Energy Update: Last ‘333 Day’ Of March Brings More Completions, Bridging To The NEW

by Kalayna Solais

Energy Update: March has felt like the longest month in some ways, hasn’t it? It definitely feels like time was stretched over the course of these last 28 days. And now, coming up around the bend, we have our final ‘333’ day of this ‘3’ month in this ‘3’ year. Phew! I, for one, will be happy and relieved with this ‘month’ is over and more concrete steps can be laid for the moving on from the rubble and chaos into more order, even if it’s only temporary.

This month has so felt like a burning inferno of change and destabilization of old timelines. A month of burning and learning. We have been asked to not only walk on but co-create with the Divine (and those close to us too in some cases), NEW bridges to NEW life phases that hold much unknown in them.

It has felt in moments like these new bridges have been veiled in a thick fog too, adding extra mystery as to what could be waiting for us on the other side, yet the invitation to deeply trust the process, trust the Divine, trust that we are LOVED, has been there too. To TRUST that any risks taken this month WILL lead to more goodness, more love, and even more service of love if you’re oriented to that as I am.

Parts of you have likely been reacting to sudden changes in course or personal alchemy, to changes in relationships of all kinds, to sudden shifts at work even, especially if it is work that doesn’t align with your soul calling or what you, your growth, and your Ascension path truly need right now. Consciousness has been shaken up this month too. Lots of pots have been stirred big time by the Divine this month, giving all of us a lot to process!

All of these shake-ups have stirred up other timelines your soul is anchored in too. The veils have been super thin this whole month, giving us the opportunity to work some darker or lower-vibe pieces, integrating the gifts they offer as they teach us so much about ourselves and patterns we’ve fallen into in THIS lifetime/timeline.

A big soul process for me this month has been feeling where my soul aspects are still learning about healthy self-validation, serving love without concern of ‘performing’ or even ‘being seen’, clearing old ways of relating to people in general… it’s been a lot but it’s been right on time too, as the soul calling to step up and get bigger in order to serve more is getting stronger and clearer.

On this next ‘333 day’, it feels like we can expect perhaps some more of the shadows in each of us to become illuminated as they have been all month, along with poignant moments of celebration and excitement for what’s to come too.

I also get the sense that this coming weekend will offer some completions of deep processes held this month and a launch pad for the next phase where yes, there will still be much that is new and unknown, yet clarity will be stronger as long as you can stay the course and keep feeling your parts, your soul, and all of your desires too. ❤


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Timelines Collapsing As Your Higher One Comes In

By Jelelle Awen

Powerful, catalytic energies this month of March already, just starting and yet JUMP starting so much it seems. You may be experiencing a major timeline collapse right now in your life. This may be in the form of relationships, career/job, geography, physical health improvements, etc. The previous, even beloved in many ways, timeline that you called, ‘your life’ is shifting in a rumbling and significant way as supported by these Divine love energies.

A timeline collapse that has been chosen by your awakening and by your soul self feels different than the ones that happen due to more 3D-based trauma or tragedy. In these 3D ones, it feels like something is happen TO you. It can feel like life is ‘against’ you and you are being ‘punished.’ This can lead to many feelings of disempowerment, suffering, distrust, and depression in parts of you. These kinds of 3D collapses seem to most happen when someone is asleep to their greater suffering and needs a ‘wake up call’ to see and feel it.

A timeline that is collapsing due to your soul growth and awakening can be challenging to navigate, yet there is a feeling sense that you are being supported and held by Divine Love. You are connected to the higher purpose reason for the collapse and you trust that it is happening for your greater good. You can feel how it is ultimately in the service of love. This allows for you to hold space for any of the understandable victim reactions that may come up in parts of you (esp. the Inner Child/Inner Teenager) and respond to them with compassionate love. This allows for the necessary mourning and honoring phases as something once beloved is let go.

There has been a strong phase, especially in 2018, of feeling and being real about what is no longer wanted and desired in your life. There is more etheric connection to your higher timeline life in meditation and in more moments too experience AS you. There has been much watering inside of these realities and sense of which parts of you resist letting go and changing and WHY. This is an ongoing process, even to digest the goodness timelines that start manifesting.

Yet, you may start to feel now that your higher timeline is not only possible, it is HAPPENING. Often while the ‘old’ one is collapsing. This is the sometimes bittersweet navigation of the previous while the new is coming in. This is the bliss mess. This is the natural birth/death/rebirth cycle. This is the transition out of 3D and into lower 4D and beyond that you, we, and the collective are all going through. This, also, is the Ascension process that births out of the just as sacred descension process.

Now is an important phase/time to get clearer about what that higher timeline life looks and even more importantly FEELS like. To connect more and more to the essence of you that is the expression of serving love, your 5D self IN your body, that allows for more expression of it.

Here is a guided meditation to connect to your higher timeline and meet your Inner Protector (who becomes an important guide on the journey as he/she shifts from guarding/protecting/battling):

Jelelle Awen

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