Subtle Energy for Beginners ~ Day Two ~ You Are Energy

By Raphael Awen

Thank you for joining me for this ongoing personal exploration into the world of subtle energy. This is Day two. Go here to read this series from the beginning:

Here is Day Two:

I was standing near the counter in a crystal store about 8 years ago looking at some of the goodies under the glass counter when a porous looking and feeling fellow around my age came by and we greeted one another. I asked him about his relationship to crystals and energy and he said, as he tapped his finger on the chrome edge of the display counter, ‘It’s all energy. Everything is energy.’ I recall being so intrigued by his words and wishing him to go on. I knew he was correct, my mind just wanted to become more fluent to get it, to be able to explain it. I knew we are all coming more and more to see that the world of spirit and the world of matter are not separate as we imagined them to be AND I knew I had a long ways to go in opening out this awareness.

I still do. We all do.

We get to reinvent our understanding and our experience of life. If part of you honestly doesn’t like life as you’ve known it, this may be for very good reason. This part of you knows that life as you’ve known it, and as you were sold it, is missing something huge, and that something has been hidden in plain sight.

This Subtle Energy For Beginners series will set out to open out and expand that conversation at the crystal store that day. I want to revisit it from ‘beginner’s mind’. I want to begin again and see where in my previous beginning I made certain assumptions about the nature of reality and see if those assumptions are ready to be challenged. I want to re-create my world with a new set of assumptions and try them on for size.

Subtle energy has to do with the ability to track, to feel and even transmit energy fields. Whether it’s a Reiki energy session or a prayer line of a charismatic church service, many are awakening to this world in recent decades, but it’s still quite in its infancy for us collectively, more of a sideshow or a therapy than it is a deeply ingrained natural way of life.

Things like clairvoyance, or ‘clear-seeing’, the ability to see beyond what physical eyesight can see; Clairsentience, or ‘clear-feeling’, the ability to deeply empathically and intuitively feel what the physical five senses cannot; clairaudience, or ‘clear-hearing’, the ability to hear beyond what the ears can hear; all of these are waiting to be integrated into our normal everyday waking reality.

Why is it that this entire world of subtle energy is discredited, disputed and disbelieved by mainstream culture and science?

Why are many who are convinced of subtle energy as being real are conflicted over what is ‘from the dark side’ and what is ‘from the light’?

Why is it that those who do believe in subtle energies struggle to enter and experience this domain abundantly for themselves personally?

I’m going to offer that the answer for all of the above questions has to do with the very same thing; it has to do with the fact that we are energy.

We are energy. We are not the physical body. The physical body is a downstream expression or a manifestation of the energy that we are. Our conditioning so doesn’t get this, and actually doesn’t want to get this either. We are actually afraid of our energetic reality and how seeing ourselves as energy will change our relationship with all of life as we’ve known it up till now.

Our conditioning instead sees the opposite, that the body and its biological physicality are the highest order of reality, and then this conditioning goes on to include, exclude, and measure everything it encounters or aspires to, through that lens.

If it is true; that what we actually are is energy, this takes us back to revisit the question of ‘what is energy?’

The dictionary offers these words to help us understand energy: vitality, vigor, life, liveliness, animation, vivacity, spirit, spiritedness, verve, enthusiasm, zest, vibrancy, spark, sparkle, effervescence, ebullience, exuberance, buoyancy.

At the moment, I like combining all of the above into the words ‘current’ or ‘flow’, kind of similar to how we understand electricity as energy.

We are flow. We are current. Current flows from one polarity to the other. Flow flows ‘from’ and ‘to’. Energy flows by invitation, or by need, we could say.  

What’s current in your life is a current. You are an ever flowing stream called you. You are life force. You are God as God can be.

We’re left in awe and reverence, and opened out to curiosity, with the mind in more unknown than in the known. We don’t really know what we are. We are on a quest with the greatest of questions, seeking to know.

Maybe the best metaphor we have to address this inability-to-know is the familiar one of the fish trying to get a handle on what water is. What we are submerged in, we normalize, we minimize, take for granted and no longer ‘see’ or experience, with any deep reverence.

As we begin to thaw out this frozen awareness of the self perception of being the physical body and begin to start believing, seeing, and feeling subtle energy, we do it from the vantage point of our more familiar sense of physical reality. We naturally make it about having physical experiences of ‘paranormal’ phenomena. Seeing a ghost with your physical sight is naturally thought of as a superior experience to that of ‘sensing’ a ghost; a deeper proof if you will. We have the idea that our supreme five physical senses will become even more supreme with this expanded capacity to see the supernatural. This is a big part of our being limited to grow into our essence as energy.

These persuasions are founded on there actually being a difference between the physical and the energetic, a split between spirit and matter. There isn’t actually a split here, other than the one we imagined, and in turn made seem all too real. It’s time now to uncreate our previously created reality.

Let me ask for a moment, ‘If the physical is energy, that means the five physical senses are also energy, so isn’t smelling a flower also an energetic experience at the same time it is a physical experience?’ So then, it’s all energy – whether seen through the physical eyes or seen through the third eye of intuition. What we’re left with is not so much a question of which is superior, but rather a question if we are ready to live by our expanded perceptions or not. Are we ready to self-validate the world we perceive and see in all of our enlarged capacities?

Let’s stay with our segregated perception of the world between the material and spiritual for a bit longer to help see what we are trying to invite the mind and body into. Where would we experience something, if it didn’t happen in the physical? What would we call that? My sense is to call it whatever you want, but call it something as you are going to need a language and a name to venture any further into this new world we are letting ourselves into.

You could say, you experienced it metaphysically, etherically, or in your mind’s eye, or in your third eye, or in your imagination, all of which are as good a starting place as any.

Keep in mind though, that this delineation about the physical over the metaphysical; or of spirit over matter, isn’t really real, as all of it is energy, just in different forms. It’s all one. There’s no actual difference and there’s no actual hierarchy, except in our conditioning. We’re just delineating it here to try and pry the mind open enough to begin to open up to the energy we are.

Let’s take a field trip in the imagination for a moment to the ice cream shop. Instead of an actual trip to the ice cream shop, let’s imagine one in our minds. Which ice cream shop are you choosing and where is it? What flavors do they have there, and how are they served? Which flavor are you choosing today? Really see this and feel this in your mind’s eye for a moment with as much detail as you can. How does it feel to you to be eating this ice cream? It isn’t long before your body begins to have the physiological reaction of your mouth beginning to water. Your imagination is triggering a deeper experience making it feel more and more real, even tricking the mind, blurring the real from the imagined.

However we file this experience, we have to admit we went somewhere, where even our body and pleasure reactions etc. got activated WITHOUT actually going anywhere physically.

We see that entering a metaphysical experience isn’t nearly as strange as we’ve made it out to be. In fact, all of us do it all the time in so many ways. Where ‘is’ someone, when they are bored in school or in a meeting and we say, ‘they’re here, but not here’? Their body may be present, but their attention (energy) is somewhere else.

Ask any man if they ever had an intense experience looking at pornography. Ask any woman if they ever had an intense experience reading a romance novel. These experiences are powerful energy experiences, so powerful in fact, that they form strong alternative-reality addictions for us as a species, where we want and are vulnerable to something we don’t currently have. And all of it is going somewhere energetically and emotionally in the imagination.

The imagination is a portal in this way. You are energy and you always were. Open up now to the energy that you are.

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