Energy Update: Preparation To Receive 11/11 Upgrades Happening On All Body Levels (Emotional, Physical, Mental, Social, Energetic)

By Jelelle Awen
Energies are strong today….thick it feels like and dense somehow. Not in the sense of suppressing anything, just can make you feel way sleepy, low energy, and the ‘here and NOT here’ sense of merging timelines. In this place, you may have little desire to go out, physically, and more want to rest, meditate, feel, and BE. These energies have the feeling of preparing us for the ‘date’ of November 11th, this Saturday, and the extension and expansion of the highest timeline downloads we started receiving on the total eclipse in August.
I was guided to hold a group call with Raphael on 11/11 as a way to connect to these energies, offering a bridge to the emotional body/3D undigested frequencies through our parts work process. To offer a means of integration of these high energies as the emotional body clears and heals…this is what we offer through sessions too and our SoulFullHeart process. I believe the energies will be HIGH on this day, so it should be nourishing to be in a safe, high vibe circle connecting with others in resonance. If you’d like to join us for a $11 min. donation, go here:
In this preparation place/space to receive more downloads and activations, body sensitivities can be way UP and acute. What you eat and drink may be really impacting you in a new way. Using certain foods to provide comfort may be now intolerable to you and just not ‘working’ for emotional numbing as the body and the emotional come into more vibe together. Effects of caffeine and sugar may be amplified. As you become higher vibrational, the ‘buzz’ of these (when you do use them, even in small amounts) can create altered states….I have experienced this lately for myself.
I’m back to eating mostly fruit again these last few days, lots of water, cutting out sugar/caffeine/flour and much rest after having some toxicity reactions when I ate ‘denser’ foods and from moving out through my body some intense yet so good emotional body/Metasoul movements last week. I’ve already been a vegetarian (almost vegan) for eight years……this would be a good time to transition to going meat-free if you’ve been feeling that as the energies will support it much more. You may even find that you lose your appetite and ability to digest eating animals at this time and are just naturally drawn to fruits and vegetables.
If you’ve been moving through some heavy emotions and integration of shadow (as I’ve been writing about for the last few weeks), then your body may be feeling even more sensitive and clearing out these emotions on a cellular level. The more connected you become in wholeness to ALL of your bodies (physical, mental, emotional, chakral/energetic, social), the more you purge and clear on ALL levels. With our social bodies (personally and collectively) being flushed out by love, you may be experiencing upheavals too in relationships with new choice points based on your soul coming in, as I shared yesterday.
It is ongoingly an INtense and INteresting time of INtegration. Go within when you find the outside is just too overwhelming and dense and especially when you have something INside that wants and needs you attention to feel it.
Much love to you on this INward (and outward) journey! Offering a trust with you and to you in this now that what is coming up needs to be moved in order to prepare, ready, and, eventually, BEcome more love. ❤ ❤

Jelelle Awen is an Emoto-Spiritual Teacher, Sacred Feminine and Sacred Union Facilitator, Soul Scribe, waySHOWer, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Sacred Human, Arising Wonder: Ascension Through Integration Of Your Emotional Body With Your Spirituality and  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond.

Visit for more information about space holding sessions, videos, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings at

7 thoughts on “Energy Update: Preparation To Receive 11/11 Upgrades Happening On All Body Levels (Emotional, Physical, Mental, Social, Energetic)

    1. Hi Mark, if you are referring to what we offer in our process, visiting our website at offers more information about sessions, group calls, etc. And this blog has tons of writings too!

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