Lifting Veils Invite Feeling Parts/Metasoul Aspects

By Jelelle Awen

FEEL. Just feel. Let the textures of your heart come up to BE. Allow what needs your attention to claim your space and hold it with self love. In this feeling/allowing/holding space for yourself, you create NEW possibilities of healing and transformation.

The parts of you that need you…the little girl INside or the little boy INside, the HUGE warrior, the guard on duty, the controller/manager, the punisher/critic, the teenager…..ALL these aspects and their emotional reality are pinging and ponging from within you. It doesn’t really work to ignore this, although you can try and part of you may try VERY hard to suppress all this emotional activity from coming UP and out.

All these parts came and formed when feeling was not OK, when there was no space made inside for them and with them by those meant to care and guide, your caregivers and parents as they didn’t have this either. There was no space for feeling what you were feeling WHILE you were feeling it and so the energy gets stuck.

It is stuck in stories, scenes, and moments that your mind brings you back to often, trying to help your heart heal, yet unable to do it. Your mind brings you ‘back’, yet these moments live in the Now of the emotional body, continuing to play out and influence you. These moments need your heart presence in order to be ‘moved on’ from being 3D anchored.

In sessions lately, I have been hearing more from people who do not remember very much about their childhoods. Or they can’t remember after certain traumatic and painful events happen or before these events, especially those connected to sexual abuse experiences. This is not actually a matter of memory of the mind, but rather, the Inner Protector which has ‘shut down’ access to the memories because they would be too painful for you. The Protector becomes worried and concerned that you couldn’t ‘handle’ to remember and emotionally digest it.

This is the same thing with connecting to other timelines/lifetimes as well. The veil of amnesia is maintained and kept ‘down’ by the part of you that was tasked with doing this. We call this aspect the Gatekeeper and they need to feel that YOU are ready for remembering and connecting to the often very intense karma drama that these Metasoul aspects live in.

In the SoulFullHeart process, we support the authentic You – your 5D Self – to arise that CAN handle and wants to feel, to remember in order to heal, and to BE with the stuck places and parts that need you. You begin to remember it ALL (including other lifetimes with increasing clarity) AS you negotiate with the Inner Protector and Gatekeeper aspect. Negotiation with these parts allows for the pipeline of memory to open and trust grows that You can handle what comes as a result.

Your Protector may still ‘see’ you as a child and as you connect consciously with them, they start to lean into you and rest, feel you as more of an emotionally mature adult. As the Protector rests, this opens up your heart, body, soul, mind in often HUGE and new ways. More about parts/Metasoul aspects here:

FEEL. Just feel. It’ll be OK. It’ll be Beautiful even when it is necessarily painful.

So much support is coming from these bounding and bountiful energy waves right now to hold a space for the feeling of feelings.

So much support WITH love to go where love wants to go and couldn’t go in the moment, yet can in the NOW…..moving, transforming, and offering so much more possibility of love as you feel and, so, heal.


Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of four books about Ascension, awakening, and emotional body healing. Jelelle offers a 90 minute one on one bridging session with her over zoom for $55 USD min. donation with women and with Raphael for men, along with other SoulFullHeart Facilitators as well…more information here. Visit for more information about sessions, videos, etc. Visit our donations page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings.

Energy Update: Timeline Bleedthroughs & Metasoul Karmic Transformation Opportunities

