Letting Love Flood Within You

by Kalayna Colibri


Sometimes it feels like the heart opens, only to close again…

The waters of love can come in like a WOOOOSH that plunges through the already opening heart door, flooding the inside of your being on many levels… soul, heart, body, astral body… it’s a feeling as if the sky above you and the ground below you is opening up and all limits parts of you have held for yourself and your life are moving, floating away… out of reach.

Then, as parts of you begin to breathe into this new reality, the oil of past pain and trauma comes up as well. Sometimes it sits in your heart-bed, feeling unwell, feeling unfit to really claim and hold and have all of this goodness. It wants to shut it down somehow, or try to. And sadly, without consciousness around parts of you and how to be with them, it can feel nearly impossible to feel as if this desire to push away is really ‘you’ or not… and so, the goodness sometimes gets shut down, and life goes back to ‘business as usual’… or tries to!

Love wants to fill your being. It wants to flood you with its waters that are meant to bring up the oil of pain that still needs to be felt and healed. It wants to bring you to new places of Divine connection and experience. It wants to experience itself through the sacred human expression of YOU that inhabits its dualism and feels its oneness in incredible opening moments too. It doesn’t care or mind if you have parts that are afraid of its power, it wants to find its way to you anyways. And so, life circumstances continue to press you, inviting you back into you, to find the parts and seek your answers deep within, to find and feel why and how love has been kept out.

What is love inviting you to feel today? How is it pressing on the sacred door of your innermost and most vigilantly protected BEing? The INvitation to feel all of this more and more, is a constant and ever-moving one… and something that can feel like it has no final ‘goal’ or ‘end’. The truth is… it doesn’t, really. The potential for healing is endless, as you are endless, and the love that flows can only ever be endless too… ❤


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