The Tides Are Changing Once More

Photo by Rich Wiltshire

By Raianna Shai

Big news and shifts coming for my community and I in the coming months! The beginning of this year has been quite the phase of endings, rumblings, growth and transformation. It feels like a collective process of death and rebirth in relationships, careers, geographies and old ways of being. So many have spoken of a desire to end a pattern that no longer serves their higher purpose. Of finding what moves them and fills their heart and soul. No longer are many of us wanting to stay stuck or to linger in places that prevent our creativity, growth or bigness from blossoming.

For us, that is a change in geography once more! We are being called to serve in Europe – a place that is rich in culture, history and spirituality – in order to reach and touch as many souls as possible. I have wanted to travel for so long and especially to Glastonbury which is where we plan to begin!

Victoria has been such a wonderful landing and transitional place for us, where most of what we want has been manifested. It is one of my favourite cities I have ever lived in and it will always be close to my heart! The people I have met, and experiences I have had have all shaped who and where I am today. We still have some months left here but I wanted to acknowledge the largess of this change and how reflective of the collective rebirth it is!

Much was needed to be shed and processed before being able to make this leap but we all feel so ready to go! My deepest desire is to heal my heart as much as I can – to see and feel my own shadow so that others may be guided to do the same. I believe in the power and gift of inner healing to effect change in others and the outer world. But it must start within. Can’t wait for the upcoming adventures that await!

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