By Jelelle Awen

The veils are thinning and lifting BIG time in response to these ongoingly strong cosmic energies. These are the veils of amnesia that we chose, each of us, to place over our access to remembering and connecting to all of the timeline expressions of our Higher Self. These veils were always meant to be temporary….until our individual choice in this timeline to dissolve them. There is not a punishment in this being veiled, yet rather a complete dedication from our soul to REALLY experience and immerse in the 3D experience.
The picture that I have been offered (and seems to be validating itself with those who resonant with it) is that from your Metasoul source (the first individuated source of you coming out from Divine Source) there are many fractals or fragments projected out into many different timelines, eras, and dimensions. We each have our own individual Metasoul (so this is a reality ‘underneath’ the Oversoul groups) and do not share them with another soul. These fractal projections off of the same Metasoul is what we call, ‘Metasoul aspects or Metasoul brothers and sisters.’ These are what have been commonly called, ‘past lives.’
However, there is not anything ‘past’ about these aspects as time is not actually linear in the way it has been presented to us in 3D reality. All of your Metasoul aspects are ALIVE and active in the NOW, which means that they are currently experiencing all the intensities of whatever timeline they are in. With the veils thinning so much on your consciousness, these Metasoul timelines are no longer patiently waiting for you to go see a past life regression therapist or to just engage with them once in awhile for remembering. The scenes and themes and often INTENSE emotions from these timelines are coming through in the NOW and basically demanding to be seen/felt, and connected with.
These timelines are overlaying onto your current reality and can amplify whatever is going on there. This can be INTENSE! These timeline bleed throughs can activate undigested emotional wounds and traumas in your 3D self, through part expressions such as the Inner Child, Inner Teenager, Inner Mother/Father, etc. These 3D wounded experiences are actually Metasoul recapitulations and patterns that were chosen to be triggered so that they could be felt and healed. More about parts and Metasoul aspects here:
What I have been noticing in recent sessions with women is that with all of this chakra vortexes activation through SOULar energies, they are more able to see, hear, and feel these other timelines. They are experiencing this as sometimes disturbing, intense, and very uncomfortable body pain, emotional pain, and relationship pain/difficulties. They aren’t recognizing or connecting these pains to a Metasoul timeline, so they often suffer in these states without understanding what is going on. In session space, we are able to bridge to these timelines together and connect with the Metasoul sister or brother who needs them, starting with a connection to their Protector/Gatekeeper (more below). This is the beginning of a connection between them that eventually leads to a soul gift exchange AND quantum healing of karma, as I have experienced myself over and over again. You can actually change and collapse the timelines of your Metasoul through loving intervention and ‘rescue’ of your Metasoul aspects when needed. THIS is quantum healing that also impacts the collective experience of these timelines.
Here are some ways that you can tell that a Metasoul aspect timeline is bleeding through to your current reality:
– Intense dreams that feel very ‘real’ and like they are happening in the Now. This can be the experience of nightmares that are actually scenes that are ‘fixed’ or ‘stuck’ in your Metasoul due to undigested trauma.
– Seeing scenes of intense circumstances that ‘overlay’ onto your reality, such as being hanged, persecuted, desire for suicide (or actually committing it.) This may feel more like you are ‘watching a movie’ then actually feeling like something you have experienced.
– Being drawn to particular timelines in a strong way, such as studying intensely about Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Atlantis, etc. Synchroniticies may connect you to this particular timeline as well, such as meeting people who are also drawn to them, seeing random images that ‘pop up’ on the internet connected to them, receiving ‘names’ with origins to them, etc.
– Big waves of emotional reactions and triggers that you wouldn’t normally react to so strongly. The tendency can be to want to ‘shut down’ these emotions or ‘raise your frequency’ above them, yet, actually, these emotions can be felt and digested if you connect to your Metasoul aspect who is experiencing them.
– Frequent or chronic body pain, especially in the muscles and joints, that isn’t relieved by traditional or even alternative means. This is increasing as our bodies go through a transformational process from carbon to becoming crystalline. Yet, also, intense body pain can be a manifestation of unfelt Metasoul overlays into your energy field and body. Traumatic experiences in other timelines (such as being hung or burned at the stake) can actually manifest as body pain THIS life. The more traumatic the experience is on the Metasoul aspect’s body, the more possible this is.
– Activation of childhood memories of abuse and feeling like you are ‘there’ again. The Metasoul trauma amplifies any unfelt and undigested trauma in your 3D-based parts too. Parts of you can loop in these traumatic scenes so you may be reliving them again in this way.
There are also Metasoul aspects that come from higher consciousness frequency timelines and are meant to serve as guides for you and to your Metasoul. These are aspects that don’t have the same need for karmic healing as their consciousness has ascended the incarnational, wound-playout cycle in that way. Examples of these Metasoul aspect timelines that are benevolent and love-based are Star BEings such as Arcturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, Mantids/Founders, and timelines such as Lemuria. Often what you have related to as a Spirit Guide is actually an aspect from your Metasoul.
One of the ways that you can gain more fluid access to your Metasoul timelines is to connect and negotiate with your Protector/Gatekeeper part of your Metasoul who has been ‘in charge’ of them. The Gatekeeper Metasoul aspect is often VERY overwhelmed by all the bleed throughs happening right now and doesn’t know how to modulate or help filter what is coming through. You can start by connecting with your Protector in a loving and compassionate way to allow them to become a guide for you to the timelines that need you, rather than a guard. This access to the Protector seems to be quite easy right now as the energies support it. Here is a simple meditation to begin connection to your Protector:
Here is more about the Gatekeeper:
All of this activation and lifting of the veil is happening to accelerate the process of feeling and transmuting karma trauma. This is a VERY self loving decision and choice by your Metasoul to have this process consciously awaken to you and with you in this Now. The opportunities for TRULY healing karma are huge right now, which is an essential aspect of the Ascension process. Navigating this opportunity through connection with your Metasoul aspects directly and the timelines that they are living in allows for an expedited, often feeling miraculous level of transformation! AND, it just seems to keep getting more ripe, clear, and ready for the transmuting!
Becoming 5D is to recognize how multidimensional your BEing actually is and to be OPEN to these other timeline realities as your ‘new normal’. Embracing them with love, inviting them to connect with you. Forming a unifying team of both 3D parts of yourself (that eventually integrate) and Metasoul aspects moves you into a wholeness of BEing.
You are coming back together again, one fractal at a time….returning to the Divine essence from which you came and arising into the Infinite Love frequency again!


