The Gifts Of Feeling All Inner Layers And All Layers Of Your Circumstances

by Kasha Rokshana

(originally written on Oct 18, 2020)

The gift of feeling through our tensions is the opening they each offer…

Tension is a natural part of being reborn. It’s part of the death that needs to happen within in order to actually let IN the ‘new world’ and ‘new you’. It’s not a process that can be manufactured, only lived into, at a pace that you don’t so much choose as surrender to.

I’ve ongoingly been in a place of tension/expansion for the last month or so, feeling birth contractions surrounding who I want to become/am becoming. It’s also been intense to be here in modern-day Avalon, with many energies vying for attention and strong 3D overlays too. There’s been mourning and there’s been love, gratitude, consciousness expansion.

The tensions I’ve been feeling are both personal and collective, it feels like. But the only way I, or any one of us, can process them is by feeling it all personally.

Big life changes navigated through an entire WORLD in tumultuous transition right now is one piece of the puzzle for me. But there are so many soul pieces unraveling too. These desires to be who I came here to be, without pretense, without a need for validation on the outside, without false confidence leading the way. To be genuine in a world that is still finding its realness and truth is a feat unto itself and it still brings tension to my heart at times… parts of me wondering if I/they will ever quite feel like ‘enough’. But the entire world’s population is going through this right now, each soul in its own way. This is an essential part of our Ascension, allowing ourselves to be humbled and to grow from that place.

What helps to support this ongoing process for me is nature. Connecting with the trees, who aren’t attached to any polarized narrative in the world and will give me/you/us all the love we need and more. Connecting with birds also helps. They offer energies of looking at the bigger picture. Connecting within is ALWAYS helpful, following the portals of each and every strong feeling/reaction and seeing what unfolds.

Connecting within and with nature feels like a strong invitation to everyone in this world right now… turn off the TV, go within, feel, and be with the love of Gaia who is always, ALWAYS supporting our ongoing growth and love-remembering processes.

Another huge support is my community, with so much resonance shared. I can feel how rare that is for so many others in this world. It’s worth it to do the inner work that leads you to them. It’s worth it to reach out and ask for support. It’s worth it to feel all there is to feel in order to discover your true soul family, within and without.

Thought I would share these thoughts/feelings and also some of the tree/nature codes I took in yesterday at Glastonbury Abbey in the photos with this writing. ❤

Much love to you in this highly-charged/alchemical time…


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Letting In Gaia And Sun Codes

By Jelelle Awen

A bit of a spike in the Schumann/Gaia resonance frequency today after quietness for the last few days. The surge lasted for about four hours and looks to be moving UPward again as I am writing this….

shm (1)

After a powerful bridging session today with a very brave woman who really signed up to transmute a lot of fear into love this life, I went for a walk to our local regional park with my dog Koda to connect with Gaia. Saxe Point is walking distance from our beautiful new house, right on the coast here in Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada. The park is on the water with a wonderful patch of forest there too.

I sat on a cliff overlooking the water and let the sun codes wash over me. The codes are different here than in Mexico and the sunlight is not as bright, hot, and activating. They are more soft here, caressing, inviting. Both are powerful in their own ways. I connected to the CME energies from yesterday, which felt penetrating yet fading.

I was in awe of Gaia’s beauty in that moment and I felt the stirring of my Metasoul aspect who lives in Inner Earth. Her name is Reina and I have been connecting with her for the last year. She is a wise women for her people, who were originally Lemurians who went underground when Atlantis fell. They have been living in vast Inner Earth cities since then. Reina’s consciousness merged with mine and we appreciated the warmth of sunlight and the sensation of breeze on our skin. She reminded me to be appreciative of being on the surface of Gaia, to soak in Her goodness whenever I can, and to respect and be in harmony with Her. After connecting with Her, I went home and passed out for a deep, rich, and wonderful nap where it feels like we did more connecting beyond my conscious mind.

I’ve been asked why I call Her “Gaia” rather than Earth. I feel Gaia is Her consciousness, which is ascending just as ours is. I feel Gaia represents Her Divine Mother expression and aspect as well. Divine Mother in planetary form as Mother Gaia. Gaia acknowledges that She is a living, conscious, sacred BEing. Earth feels more like Her 3D name that she moving out of….

I downloaded some more messages from Reina that I’ll be sharing soon, especially related to frequencies that have been coming from Inner Earth recently and how they are impacting Gaia’s magnetic field. All for the purpose of ongoing ascension and awakening! All for the purpose of love!

This is a quick guided meditation I did at a lake near here offering Lemurian frequencies and light language….I feel to do one in Saxe Point soon too!

Pics are of the codes I let in today….in this one of me I can see Reina’s features coming through mine!


