The Liability Of Reliability

By  Raphael Awen

We’re at a place now where honorable traits can fast become liabilities.

I had a dream last night where an old friend from my past, who, if he was known for anything, was known for his reliability, his willingness to sacrifice for others in need, his expression of care. Underneath it all, though, was a big resistance to change, and I suspect, the garden variety fears of embracing his next growth into his bigness, that we all face.

I can feel where he an I, in other lifetimes, were side by side in these kinds of changeless codes of honor, especially in service of a King. It became a deeply embedded safety and way of being in the world.

In this life, I managed to embrace deep change sooner than he, and that made for the end of our friendship, but not our larger soul connection. Who knows what lifetimes he may have done the same for me?

Isn’t this true of all of our relationships? The part about our larger soul connection?

We are all players in each others learning and growth grounds, and so much of that happens by comparison. In comparison, we get to see ourselves, feel ourselves, embrace and try on new ways of being in life, in love and in this world, and even in others beyond this one.

Staying stuck though, isn’t where our souls want us to be right now.

It’s time to embrace the changes before us. What might feel like reckless abandon to a part of us, wants to be lovingly, and step by step, negotiated inside of us; feeling each part of us and their needs and reactions to the changes before us.

The improvised beatitude for this time is ‘Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be broken’. I’d add to that, ‘Blessed too are the broken, for they are open to healing’.

So, it’s all good in the larger picture. The larger picture is a picture of love being all there is, where everything in being reconciled to itself and every part is found to be aspectual to that love. The love of all, with all, and through all.

The love you are. The love I am. The love we are.

~ R ~


This photo below was taken from last week during a visit to the Coimbra University here in Portugal. The expression of the architecture, both in its achievements and its message feel to be about values from times long ago, as buildings all around in contrast are just succumbing to the relentless graffiti strewn on them by a generation in deep change, and a necessary rebellion.

Feeling these architectures though, can really be a time travel experience into our Metasoul of lives lived in these energies, lives that are actually still being played out in the now, that await our feeling reconciliation of them, into our healing and expanding hearts.

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