Energy Update: Gaia’s Energies Calling For Geography Shifts To Reflect Your Inner Transformations

By Jelelle Awen


Gaia is broadcasting BEacons out at all times. Gaia is a grounded frequency of Divine Mother that is just in our DNA and in our cells, easily activated because we are so naturally tuned into Her as our ‘home’ bandwidth. The tones and frequencies of these broadcasts land in your heart and soul at the right time of Divine Align for you as navigated by your Higher Self. In this current phase of Divine Feminine energy upgrades, Gaia is one of the MAIN ways that these are being delivered to us…along with moon activations.

As Gaia’s planetary consciousness ascends truly out of 3D and into 4D and beyond, Her energy lines or ‘ley’ lines vibrate higher…..just like our chakras and energy centers do too. She unanchors from the lower frequency grids connected to our collective consciousness and into the crystalline grids. Where She before has been hostess to our 3D experiment together, She is now shifting her home playing field to a higher frequency.

There is a deep invitation from Gaia to us to come WITH Her. It is not that she is ‘shaking us off like fleas’ as others have offered, yet, rather, She invites those souls who are in readiness and alignment to ascend with Her. She is not against us…..if you have experienced the sense of being deeply held by nature (especially during deep emotional movements), then you recognize this sense of Her complete support for your awakening into your Higher Heart. The ‘damage’ and abuses to Her from so much 3D density expression from humanity’s shadow are forgiven already……and were ultimately Her choice to experience as well. Now, we are being invited to rise above this abusive and polarized frequency that comes from INSIDE ourselves, so that we can then treat Gaia too with the respect and reverence that She deserves.

Her forgiveness is expressed in the offering of connection to Her geographies that most serve us as we show the way and lead the ascension process for ourselves, firstly. We are invited to ask ourselves: which geographies most support my soul growth? Which geographies are a reflection of my Higher Self coming into my body? Which geographies allow me to truly SERVE LOVE as my highest purpose here?

As you tune into these questions, the answers may surprise you. The answers may come in dreams, in synchronicities, during meditations, through connections with sacred union romance and soul family. The answers come, ultimately, in LOVE….meaning, LOVE is the very best reason there is for changing your geography. If you are falling in love with someone and it feels like a sacred union and they currently live far away from where you do… may be asking you to move to be with them to serve the love between you and for yourself. If you are drawn to a particular soul family community or spiritual group and their geography is different from yours, love may be asking you to eventually move to be near them to receive the huge GIFTS that come from being near and in a resonant community. If you have repeatedly been drawn to vacation to a particular place for many years, love may be inviting you to live there as your daily reality now that you have acclimated to its higher frequencies through visits.

It can be an interesting exploration to feel into WHY you are in the current geography that you are in. Is it tied to previous connections to birth family or 3D based relationships that you are no longer as drawn to? Is it about convenience, safety, and remaining in comfort zones? Is your Inner Protector wanting to keep you ‘safe’ in a lower frequency geography to limit your awakening process because they are concerned about the next places that you might open up to and remember and inhabit? Are parts of you tied into 3D ideas of mortgages, and ‘set’ geographies out of fear? Is remaining in your current geography keeping you in a romantic relationship that no longer resonates with your heart and soul and vice versa? What does your current geography REFLECT about you and parts of you?

Sometimes people feel that they are guardians over a particular piece of land, to serve Gaia, and decide to stay there even if they are consciously unhappy there. This can feel and be a form of self sacrifice that is actually unnecessary on another level. Gaia has offered to me that She is JUST FINE….meaning, She doesn’t need us to anchor anything at all for Her sake. If we choose to connect to particular geographies and grids that is about us and our process (such as exploring the questions I raised above) rather than about serving Her.

In our SoulFullHeart Community, we are being called to relocate from Mexico to the Glastonbury, U.K. area in the next six months. We’ve been connecting with Avalon as a fourth dimensional timeline for a few years, so the heart chakra energy of the Tor and other spaces is very familiar and comforting. I write about the shamanic visits that I engaged with to Avalon in my book, Keep Waking Up! Europe as a whole calls us to explore, to experience geographies that trigger Metasoul/other lifetime timelines, to feel and to heal with Gaia as the loving catalyst for it, to offer retreats and seminars serving love through SoulFullHeart there. It feels like the money, means, sorting out details will find its way as our desires for this shift bake inside us as a group……creating a group merkabah fueled by love and desire that allows us to ‘travel’ there.

Our external geographies are a reflection of our internal landscapes. As our inner shifts so, then, will our outer. This may lead to an even more nomadic life phase that is about being ‘called’ to certain places for your own healing process that allows you to serve more love…..and then moving on to the next. Being drawn to spaces that bring out your service of love self and support your energetic growth. Being around other souls in community that resonate with you too. Being on landscapes, inside and out, that reflect the love that you ARE.


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