Jelelle Awen
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Energy Update: Gaia’s Resonance Frequency Spikes To Support Integration

by Jelelle Awen

schumann resonance april

HIGH Schumann resonance since early this morning of April 23rd! This is Gaia’s vibrational frequency….which used to hover around 7.8 HZ and is now been going UP in spikes reaching even 50s (I believe, maybe higher too) for the last year. It feels to me like this is the actual ‘proof’ of Gaia’s continual ascension out of 3D frequency and into 4D and beyond. Conscious states have vibrational frequency. This is why listening to high vibrational music UPS your frequency, alters your consciousness, and connects you to higher dimensional BEings too.

I feel this sweet sense that this resonance spike is also in response to ALL of the love and attention that Gaia received yesterday during the Earth Day celebrations. All that love raised her UP……as love always does!

You may be impacted by the increasing Gaia frequency in different ways. It can create this elevation of mood, energy, sense of bliss and joy. It can also require some acclimation and bring on a feeling of being ‘ungrounded.’ This makes sense as Gaia is the frequency, our home frequency, that we tune into and ‘ground’ to. Her raising UP might be disorientating until we get more used to it.

Going inward and asking to connect with Gaia’s current frequency can help with this calibration. You can also connect to Her ever evolving vibration through the grounding cord that extends from your base chakra to deep into Inner Earth/Gaia. There is also a Gaia chakra about two feet below your feet that you can activate and visualize swirling and being cleared with white light. Doing this can synch you up more with Her again in a way that also raises your personal frequency too. And helps with the collective integration too!

Gaia is yin energy ultimately and all about INtegration. It feels like Her frequencies are increasing too to assist us with the integration of ALL those SOULar activations that we received last week from the SOUlar winds, geomagnetic storms, and shockwave too. THAT was a lot of upgrading and activating to come into all of our bodies and especially it felt like our chakras….moving them into the formation of what I am seeing as three chakra vortexs: personal sun, higher heart, and Gaia. I offer a guided meditation here to connect with them:

Being with higher frequency yin energies invites us into more stillness, BEingness, receptivity, and feeling states. To FEEL what is real in our hearts and in our parts too and respond with love to it ALL.

Love to and with you!

Jelelle Awen ❤

(The painting used above is called “GAIA (Mother Goddess)” by artist Vandana Sharma:

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Energy Update: Gaia’s Energies Calling For Geography Shifts To Reflect Your Inner Transformations

By Jelelle Awen


Gaia is broadcasting BEacons out at all times. Gaia is a grounded frequency of Divine Mother that is just in our DNA and in our cells, easily activated because we are so naturally tuned into Her as our ‘home’ bandwidth. The tones and frequencies of these broadcasts land in your heart and soul at the right time of Divine Align for you as navigated by your Higher Self. In this current phase of Divine Feminine energy upgrades, Gaia is one of the MAIN ways that these are being delivered to us…along with moon activations.

As Gaia’s planetary consciousness ascends truly out of 3D and into 4D and beyond, Her energy lines or ‘ley’ lines vibrate higher…..just like our chakras and energy centers do too. She unanchors from the lower frequency grids connected to our collective consciousness and into the crystalline grids. Where She before has been hostess to our 3D experiment together, She is now shifting her home playing field to a higher frequency.

There is a deep invitation from Gaia to us to come WITH Her. It is not that she is ‘shaking us off like fleas’ as others have offered, yet, rather, She invites those souls who are in readiness and alignment to ascend with Her. She is not against us…..if you have experienced the sense of being deeply held by nature (especially during deep emotional movements), then you recognize this sense of Her complete support for your awakening into your Higher Heart. The ‘damage’ and abuses to Her from so much 3D density expression from humanity’s shadow are forgiven already……and were ultimately Her choice to experience as well. Now, we are being invited to rise above this abusive and polarized frequency that comes from INSIDE ourselves, so that we can then treat Gaia too with the respect and reverence that She deserves.

Her forgiveness is expressed in the offering of connection to Her geographies that most serve us as we show the way and lead the ascension process for ourselves, firstly. We are invited to ask ourselves: which geographies most support my soul growth? Which geographies are a reflection of my Higher Self coming into my body? Which geographies allow me to truly SERVE LOVE as my highest purpose here?

As you tune into these questions, the answers may surprise you. The answers may come in dreams, in synchronicities, during meditations, through connections with sacred union romance and soul family. The answers come, ultimately, in LOVE….meaning, LOVE is the very best reason there is for changing your geography. If you are falling in love with someone and it feels like a sacred union and they currently live far away from where you do… may be asking you to move to be with them to serve the love between you and for yourself. If you are drawn to a particular soul family community or spiritual group and their geography is different from yours, love may be asking you to eventually move to be near them to receive the huge GIFTS that come from being near and in a resonant community. If you have repeatedly been drawn to vacation to a particular place for many years, love may be inviting you to live there as your daily reality now that you have acclimated to its higher frequencies through visits.

