywhere can take from you?

Your soul chose to be alive here in this dimension for this culmination of the times. There’s nothing more powerful than you choosing you, your truth, your prescriptions, your yes and your no. It will cost you dearly, but it will pay you back a hundredfold and more.

If there’s anything else out there that feels more appealing for you, then that’s for your soul to play out, for some good reason, and love will hold all of that too, regardless of how much I might cringe to see you walk that out. You don’t answer to me or anyone else. You answer to you.

The green light before you will lead to the next one. The red lights will also be a part of the guidance. You get to choose how proximal you want to be and for what reasons. You don’t have to convince anyone of anything either if that feels like a trap, or simply not your definition of fun. Every soul knows and is playing out their sacred script.

Everything is changing. Love has birthed all of this. It’s unstoppable. The bigger catastrophe was you and I being expelled from the Eden of the divine bliss oneness bliss that we were (and actually still are in individuated form). The ‘catastrophe’ at hand is the coming back together of what has been separated.

The darkness is willing to be passionate it, willing to look maniacal and even plain stupid in their participation. How willing are you to fly your own colors for this coming together?

I doubt there will ever be a drama this big on this planet after this one. This changes everything. It may even get a bit boring. If you want a piece of this action, then choose it, however that looks for you!

Much love to you as you walk out your sacred and profound part of this grand story.

Raphael Awen.

The pic above is from yesterday here in where we’ve been guided to, in Portugal, as part of where we are meant to be and want to be to ride out the birth canal we are all in and share.

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