The Lenses Through Which We See The World

By Raphael Awen

The lenses through which we see the world become our filters on life and love and create our familiar personal and collective world.

The creative power is only rivalled by the degree of our denial of this passive creative power. There is no one responsible and response-able but you.

When you can own that without self judgment and without blame shifting to others or to the divine, you are truly entering the sovereign territory of your infinitely powerful being. It doesn’t matter how far you’ve sunk in denying this creative power, if you are willing to awaken to what was previously denied.

The depths of the hell you created mirrors the heights of heaven and the new creation awaiting you, if you’ll just embrace YOU! Each and every one of us are fractals of the divine, reflecting both this creative power and this free will. Where these 2 come together is where your going on place lies in terms of your souls awakening, embodiment and growth. Growth requires real time friction and grist – some ‘skin in the game’ as they say.

When you choose this for yourself – you move from being a SCARED, SCARRED and helpless victim and instead become a most interesting and enlivened SACRED human – where curiosity and wonder is the only fitting looking glass through which you seek life and love.

This photo below came to me while walking in a Mexican village 4 years ago. This boy, 4 years older now, the images he has taken in, seen through the windows he has looked through form the life he is living now. So it is with each of us. I believe we chose to be limited by our innocent ignorance of these deeper truths, and stunted in this way by a veil of our choosing, so that we could awaken, press back on our limitations, being re-membered to our true being and to the vastness of our creative power.

That makes you amazing, interesting and alive, and fun to be around, wouldn’t you agree?


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The Biggest Conspiracy Theory Of Them All

By Raphael Awen

There’s a lot of growing conspiracy theories floating around lately.

I’d like to float an even bigger one – that the biggest conspirator was and is love, as in The Divine, as in you and me.

Love became narcissistically and hopelessly focused on itself, as it was all there was. ‘All one’ became ‘alone’, landing in the antithesis of itself, it entered through its dis-ease and unease, a death, knowing that a rebirth would follow. It saw no other choice. In dying to itself, it gave birth to a firstborn, a perceived other, something seemingly enough outside of itself, to open a new playground, with a necessary game of good and evil, a game of masculine and feminine, a mind boggling game of epic duals and duality.

A game that would involve much hardship and pain, all of which could only be justified by the paling comparison to the stunning grandeur it would, if successful, bring about in the process – a perfect marriage of masculine achievement and feminine beauty.

You and I, Jeffery Epstein, Ghislaine, Bill and Hillary are all part of it. We’re ‘all one’ and ‘alone’ in it together. There isn’t actually two of us in the game and that’s why none of us are off the hook. We’re all responsible to the price tag on this endeavor. We all have great remorse to bear and great beauty and forgiveness to let in.

My reconciliation to the Divine is your reconciliation. None of us arrive fully home until the last one of us arrives fully home. The experiment isn’t over until it’s over.

The greatest of evildoers, those seemingly the furthest removed from the light, are actually souls with the deepest trust to take on the darkest parts of love’s mission. To see this any other way, to see an evildoer as an ‘evildoer’ is to leave ourselves excluded from reconciliation, from completing the circle of love’s mission. For if I’m not as bad as Jeffery Epstein or Hitler, then I can only lay claim to that claim by measuring myself on the yardstick of good and evil. My claim can only be a claim of not being that evil.

Perfect? No, but not ‘that’ evil. Sorry, but perfect only accepts perfect.

This leaves the judged and the judge both outside of perfection, and for the duration of that sentence, both in the same jail. This leaves the All One, you and I, alone, somewhere on the same yardstick that measures separation from perfection. Here we are, in our two track reality, perfect beings, in our perceived imperfection, reconciled, but yet, for all intents and purposes, awaiting reconciliation.

This state of relationship between us and other, between us and The Divine, is also mirrored exactly inside of us where parts of ourselves are left in 4D hell of separation, awaiting the love ambassador that you are to show up, and begin a magical reconciliation process.

Love changed everything and love keeps on changing everything. We are that change. Love is just having its own fun, and we are all invited into it, where no pain is denied, no level of hell on earth, but is instead felt profoundly in the minutest detail of hurt and separation for the portal that it is, for what it restores in us and to us, even expanding on the perfect love that originally undertook such a quest, as only infinite love can do.

We are perfection, improving on perfection.

