SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter: Announcing Free To Be Series, Part 2!

Yes! It is another week and another compilation of SoulFullHeart transmissions at your ready. As we continue our efforts to bring you the most of our downloads and experiences, we are offering another round of the 6-week ‘Free To Be’ series. Read the full Museletter here.

Featured this week is a piece from Jelelle Awen. In it, she talks about the birth of the first ‘Free To Be’ series and how much it has shifted for all of us here as well as those who participated. With the ongoing collapse of the 3D matrix, as held in the form of a pandemic, Jelelle felt an ongoing series could hold a safe place for others to be felt in all that was moving within and without:

As it became increasingly clear that this was a significant global awakening event (far beyond just a restriction due to a virus), I felt the call to offer a shelter in the storm during the beginning phase of it. I felt there would be much to digest and feel about what would be disclosed during the detox to 3D life. That shelter took the form of a weekly group call series over Zoom that we felt guided to call “Free To Be.”

The next ‘Free To Be’ group call series begins next Wednesday, May 20th @ 10am PDT. Through this Free To Be Two series, you will feel empowered to think about and feel through the practical steps to walk out at this time, including a focus on money transition to soul purpose livelihood. You will also feel the social area of your life and connect to the ‘black sheep’ and socially rejected part of you who wants to step out into their truth in a new way. You’ll receive more sense of the 3D Matrix/Cabal collapse that is going on in order to unplug from it and deeper galactic support/activation from your star family. And finally, you’ll realize your potential to BEcome an Ambassador of Love and 5D Bridge into the New Earth to others and other parts of you as well.

The first call of this series, on May 20th, will be an overview of how the current money system is a 3D Matrix program that is in transition to being about energy exchange based on soul purpose expression. You can offer a donation at any time and receive the recordings and also the link to attend any of the future calls live if you can or want to. More information at 

In this week’s edition of our Museletter, there is a video of sample clips from the last Free To Be series with Raphael and Jelelle Awen to give you a sense of what those groups are like and the teachings that are included. There is also a wonderful video of Raphael and Jelelle transmitting Light Language and Sun Codes while on a magical walk through the forests of Vancouver Island, BC. SoulFullHeart Facilitator, Kalayna Solais, offers an overview of what one could expect in a SoulFullHeart 1:1 session.

There are many new articles and audio blogs this week from SoulFullHeart Facilitators/teachers Raphael and Jelelle Awen, as well as SoulFullHeart Facilitator Kalayna Solais and facilitant/collaborator Gabriel Heartman. There are energy updates, personal process digestions, and ways to look at and feel what is happening on the 3D, 4D, and 5D consciousness levels.

Check out our ‘Quotes of The Week’ section for some quote cards you can save and share! If you can, please do tag us whenever possible.

If you are interested in a session, we begin with a free consultation for 30-45 minutes over Zoom with a SoulFullHeart Facilitator for you to learn more about the SoulFullHeart Process, what happens in sessions, mutually determine if the process is a fit for you at this time, and if so, which Facilitator to work with in sessions. Visit for more information.

Thank you so much for your interest in and support of SoulFullHeart Healing!

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