Integrating 5D Consciousness States Into Everyday Living: Day 23: 33 Days Metamorphosis W/Jelelle Awen (Video)

By Jelelle Awen

In today’s video, Day 23 of this 33 Day Metamorphosis series, I respond to some questions that I’ve been asked lately in beginning sessions with people. I talk about integrating higher consciousness states in 5D with everyday ‘walking around’ life. I describe examples from my daily live in which I have experienced these ‘altered states’, which become more and more normal states. States such as kundalini surges, non-dual drip lines, and general ‘loose brain’ mode.

I offer that it has been intimacy with Raphael; intimacy with my Metasoul sisters with access to these frequencies; intimacy within community that offers these altered states as well. Your Protector can keep you from experiencing these states in a flowing way because there may not be ‘room’ in your life, i.e. related to your jobs, your family, your relationships, etc.

I make a connection to what you are choosing in your life in every single moment in every day directly connects to the consciousness state that you experience. What you are saying ‘yes’ to and what you are saying, ‘no’ to.

Thank you for joining me on this twenty three day of 33….as we move into Metamorphosis energies together… beloved part of us at a time!

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Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of three books about Ascension, Divine Feminine and Masculine, emotional body integration through parts work, quantum healing through Metasoul Aspect connection, sacred union, light body transformation, and much more!

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