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Energy Update: Recodings/Upgrades As The Matrix Deprogramming Process Accelerates

By Jelelle Awen

Energy Update: MAJOR recodings going on right now on chakral/emotional/mental/physical/cellular/DNA levels…really these are NEW codes of Ascension, of Sacred Humanity, and of our New 5D Golden Earth. These codes are often ‘waiting’ in your soul field to come in, usually hanging out in the Personal Sun chakra (about two feet above your head.) I am getting from my Star Family that these codes are universal/collective upgrades for humanity, even as they offer personal recodings as well for those who are ready to receive them at that level.

These codes can come in when space/vacancy has been made in your consciousness from deprogramming at the 3D/4D levels, which is going on bigtime right now during this Coronavirus event. Deprogramming goes on as you awaken from the programs that have been ‘fed’ to you via the Matrix control systems. On the 3D level, programming is primarily offered through the birth family codependency structure, 3D school system indoctrination, mainstream (another word for ‘3D’) media, mainstream entertainment, mainstream medicine…mainstream EVERYTHING really. What has been experienced as ‘mainstream’ is actually what the Matrix has wanted you to believe SHOULD be how you live your life, how you think and feel about your life, and to influence how you make choices about your life.

There is a massive deprogramming and unplugging going on right now from this 3D Mainstream Matrix. ‘Conspiracy theories’ are being shared and taken in online in ever increasing numbers (even as they are being heavily censored by the Cabal/Deep State). They are opening up new options, viewpoints, truths, and realities beyond this 3D narrative. Critical thinking, following intuitions, questioning mainstream narratives, awakening your consciousness…..these are all threatening to the 3D Matrix ‘power players and controllers’ because then you are becoming deprogrammed, freeing yourself from them.

The dark, hidden agenda of these power players is being revealed and seen in major ways right now, especially driven by Qanon. Qanon feels like a necessary sovereignty movement birthed from the leader in the ‘pursuit’ of personal liberty against tyranny, the United States. It is still within the polarized frequency bandwidth of 4D spiritual battle and warfare, yet moves the collective closer toward the ultimate timelines of more freedom in expression and living for all sentient beings.

On the 4D level, programming is much more subtle and often largely subconscious. It operates on archetypes, unconscious projections/triggers, collective consciousness/unconsciousness, primal impulses, etc. Programming is mostly ‘landing’ in our Reptilian Self at this level, who then projects it out to us as its human counterpart. The Reptilian Self also goes through a necessary questioning, awakening, deprogramming, and liberation phase as we do as humans. We go through this process together it seems, whether conscious or not.

I share more about the Reptilian Self mutual liberation process in this video with guided meditation to meet yours:

As I’ve mentioned before, there are MANY light ships in Gaia’s orbit right now, witnessing and offering support to us during this global awakening/Matrix collapse EVENT. I see them every time I tune in with my third eye. Galactic disclosure is a very important aspect of global awakening and Ascension. As we connect with our Star Family, we can receive the DNA upgrades and recodings that are waiting for us in an even deeper way. Here is a guided meditation to connect with your star family:

I’ve been going into a quiet, receiving mode as I have taken a week off from doing sessions and our group call series. In this receiving space, I have been connecting a few times on a light ship with Star Family members that I have a long-standing relationship with, my Arcturian Aspect Binkh, my Pleiadian Aspect Lezza, my Mantid Aspect/Cosmic Mother Ingrit, my Inner Earth Lemurian Aspect Trista especially. I can see myself Jelelle (a more coming into 5D version), Jillian (my 4D self), and Ranca (my Reptilian Self) all laying on treatment tables.

They are in healing chambers, which are spinning vortexes of light and sound technology that is hugely supportive to our upgrading process. Each of them/me is going through a sort of centrifuge process in these chambers (which feel mostly like Arcturian tech) where the lower frequencies and 3D/4D programs are spun out and ‘off’. Then, the NEW higher frequency codes can be downloaded through energy transmissions, which often seem to be carried through Kundalini surges. Kundalini is an energy system that I feel now is connected closely to our Reptilian Selves, which is why it can be very intense for our human systems to take in, especially if 3D fear programs are still running. I have had powerful, quantum movements in short amounts of ‘time’ connecting in this way to parts of myself/Metasoul Aspects while allowing energy flows/movements to happen beyond what my mind can track.

Sound healing, energy healing, laying in the sun to let in the codes, connecting in nature, speaking light language, healing emotional traumas from this life with parts of yourself, healing karma/fear loops from other lifetimes with Metasoul Aspects, connecting in Unity Consciousness frequencies with your soul family….are all ways to prepare and receive recodings/upgrades.

