Embracing Change As A Mirror, Healer And Ally

by Leena Colibri


We are all facing changes right now. Many of these changes are major upheavals as the veils become thinner and we are finally able to not only listen to, but hear ourselves and our guidance more. Some of these changes we choose voluntarily as our relationship with ourselves deepens and we realize more clearly what it is we truly need and/or desire to have in our lives. The poignant ache for a deeper love that we don’t necessarily know where it could come from or what it could look like is landing with a thud in each of our hearts, giving us new direction, especially in relationships, but also in our careers and geographies.

With change comes process…the pain inside our very sacredly human pain bodies becomes louder in order for us to finally hear it, feel it and heal it. It is an awakening to those ways in which we have been numbed out, “going with the flow” to a degree that has actually seen us shrink to fit circumstances and relationships, and how we have deprived ourselves of love from ourself to ourself, let alone how we have blocked it from flowing to and from others or even the Divine.

This process of learning how to be with change and especially be with ourselves when we are experiencing change, is becoming unavoidable with our global process of ascension. Too, though, our process of vibrating higher is coming in faster than ever before, and the experience of that is now able to deepen for us, the more we can move through what’s holding us down. Change is designed and brought on by love, ultimately… it pushes up what we need to feel in order to fully move into our next chapters and unveil more of who we really are at our core.

My relationship to change hasn’t always been very spacious and in moments it still isn’t. Most of the time, the changes that are being asked of us by love are not easy to embody or willingly say “yes” to, and unfortunately that can also create an experience of life happening to us and not us happening to life. We can feel at these times as if our power is in some sort of cosmic vacuum, even though it’s really just being lovingly challenged. I hold this as my truth and it does help me process through change much easier, especially during these times of intense waves of energetic frequency alterations and the life adjustments that happen accordingly.

Just like the ways in which the sun’s rays can be felt coming in much stronger as the result of weakened barriers holding it’s power back, so we are all experiencing a renewed press of love moving through us much stronger. The process of this awakening that love brings to us is most alive when we embrace the changes we’re being invited into, that aren’t simply outward but actually quite often very inward. We are learning to rearrange our inner furniture to accommodate more love in our lives and of course that translates to adjustments and, at times, all-out upheavals needing to happen outside of us too. If we can trust, somehow, that it is all held in and by love, then we can begin to let in change as the mirror, healer and ally that it actually is and always has been for us.



Leena Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, writer and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at www.soulfullheartwayoflife.com

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