Post-Eclipse Transmission Of Transformation


It is 3:33. Guided to start typing and transmitting. Just feel what is in the space. Newness. The fresh scent of air after rainfall. The sense that something is on the horizon. On the dock for delivery. Tuning into its Here-ness when it feels Over There. What is here? Abundance in all its forms. Material, spatial, relational, spiritual, sexual, romatical, geographical…all of the ALLs.

Connective bonds of heart and soul that gather in vibratory unison at the meeting points of sacred location and reverence. Transforming and transmuting the body as that mobile sacred location. No need to travel for you are already there. You are all ready It. The portal is in you. INside that healing heart. That plugged in, juiced UP, love engine that propels you into dimensions that were only ever imagined, become realized by the turn of the dial.

Oh….but it is not that easy.

Oh…but is that what we have convinced ourselves to believe? Since we don’t have it, don’t see it, don’t feel it then it doesn’t exist. Shut down the wanter, the feeler, the giver and the dreamer. Keeps us safe, contained, comfortable, and in stasis.  What happened to alive? To riding the edge of the known along the chasm of the free fall surrender into Holy Shit? We forgot about that quasar pulse of excitement that rushes into your being when left replaces right, and up replaces down.  Poking the bear of our deepest fear to find our deepest love right underneath it.  

Who will recognize you on the other side? Do you want to be identifiable or unpredictable? The answer is a pinball of back and forth among the inner walls of your being.  What will this New Earth-New You-Not You bring to the table of this no holds buffet bar of powerfully creative love livers? The ones that can’t stop inviting the dark into the light.  The ones building bridges of inner guidance systems that direct them to the gates of the stellar bliss banquet of conscious unity. Inviting and integrating the multidimensional layers of expression into the cells of this uniquely human temple.

What a world we have chosen to create and hide from ourselves in this strangely pre-planned game of forget and remember?  Peek-a-boo moments and starry-eyed gleans. We have the power of choice to locate ourselves again. To clear the forest of the brambles of our deepest wounds that lead the way to our most treasured tunes.  The dusty scrolls of our soul’s ancient wonderings. Take the road less traveled on your way back to the heart of your heart.  The one that is not defined or maintained.  It can be uncomfortable and bumpy, but the most life lived is in the one lived IN and not through.

Gabriel Heartman is an emoto-spiritual men’s and women’s facilitator, energy healer, writer, poet, and heartist with the SoulFullHeart Way of Life.  Visit for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.

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