The Burning Illumination Of Our Collective Shadow: SoulFullHeart Weekly Museletter (Oct 1, 2018)

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“There is a sensitivity to this inside of us of all that we hold in the collective… This whole episode clearly illuminates all that is needing healing within each of us. The body politic can be a brutal mirror of what we need to see and feel.”

This week a piece by Gabriel Heartman illuminates our collective shadow and how it is playing out right now, namely through the recent events in the USA. He offers that all conflicts and reactions at the moment are about our relationship to love and what it is trying to show us as we move into a more love-based consciousness through our Ascension:

“I am on the side of Love if there is to be one. Maybe it is love that is illuminating this one for us all to see. Maybe it is Love that is the fire itself. The idea of ‘justice’ is being highlighted and what it truly means to each and every one of us, both man and woman. We all have a relationship to it that goes far deeper than what we may fully understand and it is seeking its resolution sooner rather than later.”

There is a new live stream recording from Raphael and Jelelle Awen, digesting the recent Equinox and what its energies were offering us. They also co-lead a guided meditation to connect with the Equinox energies and your ‘dark’ and ‘light’ sides at about 42 minutes in.

There are many new articles and audio recordings from Raphael and Jelelle Awen, along with Gabriel Heartman. These pieces help us all to digest current energy waves as well as current shake-ups and wake-ups moving through the collective and ourselves individually too.

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Exploring The Internal Wilderness Of Manhood



By Raphael Awen

Manhood itself is the unexplored wilderness that the wild-at-heart man himself is invited into.

Knowing what manhood is, is NOT what qualifies a man to be a man, but rather the willingness to admit that he doesn’t know what it is. Any grasp or attainment on being a man is continually held with an open hand knowing that real men are time and time again called to show up for ‘a something more’, that they have yet to find.

Manhood explorations that are perceived as external to the man in role play-outs such as mate, father, husband, career are really all just external manifestations of what has or hasn’t happened for the man INTERNally. A real man is ever an intern, a beginner, and where it ALL begins for him is his own heart, the source and resource of all that he is.

It’s quite telling that popular male modelling is about ‘not being a sissy’ and putting away your tears. This is actually a male role model of the fear of one’s true manhood power, NOT an expression of it.

The entire patriarchy is about the suppression of the feminine of men inside of themselves, suppressing their own inner feminine, and needing then to manifest externally what’s happening internally. The man is afraid of his own true power, and dressing himself up with a power exterior to cover that.

What actually gives a man the powerful attraction energy dancing between him and a mate, or between him and his world, is finding this duality dance more and more inside of himself. When this inner duality dance between the feminine and the masculine is flatlined, the man loses the vitality of his own inner mating with himself, and that flat line manifests outwardly in his relationships with all of life. He then has to grasp at false male power to compensate.

To really approach manhood is to approach, court and mate with one’s inner feminine, and from there a truly powerful, grounded, irresistible MALENESS ARISES, the true phallus engorged with heart.

Gabriel Heartman and I are leading a group call this Saturday for men, seeking more of themselves. I’d like to invite YOU into YOU, and beginning here in the presence of other men hungry for their own true inner unexplored power!

A choice and a no-minimum donation gets you in the room with others making the same admission…that we are set on showing up for our own more. The event details are here. I hope you decide to join us!

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