It can be an interesting exploration to feel into WHY you are in the current geography that you are in. Is it tied to previous connections to birth family or 3D based relationships that you are no longer as drawn to? Is it about convenience, safety, and remaining in comfort zones? Is your Inner Protector wanting to keep you ‘safe’ in a lower frequency geography to limit your awakening process because they are concerned about the next places that you might open up to and remember and inhabit? Are parts of you tied into 3D ideas of mortgages, and ‘set’ geographies out of fear? Is remaining in your current geography keeping you in a romantic relationship that no longer resonates with your heart and soul and vice versa? What does your current geography REFLECT about you and parts of you?

Sometimes people feel that they are guardians over a particular piece of land, to serve Gaia, and decide to stay there even if they are consciously unhappy there. This can feel and be a form of self sacrifice that is actually unnecessary on another level. Gaia has offered to me that She is JUST FINE….meaning, She doesn’t need us to anchor anything at all for Her sake. If we choose to connect to particular geographies and grids that is about us and our process (such as exploring the questions I raised above) rather than about serving Her.

In our SoulFullHeart Community, we are being called to relocate from Mexico to the Glastonbury, U.K. area in the next six months. We’ve been connecting with Avalon as a fourth dimensional timeline for a few years, so the heart chakra energy of the Tor and other spaces is very familiar and comforting. I write about the shamanic visits that I engaged with to Avalon in my book, Keep Waking Up! Europe as a whole calls us to explore, to experience geographies that trigger Metasoul/other lifetime timelines, to feel and to heal with Gaia as the loving catalyst for it, to offer retreats and seminars serving love through SoulFullHeart there. It feels like the money, means, sorting out details will find its way as our desires for this shift bake inside us as a group……creating a group merkabah fueled by love and desire that allows us to ‘travel’ there.

Our external geographies are a reflection of our internal landscapes. As our inner shifts so, then, will our outer. This may lead to an even more nomadic life phase that is about being ‘called’ to certain places for your own healing process that allows you to serve more love…..and then moving on to the next. Being drawn to spaces that bring out your service of love self and support your energetic growth. Being around other souls in community that resonate with you too. Being on landscapes, inside and out, that reflect the love that you ARE.


Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of three books about Ascension. Visit for more information about our NEW SoulFullHeart process programs, group calls, videos, etc. Visit our patreon page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings at

Intense ‘Weather Patterns’ Offer Death And Rebirth Growth Opportunities With Gaia

By Jelelle Awen


Gaia is in flux too……as we ALL are invited to move from 3D consciousness to 4D transitional awakening consciousness and into New Earth/5D and higher. Her epic tropical storms and hurricanes are smashing and crashing into the routines of life, flooding the compartments, and disrupting the ‘usual’ mode of BEing in life. Her forest fires are burning down the excess, bringing heavy ash to the air, clouding what we usually ‘see’ and how we normally breathe, what parts of us have taken for granted… that we may begin to see and feel differently. Of course much can be pushed up in our emotional bodies in response to these kinds of life altering situations…for us to feel and BE with and love.

Feeling Gaia as a planetary consciousness allows the current events to move beyond 3D perception of ‘weather patterns’ and ‘natural events’ that are beyond any control into feeling the Divine invitation that they are for us and WITH us. Gaia is in collaboration with us as a human species to move out of our comfort zones of 3D living and into the now of transition, change, and resurrection. Gaia brings us to the edges of death and rebirth, in-our-face reminders of our own mortality and need to be in the now, and it is our choice from there how to respond to this edge……to jump off, to surrender, to leave the Gaia timeline.

Souls who choose to live in places where they know intense weather events happen are aligning with this energy for their own growth. Some souls need these intense events to move them out of their isolated existence and into an energy of uniting together as a community because they suddenly ‘need’ each other. Some souls will choose to leave their bodies in connection to these events. Some souls will choose to let go of their physical and material possessions through these events. It can be challenging for the 3D self to SEE these kind of circumstances from this perspective of free will choice. The 3D self is programmed and conditioned to BE a victim to what is outside of it and to remain disconnected through this victim perspective. Something is ‘being done to it’ rather than it/your soul being WITH life on all levels, as would be the higher sense of it as you move more into unity consciousness.

You can feel deep compassion for the 3D selves that experience pain and being devastated by ‘weather events’ such as this and I do feel that Gaia (as a planetary expression of Divine feminine love) doesn’t want us to unnecessarily suffer over our suffering either. However, it can bring in more trust to feel how ALL of this is being held with MUCH love for us. It is about moving us through the necessary growth crucibles at a rate and pace to minimize the suffering of our 3D self and Metasoul aspects too.

Gaia has long collaborated with us in this 3D experiment for which so much of Her has been negatively impacted by it as She is a consciousness that is learning and growing too. She is choosing something higher for herself and inviting us to wake up WITH her. To be in collaboration or to not be… be in love WITH Her or to not be. To choose love or fear WITH Her as we choose it within ourselves…from one part of us to another.

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