I have been listening to this powerful Kundalini activation music to provide a transmission for these movements, which you might find useful as well. I recommend laying down with headphones and listening for about 15 minutes the first time, gradually increasing the amount as you get used to it:

Our galactic consciousness can arise as we let go of what we’ve known of our unified humanity ‘mainstream’ consciousness. We can receive the codes we most NEED right now to let go, let in love, and become Infinite Love within our human form!


Jelelle Awen

Jelelle Awen is Co-Creator/Teacher/Group Facilitator/Ambassador of SoulFullHeart, a healing process and paradigm offering New Gaia Ascension frequencies to transmute trauma into love on emotional/spiritual/physical levels. For information about a free consultation call, 1:1 sessions with SoulFullHeart Facilitators, virtual group call events, writings/books, and videos, visit

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Inner Love Ambassador Is Awakening As The Cabal Collapses

by Kalayna Solais

Dream time lately is becoming fuller and more active. Lots of souls are visiting each other in this ‘dream state’ where we can connect even through the ‘social distancing’ measures happening in our waking lives. In a way, it could be because we really are missing more social connections and also detoxing from them too, while letting in ‘new’ ones, even. I feel these visits are also happening because of having more space to go inward and feel, to awaken the heart and enliven the soul in new ways, healing trauma that has lived in parts of us, especially the Inner Child, for a very long time now. This clears the way for us all to unify more within ourselves and with parts of us that maybe we had forgotten about or never knew were there in the first place, and also makes room to connect with others in new ways, from the more authentic places within, rooted in our opening and awakening hearts and souls. We are coming together, and it’s really beautiful and dynamic!

Last night it was pretty ‘crowded’ in my dreams! I had visits with some people I recognized and others I didn’t. I felt some people I’ve been connected to on Facebook but never met before, and some celebrities too mixed in there. If you’ve been going down ‘Q’ rabbit holes and feeling what is now shifting quickly from ‘theory’ to ‘fact’, you may especially be feeling ‘busy’ in your dreams was your inner Love Ambassador becomes more awakened and activated and your soul starts to bring you to higher consciousness states while you digest the heaviness and hope too as you sleep. This is where we all seem to be congregating and unifying more, meeting and reuniting. Interesting!

As your Love Ambassador awakens, you are able to be with the parts of you in reaction to what you’re taking in from a place of curiosity and love. You can feel the trauma of those you’re reading about, the children who have suffered from child trafficking for so long, with tears of remorse for not having seen this all sooner and sheer sadness for what they’ve had to endure. You can feel how hard it is to imagine forgiving the perpetrators while also remembering that cycles of retaliation and ‘eye-for-an-eye’ don’t ever work out for the better. We’ve all acted from our deepest wounding and trauma in ways we’d rather forget about altogether. The Ambassador within though, can face and feel what’s been true inside of you and your own Metasoul without losing faith in your own deep GOODness and God-child self… and likewise, your Ambassador can offer this bridge to others too.

I feel we’re all trying to integrate what we’re reading about and intuiting too while reconciling all of this to the world we’ve just been told we need to ‘stay away from’ for a phase, the world so many parts of you may have trusted was the ‘real one’ until now. Being told we need to pull out of the life we were leading on the outside is actually a deep gift that keeps on giving, even through the hazy moments of detox from 3D consciousness where almost nothing makes sense and reactions within are plenty. We’re taking a step back so we can see the bigger picture (if we choose to). So many of us are glued to our internet connections as a way to take in each other and the outside world, which makes for the perfect opportunity to dig deeper into the endless evidence and information out there that is coming even more to light. Our Love Ambassador selves come ‘online’ with us through all of this and I feel we’re heading into a time when we need to embody this ‘self’ more than ever before!

As exciting as these times are, there is still much to digest as we feel compassion for the pain of those around us who have been suffering in the systems now collapsing and also the pain of those not yet ready to awaken to the bigger picture. One thing feels certain though, we can’t help but all be in this together, because even in whatever ways parts of us are still convinced we are ‘separate’, we are not.

And as Q says…. ‘Where We Go One, We Go All’ …Ambassadors, parts, Metasoul aspects, polarized points of view… et. al!

Much love,


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Feeling What You REALLY Want And Need During These Turbulent Times

by Raphael Awen

When the rumble of the collective fear of death goes viral through the collective by the aid of a media-hyped and created event, we do well to feel each and every part of us that resonates with that rumble.