If you would like to explore this magical ground of Metasoul aspect healing, join one of us as a SoulFullHeart facilitator for a 1:1 90 minute bridging session (for $55 USD min. donation) and we can start creating these bridges together! I have some session slots available during the weekdays this week if you are interested you can PM me on Facebook or email More information here:


Jelelle Awen is Co-creator/Facilitator/Teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is a Soul Scribe and author of four books about Ascension, awakening, and emotional body healing. Jelelle offers a 90 minute one on one bridging session with her over zoom for $55 USD min. donation with women and with Raphael for men…more information here. Visit for more information about our NEW SoulFullHeart process programs, group calls, videos, etc. Visit our donations page to offer a monthly or one time money donation to support our offerings.

Karma Offers A Mirror, Not A Punishment

By Raphael Awen

Karma is not punishment.

The universe we live in is not a punitive world, but rather a world of built in cause and effect, inside a deep framework of love and accountability.

That’s a very big difference…

Cause and effect offers us as souls a way to achieve most deeply what we came here to achieve. Our journey as a perceived separate self is just that; a perception of our third dimensional self who has been conditioned to believe this. This admittedly powerful perception is what we use in the domain of cause and effect to grow deeper and deeper towards self-love and other-love, coming to realize in higher self reality that ultimately self and other have no dividing line. The entire point is growth, and the realization of love, not punishment.

Here we come to feel deeply the words of Jesus found in the gospel of Thomas offering a more accurate (then what’s found in the Christian bible) wording of the golden rule, that ‘as you do unto others, so you do unto yourself.’

The whole point of a cause and effect (karma-based) universe is to offer us and all consciousness a mirror in which to see ourselves and in turn to feel ourselves. The effect of our actions upon others cannot be separated from effect upon ourselves. This effect however is a mirror, not a punishment, regardless of how painful the blossom of that karma may be in our personal worlds.

The only reason we could cause harm to another is because we are out of touch with the feeling wave we affected in that ‘other’ with in our actions. Karma offers us a mirrored feeling sense of those actions and their effect. It is in feeling that we are returned to our deepest humanity.

Murder and rape are often cited as the worst crimes that could ever be committed, which may well be true, but let’s look at them in a different way from a soul or higher self perspective. It feels true to me that when we choose to incarnate in our pre-carnational planning and liaison meeting with our soul family and guides that we actually agree to these roles of victim and abuser in this holographic projection we call 3D life as a means to effect and perfect our growth as conscious beings. Many times, we’ve actually willingly traded roles as victim and abuser in other lifetimes.

