Energy Update: New Dawn Coming In And Dying To BE Prior To 11/11 Gateway

By Jelelle Awen
Being - 1

Wise words offered from a friend on Facebook, Deva Anupada, about what she is experiencing of these ongoing INtense ascension energies: “During last night another huge shift occurred which brought in a deep release of illusions delivered through intense and not so pleasant dreams for those participating. Followed by a new dawn bringing forth new awareness. This really is logging off life (the programme) in order to log on to life again with a new operating system. From a new platform. Like reincarnating without going through the physical death. Dying to BE.”

This could be why I slept 12 hours last night and still felt groggy and floaty when I woke up! Logging off happening in sleep, yes, and also in waking life more and more as timeline realities merge over each other, overlapping realities of Metasoul/other lifetime aspects and also your Star BEing aspects too coming more into your waking consciousness.

Dying to BE….that feels so true to me. Making ROOM for the rebirth means allowing and accepting the purging, clearing, cleansing, releasing that just NEEDS to happen right now. This is happening on levels we haven’t experienced before during our present timeline.

I would add that the death process feels to me that it is of the 3D self versions of us that HAD to be created and formed when we came into the body here. Such density we encountered coming here! Our soul porosity had to fragment into different energies that could cope and adjust to it. Those energies we feel and offer in SoulFullHeart are primarily about protection, control, fitting into gender roles (such as mother or father), etc. These fragmented energies then form our personalities, who we THINK that we are in 3D life until our soul awakenings when we start to discover that our essence is actually so much MORE than these 3D personalities. Our 3D self aspects can be understandably resistant and afraid of the dying and rebirth process as all that they have known of life seems to be collapsing away, being ‘ripped’ away from them.

Connecting with your 3D self aspects directly that are still anchored to 3D reality processing through undigested wounding can allow for more ease, grace, trust, acceptance, integration AS you undergo the ongoing process of ascension. Even if and when MORE shadow and woundings need to come up to be felt, then you have a ways and means to BE with them. Forming a relationship INside to allow for eventual INtegration and navigation of the often very challenging choice points as you unanchor from 3D life and move into 4D transitional death/rebirth and beyond. Much more about our process offered through weekly sessions and group calls on our website if you feel a resonance with what I am offering here.

A new dawn coming in…..The 11:11 gateway opening to activate the receiving of MORE codes and downloads does feel like it is going to be significant. It could serve as a ‘marker’ for many on their awakening process for which they really felt the NEW coming more deeply into their consciousness. The inner prep to receive these codes (such as Iwrote about yesterday) is important to the degree and depth that you can receive them. An aspect of this preparation is BEing with any resistance and fear that comes up from parts of you. This could also be manifesting in crisis, turmoil, intense life events too for which you become more aware of where you are still anchored to 3D life and where you are ready to let go.


Raphael and I are offering a group call on November 11 (this Saturday) at 11:11am CST to BE with these codes through an integration guided meditation, teachings about our process to bridge your 3D self aspects to allow more integration, and space for individual sharings as well. $11 U.S.D min. donation to join us:


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