Seeing Yourself As The Divine Does – Day 8: 33 Days Metamorphosis W/Jelelle Awen (Video)

By Jelelle Awen

In today’s video, Day Eight of my 33 Days Metamorphosis series, I share one of my most popular writings as offered from Metatron and the Divine:

I wish you could SEE yourself as I do. That you could SEE your light that wants to glow, show, come through every living cell. A star in human form, walking around star shine BEAMING, and star dust stuff in your every molecule of DNA.

I wish you could FEEL yourself as I can. That you could feel your precious human heart that is the JEWEL of your species, that which makes you a beacon in all the Universes. Every tear containing the codes to unlock compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, and empathy. So many levels and layers to each feeling!

I wish you could BE yourself as I perceive you to BE. That you could be authentic without hiding, conforming, shrinking, or denying to anyone or anything. Your self consciousness or self judgement held by parts of you could be released and healed and your TRUE self FREE to BE in all moments.

I wish you could REMEMBER yourself as I remember you. That you could remember you are a reflection of Divine Source, that you ARE Infinite Love in human form. Your reclaiming of your birthright around this embodiment providing waves of trust and support as you undergo your journey of awakening and remembering.

I wish you could SERVE yourself as I serve you. That you could serve love TO yourself and all the parts of you that need your compassion, care, and re-parenting. That you could serve love to all the soul aspects from your Metasoul that are hurting, in trauma, suffering, all alone, existing in many timelines. ~

(You can read the rest here:…/i-wish-you-could-see-yours…/)

I talk about how this message is an invitation to your 5D Self to show up and see yourself as these higher dimensional BEings and the Divine does. This message is an invitation for you to share and serve love TO you and parts of you AND from that overflow, then, WITH others.

Parts of you start changing how they see themselves because of the mirror you show them, which is in more alignment with how the Divine sees you. I talk about the Inner Punisher part of you that may flatten desires, dreams, and filters your ability to see and feel your own bigness. This part is created due to our 3D culture that judges, contends, criticizes, and compares. Often the inner judging/punishing is a defense and protection that is going on inside of you and these energies are internalized to ‘put you down first’ before someone else can.

So much projection can be put onto God, the Divine, Angels, etc. that comes from a punishing energy inside that is projected onto the outside, saying that you need to be saved, redeemed, etc in order to be worthy of connection and access to these BEings. The message I’ve received and share here is about how big you really ARE, not broken, not needing fixing, and that the Divine wants to celebrate you remembering this. This message doesn’t have a punisher in it, doesn’t make parts of you feel shame; it is something that is based in love.

I also talk about transactabilty and relationality with the Divine and Guides and how much they want to ‘land’ and have their message go out. The gifts go both ways without anyone ‘losing, without a cost or with someone as the victim or ‘something bad’ happening. In 5D relationships, no one loses anymore and everyone (and every BEing) gains love!

Thank you for joining me on this eighth day of 33….as we move into Metamorphois energies together… beloved part of us at a time!

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