One of the deepest wirings in the universe is the wiring of free will. And it feels true that this is why we rate murder and rape as the worst crimes because they are such deep infringements upon free will. These crimes violate not only the individual, but the nature of the universe. The universe in this way could be seen as a play ground in which we are all coming to terms with the dimensions and implications of free will.

However, as I mentioned earlier, what if we actually pre-planned these experiences and okayed them as both victim and abuser? Well, then they didn’t actually violate free will did they? It feels like in this way that free will cannot actually be violated in the intelligent universe that we share. Now, however, both the abuser (through karma) and the victim are left to feel the effects of the ‘crime’ and harvest the growth of the drama that they actually wrote the script for and chose to act out together.

Now, there are no actual victims, which brings us to the maybe the next biggest hard-wire of the universe: The power to choose our response to any action. Again, we are faced with our growth and the universes total support of us coming to realize our incredible power and essence.

Let’s let go for a moment of our charged perceptions of these ‘worst’ crimes and consider a much ‘lesser’ crime; a bully child on a playground calling another child a degrading name. Here again we can feel the same playouts of victim and abuser. Both ‘victim’ and ‘abuser’ are indelibly effected by the drama and will be propelled in their growth journey as they digest this experience to return to their essence of love through this perceived deviation outside of love. When the pain of this so called lesser crime is gut wrenchingly fully felt, it doesn’t actually feel any lesser than rape and murder. The degrees we assign crimes are all smoke and mirrors designed from our wounding and unresolved pain to help us avoid feeling.

The whole point of the journey here is the realization that nothing can actually remove anything from love. Love is only all there ever is, while the perception of ‘not-love’ or what we call ‘hate’ only serves to backlight love as the only and ultimate reality.

That’s what got us here so busy learning our way to this re-memberance of what we actually are – all members of the same family of oneness.

This brings us to what we can do to stop the karmic playouts in our lives. The whole point of the karmic wiring in the universe is to get us to simply stop and feel. When we feel and take emotional stock of the pain our actions caused an ‘other’, we feel full circle the deep love of the universe for the other and we feel forgiveness for ourselves. We feel how the pain that we caused someone caused them to doubt (if not disown) the universes essence of complete and total love. Now, there is no more karma playouts because we have fully felt the pain that wants to be felt and balanced. We know we have fully felt the pain and this us completed the karmic cycle when we can feel deep self forgiveness for ourselves. Until deep tears of self forgiveness come to us, we are still enroute to ending a karmic cycle. The universe is patient in this way, and though it may feel almost masochistic to us to have these seemingly endless playouts in our lives, with some of them even extending over many lives, the universe doesn’t see that as too big a price to pay for our embodiment of deep self and other love.

Self love is the actual goal, because love for an other can never exceed the actual love we feel for ourselves, and self love cannot actually be separated from the love we feel for an other, because we are not actually separate.

The other reason self love is the big deal is that we simply cannot give that which we do not possess. Real love is ever only an overflow, never an injunction, or a should.

This journey to self love is the whole point of these drastic dramas and playouts. All of the resulting compensations for our pains and addictions are all a discovery of the infinite love fabric and wavelength frequency vibrational essence of everything.

Everything is a feeling. And when we come to feel the pain we caused ourselves through karma or that we caused an other, we return fully to love.

This takes us deep into the territory of the original soul birth wound that lives in each of us – a feeling of being separated from God or Divine Source. And actually, we all were individuated (a kind of separation) out from God, but the entire point of individuated life is for us, through feeling, to come to recognize ourselves as the God essence that we are and always were. We even come to forgive Divine Source for individuating itself in its quest to know itself through us and our perceived separate experience.

It is in this way that karma offers us feeling as the only way to true healing. In SoulFullHeart, we explore karmic binds and woundings through process ground of your 3D pain body and soul field. During sessions, the facilitator acts as a sort of confessor and guide to empower your self forgiveness, letting go, and healing.

 Raphael Awen is co-creator, teacher, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Please visit for more information and inspiration.