Trying instead to stay ‘high-vibe and positive’ invariably proves to be an exercise in denial and lying to oneself and others if we are not willing to be honest about the parts of us that actually are freaked out if they in fact are. You can’t stay high-vibe if you aren’t there already, and you can’t get to high-vibe if you’ve denied yourself a way to feel the parts of you who are low-vibe at the moment.

You were given a range of vibes for a divine creator reason and as a divine creator. That reason becomes very obscured and flattened when you are only permitting one polarity to live in you. What good is a piano with only the high notes?

What this Coronavirus actually is in terms of any real threat and in what scale is something that will only be known in hindsight. What is real is the fear that you feel that is kicked up by the story that is being spread far and wide. Our collective is so long overdue for a collective bowel movement and this one may well be one big dump, one that relieves so much. We’ve all had a hand in creating this need.

Because we are all one in a higher level of reality, we also do well to feel what this collective shift in consciousness is opportuning us to feel personally.

When I feel parts of myself, I feel aspects of me that want the future to be safe and bright and exciting and alive. I feel the parts of me that want purpose and engagement, as well as creature comforts. All of these goodies are threatened by the looming Coronavirus story – asking me to pare down my desires and settle for the story of the goal of survival. I feel the parts of me that aren’t yet assured of a bright and exciting future and wonder if we shouldn’t just settle for an outlook of mitigating disaster rather than full-on thrival.
Now grounded in what’s real in the inside, I get to actually process and create movement inside of myself from fear to love. I couldn’t actually get to the love were it not for the fear as my starting place.

And I also can’t get to the love I’m needing when I’m spending all my time staying up on the agenda of the Dark Illuminati/Cabal/Black Hats versus the Alliance/Q-anon picture of things as a way to distract myself from what’s really going on inside of me to me.

And when I don’t actually get to the love I’m needing and wanting, my vibe is invariably lower, I’m broadcasting that vibe as a reality generator to those around me before I utter a word or take an action. In other words, your and my greatest service to others begins and ends with the greatest service to self. ‘Selfishness’ isn’t a bad word at all in 5D.

Whoever gave us the ‘service to self’ versus ‘service to other’ dichotomy was still living in the reality that there is actually any separation between self and other. This is the old picture of separation of spirit and matter, the separation of good and evil, the battle for supremacy that is being found more and more to be the root of all conflict inside and outside. There isn’t actually a ‘whoever’ to blame here; we gave that picture to ourselves as a way to live our way to and through a movement of our reality.

We are this big, and our lessons are this epic! We get to do this and we get to do it as a collective and as individuals at the same time.

Allow what you really want, feel, and need, without denial, to guide you through these waters.

I’d be delighted to help you through your personal rumbles if what I’m sharing resonates for you. More here:

Photo courtesy of


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The Messenger Of Your Boredom

By Raphael Awen

Boredom, withdrawal, antsiness, emptiness – none of these are ‘negative’.

You cannot be negated. A part of you can very understandably want to negate or put an end to these states and exchange them for more desirable ones, but the healthy, alive and lasting way to the more desirable is not by paving over, or powering through, or pretending it’s all okay.

It’s not all Okay, and every passing day is adding to that awareness inside of you. That’s what’s happening here. Your spring loaded soul essence is rubbing up against a path you are on and is producing the friction of the boredom, the withdrawal, the ache for something new.

It may not be fun, but it isn’t negative. This is a very powerful positive and alive soul spark in you that is asking for your attention and love. Your soul wants to take you through a change, a death; yes, but not without the rebirth that follows all death.

There comes a tipping point where the baking in the oven of boredom is done. You are hollowed out to your core. You have made room for what you really want. You have cleared out something profound that you are done with.

You surprised yourself. The new was on the other side of feeling all there was that needed to be felt inside of the old. The old contained all the alchemy to produce the new, as you were willing to feel all there was to be felt.

The universe is feeling through you. What is it like to be in a dead end job that stifles your true creative power? What is it like to remain in any relationship with anything or anyone that left unaddressed, only serves to keep you small? The universe gave you this assignment and is wanting your notes on the outcome. How could you pass the test with flying colors and pass along the rewards to everyone coming in your wake?

In your success, we all succeed. In your failure, if you could actually fail, we would all fail. It isn’t failure, however, if you’re not done. None of us are ever done. That’s the one thing we cannot do, to make ourselves ‘done’. We are inextinguishable life in an infinite reality. There’s no on/off switch. Life can go through hell, but it is always heaven bound, for it carries its heaven deep inside. You are this heaven awaiting more and more and more manifestation.

