The Tipping Point Of Our Pain

By Raphael Awen

The simplicity in the complexity is stunning.

When we look at anything troubling us, we can see its roots in the loss of love, or said another way: fear.

We came from love, we still are this love, and yet we are also returning to this love. We attempted to step outside of this love to see and feel its edges. We gave ourselves the experience of what it would feel like to be away from love.

We had to form a resistance to love in order to do this. Like a sail hoisted in the wind, it is the resistance action that creates the movement and motion. Like a baby exiting the familiar womb, the time comes to push against. From the vantage point of our original estate of being so secure in love, of knowing nothing but love, we had no fear of losing love. We knew that growth would require at least the perception of the loss of love.

Actually losing love forever is no doubt the worst fear scenarios that our fears of eternal damnation stem from. But strangely, as great as this fear is, the greater fear we could not abide as consciousness beings was being imprisoned by love, with no way to escape it, with no way of knowing anything different. Without difference, there can be no deference, and thus, no reverence. What good is being a millionaire if you don’t know or appreciate that you are one?

Now, we can really feel the great dilemma that all of our everyday dilemmas stem from. We want love so bad, yet we must resist it in order to create the motions and e-motions necessary to learn of this love. We need fear in order to know love.

If this is true, then the whole point (especially the tipping point) of our pain is the willingness to feel it. The whole point of money is in the spending of it. It can’t do you any good until you spend it. Likewise fear can’t do you any good until you feel it.

We could say that everyone of our souls journeys is all about the willingness to feel our fears. All the dramas and stage sets of our lives are all directed by our souls need to feel, even at the most outlandish of production costs.

Yesterday, I felt a deep collision inside of myself, of feeling one part of my being so wanting to make big things happen, and another part of me so refusing to move a single muscle. I can feel how both of these aspects of my being have always been there, but we’re just wired up effectively to gain certain movements at different times and places. Now however, that wiring configuration isn’t what is working anymore. As I felt into the ache below it all and the triggers surrounding it, I was able to feel with and be with both of these parts of myself and deeply empathically feel their realities – how both wanted, and still do, to help me return to love. Waves of tears were able to move through as I was able to reach out to the universe, my Higher Self and particularly the Divine Father and Mother, for comfort for taking on such a wild ride.

This wild ride was and is the ride of being a being that is all love who needed to go in search of the edges of that love, only to discover there are no edges. We are nothing but love, where even our not-love is contained within the love that we all are.

There’s nothing left but reverence, tears and awe. You can draw upon this love, as this love is in total awe of you for taking on such a wild ride, for your willingness to undergo every feeling scenario that is moving through your circumstances, every bit of your history, from this life and beyond, every gain and every loss, every sorrow and every joy – all of it comes home to this hearth and heart of infinite love.

We needed to resist it in order to discover it, and to be forever changed by the journey.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Check out our programs: FREE, PREP and DEEP, for a new and profound going-on place in your spiritual and emotional journey at

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