Sovereignty Within

By  Raphael Awen

Men Of The SoulFire.

It is your birthright as an individual, as a fractal/template of the Divine to be your own SOVEREIGN FREE WILL BEING that lives by your free will, meaning you do what you want, when you want and how you want, for the highest expression and benefit of everyone and everything in your life.

Essentially, whether we realize it or not, all of us are already expressing as this NOW, and always have been, even if we don’t know it yet, even if we learned to play small and victim to the powers that we perceive and that we authorized to be over us! This is one form/expression of our free will and sovereignty configuration, albeit at a low frequency.

Giving away our power, to others that we allow to dominate over us, whether consciously or unconsciously, is the only way an other can have any power over us. All authority only and ever arises from the individual, and is limited to that individual’s domain of influence. There is no other source from which power can arise, nor is there any such thing as true authority OVER an other. Presumed authority over an other is illegitimate and has no grounding in the higher heart of the universe. This bully kind of false expression of power uses a kind of dark magic manipulation of illusion, presumption and dominance of the free will of both the perpetrator and the victim.

In the higher heart way of the universe, the way of pure love, the sovereign individual expresses in a similar way as source consciousness itself, where all things arise from the free will power and essence of that mystery source energy that underlies, templates and fills all things, and is directed to the well being and thriving of all involved.

All of this means many different things, but the key one we are invited to focus on is that YOUR LIFE AS IT EXISTS/EXPRESSES TODAY IS YOUR CREATION.

That’s a lot to take responsibility for and can make for a lot of shame triggers if there are things in our lives that we regret or lament, as we all do at different times and situations. But this power and responsibility is a double edged sword, for it can also be (AND IS) your hope of deep and profound change at the core of your being.

This awakening to and responsibility for your true power is a deep remembrance of your divine essence, one that took many lifetimes to remember, piece by piece, experience by experience. We are learning to cease from the dynamics where we forfeit our power to any other that we’ve projected onto as having power over us, including governments, pharmaceutical ‘experts’, friends and family, spiritual teachers, and even to false Gods.

We find that we don’t need to ‘take back our power’ as much as we realize our power simply by no longer giving it away. Our power becomes ‘re-homed’ in us.

Learning how to express as a sovereign being is something that only occurs in relationships and circumstances involving others, be it a friendship, a family, or a member of a community of any kind. Sovereignty implies community (a relationship to others) as it’s impossible to be an individual without existing in some form of community as they are part and parcel of the same thing.

Sovereignty operates where one accepts the full authority and responsibility for their lives in relationship to all others in their lives as their birthright and divine blueprint as an individual.

So then, a sovereign being is one who possesses the power to act as their own supreme or ultimate power in any and all relationships.

Even if you choose to comply with a governmental law or edict, fearing reprisal for non-compliance, you come to realize that that is only and ever and always your choice that is at play, your power in action. You’re the one doing the choosing for your own reasons. This realization alone makes for a deep beginning of life changes and choice points that transmutes the fears underlying your relationships with others.

Doesn’t that sound juicy? It does to me! Sign me up for some more of THAT please!

So HOW then does one go about practically realizing and embodying this personal sovereignty more and more?

This change of your relationship to your true sovereignty is a core shift that begins an inner transformation of the power dynamics that have been occurring INSIDE OF YOU, FROM ONE PART OF YOU TO ANOTHER. From there, it naturally flows to your outward relationships with all of life.

No other will own your new found freedom or be able to dictate your relationship to it! This is a pearl of great price that you can never lose.

Gabriel Amara and myself are hosting a men’s group call on this subject on Sunday, November 27th that will lead you through the discovery of an inner reality, a ‘you to you’ reality where different parts of you are playing both ruler and subject separately. This can make for a polarized tyrant and victim dynamics held on the inside between parts of you that have not known anything else. We will introduce you to the process and experience of showing up for these parts of you, how to begin bridging to them, their realities. From that, you can discover how with deepening relationship to these parts of you, you literally transform the ground you walk on. And again, all of this FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

(The Men’s Group Call event listing details will be updated in the comments below soon – Gabriel and I welcome you to attend!)

Much love and sacred transformation within and without, Raphael.

The pic above, Gabriel and I, was at The Abbey in Glastonbury, UK, at the burial site of King Arthur’s Tomb, on All-Hallows eve, 2020.

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