From Those Higher Selves Who Wait For Us

By Leena Colibri




You disintegrated so you could reintegrate through your integral integrity.

You relinquished your innate connection to utter outer and inner beauty in order to bring it all back in to you once again.

You forgot so you could remember all the members of your own humanity and that you are all, in fact, one.

You redeemed yourself once for all you held in anguish for the sake of a life linked to fear and not love.

…all the potential power you’ve held and hold now has never
Gone anywhere.

Will you seek again in earnest what it was you once sought
before you relinquished to disintegrate and forget all you ever were?
Your redemption is now.
Will you let go so you can let it in?
Will you chastise or rise?
Will you breathe through the love lungs given you or will you hover in hatred over all you’ve named as wrong?

As always the choice is forever yours,
and as always,
we watch,
and wait at your arrival gate,
with all the love you can imagine
and all the promise of a renewed you to be.


Leena Colibri is a SoulFullHeart facilitator, writer and poetess. Find out more about the SoulFullHeart Way of Life at

To The Part Inside That Needs Your Love



I wanted to share what it feels like to hold an energy, or part, that looks toward the outer world of things and relationships for worth. It is our 3D self that feels this way and it our developing higher or 5D self that holds the space for these parts of us.

Now I feel the irony in sharing this as maybe a way of this part garnering some attention, but I was guided to share this as a way that we can relate to an aspect of us as a separate energy that we can give love to. It may resonate with you and provide a template of one of the ways we offer healing in the SoulFullHeart awakening and ascension process and during sessions. 

Hello, you.
You…the part of me that feels like the only way to feel loved
Is by reaching outside
Seeking validation and confirmation
You don’t need to do that anymore
There is a Me here to love you.
It is a Love beyond what others could give to you
That is always here.
You don’t realize this because you have been convinced
There is nothing else but the way it has always been.
You haven’t had someone like Me tell you otherwise
To feel you in your doubt and fear.
Someone who will let you be in your pain without trying to make it better.
To let it burn away all that you used to believe was Love.
I assure you that it isn’t and never was.
It was all a measure of what you felt you were worth.
What everyone else around you felt they were worth.
How would have known any different?

But there is something different.
It lies in your dreams.
Your desires.
Your imagination and….your worth.
You know you want more than what you are settling for.
You are worth the world.
A brand new world that responds to your goodness and your bigness.
It will take time, my love.
It wasn’t overnight that you saw and felt this way.
You are not wrong for feeling it.
It all brought you here to this place of finally saying no more.
No more pain.
No more cycling.
No more looking outside.
Surrendering to a trust in Me.
That I can be big enough to hold you through it all.
That what you desire and can imagine is already there.
You just need to let go of those thoughts and feelings
That keep you from believing it isn’t possible.
It is possible.
You know it is possible.
It is just hard to imagine based on the worn path you have traveled.

You can’t avoid the pain that will arise.
To do so would just keep you in more pain
And be that much more to feel along the way.
It is all coming one way or another.
It all comes down to HOW you are going to feel it
Rather than IF you are going to feel it.
There is no press or push, just an invitation
To lean into Me when you start feeling like you are less than
For I will always be your more than.
I will be there in the mud and in the trenches,
In the slippery and the sticky.
It won’t always be that way.
Just long enough to heal what needs to be healed.
The more you lean in the more you will be able to let go and let in.
Let in all that both you and I were destined to let in
Because it IS us and always has been.
No more second guessing.
No more judging.
No more suffering.
This is the time because there is No Time.
It happens now….
and now…
and now.
Until you have forgotten you ever lived this way.
I love you…always.

Sequoia Heartman is writer, heartist, and facilitator of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. Visit for more information about sessions, online group calls and circles, community, videos, and more.