Boredom itself is proof of this. What is your boredom wanting to tell you? Can you hear its voice? Give it a pen and paper and let it transcribe its feelings to you. Step into your higher self to listen and to feel all that the boredom wants and needs you to feel. Feel the fear of it never changing. Shed the tears this part of you feels of feeling unnoticed as you give this part of you your deep noticing. Follow the deep light and engagement now found in loving this part of you, in allowing it to fully give to you its gifts that you were not ready up till now to receive.
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You Are The One You’ve Been Waiting For

By Raphael Awen

You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

By our very nature, we subscribe to different pictures of reality and then these pictures manifest in our lives as ‘proof’ of our reality.

We are then biased towards the reality we created, be it a desirable one, or not so desirable, negating the multitude of other possibilities we could have created and seen as real, on the projector screen that we call our lives.

What is more real than our created realities is this ability to create realities, and even reality itself. This reality, we really need a lot of courage to face.

If the above is true, it leaves you and I responsible. It doesn’t offer us any condolences on our bad set of circumstances that life dealt us. It offers you and I deep awareness of our power.

Being responsible doesn’t mean it’s your fault; far from it. This isn’t about fault, but rather, the opposite of your fault. This is about your perfection. You are already perfect AND you are being perfected; both are true. You are taking your perfection out for a spin in a testing ground. You are response-able, meaning able to respond, able to choose to respond, able to choose with what and how you will respond.

My truth is that there is always a response point, a choice point in front of you that is about your deepest and next going-on place. It’s not that difficult to see. It’s not a hidden treasure that will take great tests and trials to discover, but rather something quite plain. Any obscurity around the choice is a product of the part of you who isn’t ready to embrace that going on place.

If part of you isn’t ready to go on and make that obvious choice, what about choosing to get to know that part? You don’t have to jump into the choice your soul knows is your going-on place by forcing or pushing the choice. You are able to choose your response. You can choose curiosity and self awareness (love) to embrace the part of you in resistance to your next choice, allowing self love and negotiation to flow naturally toward empowerment.

If you are unwilling to make that choice, then you are left in a hope-less place. You are employing your power in service of staying stuck, for the moment at least. Codependent friends, family and mates may caretake you in your choice to remain small, but life won’t. Life doesn’t see you as broken and needing to be caretaken. Life will honour your sovereign and powerful choice and leave you to the encircling standing stones of circumstance that you call your life as your current reality creation, awaiting your deeper choice point.

This is how I choose to see you. This is the reality I want to create in myself and those around me. We are the anchors in the storm. You are the one you’ve been waiting for.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Check out our programs: FREE, PREP and DEEP, for a new and profound going-on place in your spiritual and emotional journey at

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In Denial Of Our True Power

By Raphael Awen

When we deny the true power we do have, we end up reaching for false power we don’t have.

Within each one of us is truly unlimited power and potential. It is not ‘power over’ others, but it is ‘power with’ others, because power by its very nature is sourced in the source of The All which is love. When we attempt to utilize power for malevolent reasons, to harm, or to take, we are not connected to our true power, but are acting out of the deeper fear of being powerless.

If we pause to reflect on our own lives, or the life of anyone around us, well known, or not so well known, we can readily see this ongoing relationship we all have with our own power. Even those who reach the heights of what we call and esteem as power, possessing great financial wealth, can actually be the most dispossessed of their own true power. Without an assurance of one’s true power, no amount of external power can compensate for this absence of internal knowing.

You are meant to feel powerful. You cannot live and love in a healthy life without a grounded sense of your own power. Trust in the universe is power. The currency flow of trust and care in relationships is power. Real power is the healthy flow of love that you feel coming to you and through you, that affords you a sense of deep wellbeing in the world.

But what do you do if you honestly lack this? You reach for the true power you do have – the power to be honest with yourself. If you are willing to be honest with yourself, no one, and no thing can stop you. This is personal disclosure.

If that’s true, then why is it so rare? Why are we in thrall collectively to superstars who are full of externalized power, but empty on the inside? Is it because we have been conditioned and conned out of awareness of our own great power?

My truth is that the path for anyone of us into our own power is to find and feel the part of ourselves, the self within us who doesn’t feel powerful, who holds this conditioning of powerlessness. This is the portal to our true power. When we get to really know this part of ourselves, and feel its feelings, its sufferings, going on inside of us, we enter the portal of our true power.

