In Denial Of Our True Power

By Raphael Awen

When we deny the true power we do have, we end up reaching for false power we don’t have.

Within each one of us is truly unlimited power and potential. It is not ‘power over’ others, but it is ‘power with’ others, because power by its very nature is sourced in the source of The All which is love. When we attempt to utilize power for malevolent reasons, to harm, or to take, we are not connected to our true power, but are acting out of the deeper fear of being powerless.

If we pause to reflect on our own lives, or the life of anyone around us, well known, or not so well known, we can readily see this ongoing relationship we all have with our own power. Even those who reach the heights of what we call and esteem as power, possessing great financial wealth, can actually be the most dispossessed of their own true power. Without an assurance of one’s true power, no amount of external power can compensate for this absence of internal knowing.

You are meant to feel powerful. You cannot live and love in a healthy life without a grounded sense of your own power. Trust in the universe is power. The currency flow of trust and care in relationships is power. Real power is the healthy flow of love that you feel coming to you and through you, that affords you a sense of deep wellbeing in the world.

But what do you do if you honestly lack this? You reach for the true power you do have – the power to be honest with yourself. If you are willing to be honest with yourself, no one, and no thing can stop you. This is personal disclosure.

If that’s true, then why is it so rare? Why are we in thrall collectively to superstars who are full of externalized power, but empty on the inside? Is it because we have been conditioned and conned out of awareness of our own great power?

My truth is that the path for anyone of us into our own power is to find and feel the part of ourselves, the self within us who doesn’t feel powerful, who holds this conditioning of powerlessness. This is the portal to our true power. When we get to really know this part of ourselves, and feel its feelings, its sufferings, going on inside of us, we enter the portal of our true power.

Who would have thought that the path to power would be about exploring our innate feelings of powerlessness? We busied ourselves instead in the self help aisles, and churches, and meditation halls seeking ways to become powerful, rather than to get in touch with our powerlessness. We sought out compensations to cover for our impotence. And in it all, all of these great efforts and undertakings and trophies of power now tumble into a deep call to get to know the powerlessness that they were founded upon, a bandaid to cover over. The real prize is finding this portal that we couldn’t see before that is the entry point of our consciousness into the fullness of power that we are.

It makes sense that we would deny our true power, that we needed to, even, in order to come to terms with such infinite and great power that we are at the essence and core of our being. We needed to learn what it isn’t before we could learn what it is.

Every circumstance in your life that makes you feel powerless, isn’t actually ‘making’ you anything. You created and drew these circumstances into your life as a theater in which to awaken, a theater in which to choose. It can be hard as hell, (though it doesn’t have to be) but this is also evidence of the power you actually are; you chose a path that would challenge you. You chose a path where there was something truly at stake.

So when will you be done with the pretense of power that prohibits you from entering your true power? When will you leave off the Viagra chemicals of pretense power and begin to re-experience again what a natural and healthy flow of your power looks and feels like, able to rise for the occasion, and to take a bow when the performance is over?

I can tell you that every last one of us, bar none, will be needing to find and feel these powerless parts of ourselves. In an infinite power universe, you are left feeling like more of a beginner the deeper you go.

This is a brand new world and it’s here now. No need to wait on any saviors, other than you. Your desire, your ache, your choice to embrace your next going-on place is what this whole deal is about.

If I, and SoulFullHeart process feel like a resource to you, do get in touch. I’d love to serve your arising bigness into the world. There’s a party of epic proportions underway and this is your early invite.

Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Check out our programs: FREE, PREP and DEEP, for a new and profound going-on place in your spiritual and emotional journey at

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