Personal Disclosure Ahead Of The Storm

By Raphael Awen

Will Hillary ending up in jail in an orange onesie really do it for you?

There’s a lot of dark stuff going down every day that is being kept out of the mainstream news cycles, and there’s a TON of people who know about it and more every day who are waking up to it, along with a big growing cloud of anger and outrage.

The Q and Qanon posts that appear to be credible high up insider information serve to stir the pot and keep people on the edge of their seats waiting for a big event, involving the exposure finally for all to see of Pizza Gate, or the suppression of free energy, or of the corruption of the US three letter agencies, etc, all tied higher upstream to a darker illuminati or khazarian mafia, and even off-planet connections, etc. who have a deep dark control agenda.

Many are even referring to these powers as ‘the powers that were’ as they are seeing their inevitable downfall, and their, at present very compromised power structures.

Part of me can so feel this rumble that wants to happen, and the new world possibilities that can happen following these disclosures. It’s quite a vortex of energy to get into and rabbit holes to explore. The world we participate in every day, relied on, trusted, and came to despair of in so many ways, is changing, and wants to change – all the way.

But then, it’s here, but not quite here at the same time, so overdue. It’s kind of like a bad case of constipation. You need to go real bad, but you can’t!

If we are able to feel our own personal disclosures that need to happen and are also being pressed upon at the same time as these global shakedowns are occuring, I feel we will find the personal ground to be with and navigate these changes for ourselves personally. There’s plenty of souls who need to express the outrage and supply the energy for the storm (think bowel movement) that’s underway. You, however, may be called to feel the storm that’s brewing inside of your own heart, and let go of the focus on the external storm.

What disclosures have you kept inside of you, that are wanting to be shared with your world around you? What secrets is a part of you holding and ashamed of that this part of you feels would be your downfall if they were to be revealed? Can you feel, get to know and negotiate with the parts of you who feel this way? What would choosing to reveal rather than being forced to reveal, or ‘exposed’ look like for you? Do you have a part of you inside that feels like Hillary that awaits your connection?

All of us, I feel have participated in and explored the darkness. The light is now dawning brighter than it ever has making all secrets a thing of the past. We can either hunker down deeper in this stress of hiding, or we can surrender to the love and light that wants to take all of us into a new place.

The whole point for each of us is to feel. To feel how our actions and choices affected parts of ourselves and others is to feel remorse. Feeling remorse is acknowledging the reality of heart and emotion at the core of the universe. Feeling is acknowledging the love that we all are, (including Hillary) that we came from, and are returning to.

If we are all one, ultimately, then none of us get to be fully home until all of us are home. This is a ‘none left behind’ scenario.

Raphael Awen

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