Who would have thought that the path to power would be about exploring our innate feelings of powerlessness? We busied ourselves instead in the self help aisles, and churches, and meditation halls seeking ways to become powerful, rather than to get in touch with our powerlessness. We sought out compensations to cover for our impotence. And in it all, all of these great efforts and undertakings and trophies of power now tumble into a deep call to get to know the powerlessness that they were founded upon, a bandaid to cover over. The real prize is finding this portal that we couldn’t see before that is the entry point of our consciousness into the fullness of power that we are.

It makes sense that we would deny our true power, that we needed to, even, in order to come to terms with such infinite and great power that we are at the essence and core of our being. We needed to learn what it isn’t before we could learn what it is.

Every circumstance in your life that makes you feel powerless, isn’t actually ‘making’ you anything. You created and drew these circumstances into your life as a theater in which to awaken, a theater in which to choose. It can be hard as hell, (though it doesn’t have to be) but this is also evidence of the power you actually are; you chose a path that would challenge you. You chose a path where there was something truly at stake.

So when will you be done with the pretense of power that prohibits you from entering your true power? When will you leave off the Viagra chemicals of pretense power and begin to re-experience again what a natural and healthy flow of your power looks and feels like, able to rise for the occasion, and to take a bow when the performance is over?

I can tell you that every last one of us, bar none, will be needing to find and feel these powerless parts of ourselves. In an infinite power universe, you are left feeling like more of a beginner the deeper you go.

This is a brand new world and it’s here now. No need to wait on any saviors, other than you. Your desire, your ache, your choice to embrace your next going-on place is what this whole deal is about.

If I, and SoulFullHeart process feel like a resource to you, do get in touch. I’d love to serve your arising bigness into the world. There’s a party of epic proportions underway and this is your early invite.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Check out our programs: FREE, PREP and DEEP, for a new and profound going-on place in your spiritual and emotional journey at

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Personal Disclosure Ahead Of The Storm

By Raphael Awen

Will Hillary ending up in jail in an orange onesie really do it for you?

There’s a lot of dark stuff going down every day that is being kept out of the mainstream news cycles, and there’s a TON of people who know about it and more every day who are waking up to it, along with a big growing cloud of anger and outrage.

The Q and Qanon posts that appear to be credible high up insider information serve to stir the pot and keep people on the edge of their seats waiting for a big event, involving the exposure finally for all to see of Pizza Gate, or the suppression of free energy, or of the corruption of the US three letter agencies, etc, all tied higher upstream to a darker illuminati or khazarian mafia, and even off-planet connections, etc. who have a deep dark control agenda.

Many are even referring to these powers as ‘the powers that were’ as they are seeing their inevitable downfall, and their, at present very compromised power structures.

Part of me can so feel this rumble that wants to happen, and the new world possibilities that can happen following these disclosures. It’s quite a vortex of energy to get into and rabbit holes to explore. The world we participate in every day, relied on, trusted, and came to despair of in so many ways, is changing, and wants to change – all the way.

But then, it’s here, but not quite here at the same time, so overdue. It’s kind of like a bad case of constipation. You need to go real bad, but you can’t!

If we are able to feel our own personal disclosures that need to happen and are also being pressed upon at the same time as these global shakedowns are occuring, I feel we will find the personal ground to be with and navigate these changes for ourselves personally. There’s plenty of souls who need to express the outrage and supply the energy for the storm (think bowel movement) that’s underway. You, however, may be called to feel the storm that’s brewing inside of your own heart, and let go of the focus on the external storm.

What disclosures have you kept inside of you, that are wanting to be shared with your world around you? What secrets is a part of you holding and ashamed of that this part of you feels would be your downfall if they were to be revealed? Can you feel, get to know and negotiate with the parts of you who feel this way? What would choosing to reveal rather than being forced to reveal, or ‘exposed’ look like for you? Do you have a part of you inside that feels like Hillary that awaits your connection?

All of us, I feel have participated in and explored the darkness. The light is now dawning brighter than it ever has making all secrets a thing of the past. We can either hunker down deeper in this stress of hiding, or we can surrender to the love and light that wants to take all of us into a new place.

The whole point for each of us is to feel. To feel how our actions and choices affected parts of ourselves and others is to feel remorse. Feeling remorse is acknowledging the reality of heart and emotion at the core of the universe. Feeling is acknowledging the love that we all are, (including Hillary) that we came from, and are returning to.

If we are all one, ultimately, then none of us get to be fully home until all of us are home. This is a ‘none left behind’ scenario.

Raphael Awen

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